2013 NM - New Mexico Tax Forms

Form ACD-31094Formal Protest01/13/2005
Form CIT-1Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return12/16/2013
Form CIT-4NM Preservation of Cultural Property Credit06/28/2013
Form CIT-5Qualified Business Facility Rehabilitation Credit Form07/03/2013
Form CIT-CRNon-refundable Tax Credit Schedule12/16/2013
Form CIT-ESEstimated Payment Voucher12/16/2013
Form CIT-EXTExtension Payment Voucher12/16/2013
Form CIT-PVPayment Voucher12/16/2013
Form FID-1Fiduciary Income Tax Return12/16/2013
Form FID-CRNon-Refundable Tax Credit Schedule12/16/2013
Form FID-DAnnual Withholding of Net Income of a Fiduciary Detail Report12/16/2013
Form FID-EXTExtension Payment Voucher12/16/2013
Form FID-PVPayment Voucher12/16/2013
PIT Tax Rate SchedulePIT Tax Rate Schedule08/29/2013
Form PIT-1Personal Income Tax Form10/31/2013
Form PIT-110Adjustments to New Mexico Income09/27/2013
Form PIT-4NM Preservation of Cultural Property Credit07/11/2013
Form PIT-5Qualified Business Facility Rehabilitation Credit Form09/10/2013
Form PIT-ADJAdjustment Schedule10/31/2013
Form PIT-BAllocation and Apportionment Schedule10/31/2013
Form PIT-CRNonRefundable Tax Credit Schedule10/31/2013
Form PIT-DVoluntary Contribution Schedule11/06/2013
Form PIT-ESEstimated Payment Voucher10/17/2013
Form PIT-EXTExtension Payment Voucher01/07/2014
Form PIT-PVPayment Voucher11/12/2013
Form PIT-RCRebate and Credit Schedule10/31/2013
Form PIT-SSupplemental Schedule for Dependent Exemptions in Excess of Five12/02/2013
Form PIT-XAmended Personal Income Tax Return12/16/2013
Form RPD-41058Estate Tax Return01/29/2008
Form RPD-41071Application For Refund08/02/2012
Form RPD-41083Affidavit to Obtain Refund of New Mexico Tax01/09/2012
Form RPD-41096Extension of Time to File11/29/2011
Form RPD-41227Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit Claim Form10/11/2012
Form RPD-41228Film Production Tax Credit Claim Form11/04/2013
Form RPD-41229Application For Film Production Tax Credit11/04/2013
Form RPD-41238Application for Rural Job Tax Credit07/26/2013
Form RPD-41239Application for Technology Jobs Tax Credit06/08/2012
Form RPD-41243Rural Job Tax Credit Claim Form07/12/2013
Form RPD-41244Technology Jobs Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41246Income Tax Credit for Electronic Card Reader12/18/2001
Form RPD-41247Certificate For the Rural Job Tax Credit07/26/2013
Form RPD-41248Allocation of Non-Resident Employee Income04/29/2013
Form RPD-41249Notice of Approval of a Qualified Employer04/29/2013
Form RPD-41260Personal IncomeTax Change of Address Form06/29/2010
Form RPD-41271Declaration of Residency - Film Production Tax Credit02/09/2010
Form RPD-41272Calculation of Estimated Personal Income Tax Underpayment Penalty12/13/2013
Form RPD-41279Job Mentorship Tax Credit Certificate Request Form07/21/2010
Form RPD-41285Annual Statement of Withholding of Oil and Gas Proceeds10/05/2010
Form RPD-41287Calculation of Estimated Corporate Income Tax Penalty and Interest on Underpayment12/13/2013
Form RPD-41301Affordable Housing Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41317Solar Market Development Income Tax Credit Claim Form07/02/2013
Form RPD-41319Agricultural Water Conservation Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41320Angel Investment Credit Claim Form07/02/2013
Form RPD-41322Application for Blended Biodiesel Fuel Tax Credit02/11/2011
Form RPD-41326Rural Health Care Practitioner Tax Credit06/28/2013
Form RPD-41327Sustainable Building Tax Credit11/27/2013
Form RPD-41329Sustainable Building Tax Credit Claim Form11/27/2013
Form RPD-41333Application for Advanced Energy Tax Credit02/02/2012
Form RPD-41334Advanced Energy Tax Credit Claim Form12/23/2013
Form RPD-41335Application for Land Conservation Incentives Credit06/28/2013
Form RPD-41336Notice of Transfer of Land Conservation Incentives Credit06/28/2013
Form RPD-41340Blended Biodiesel Fuel Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41342Notice of Transfer of Sustainable Building Tax Credit11/27/2013
Form RPD-41344Native American Veterans Income Tax Settlement Fund Claim Form07/21/2010
Form RPD-41346Geothermal Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Tax Credit Claim Form07/02/2013
Form RPD-41347Application for Designation as a Qualified Intermediary02/08/2011
Form RPD-41348Military Spouse Withholding Tax Exemption Statement06/10/2010
Form RPD-41358Cancer Clinical Trial Tax Credit Claim Form09/06/2012
Form RPD-41359Annual Statement of Pass-through Entity Withholding02/03/2012
Form RPD-41361Agricultural Biomass Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41362Agricultural Biomass Tax Credit Approval06/28/2013
Form RPD-41363Notice of Transfer of Agricultual Biomass Tax Credit06/28/2013
Form RPD-41365Notice of Transfer of Rural Job Tax Credit12/12/2011
Form RPD-41366Notice of Distribution of Film Production Tax Credit11/04/2013
Form RPD-41367Annual Withholding of Net Income From a Pass-Through Entity Detail Report08/30/2013
Form RPD-41368Notice of Distribution of Technology Jobs Tax Credit12/12/2011
Form RPD-41369Net Operating Loss Schedule for Personal Income Tax10/15/2013
Form RPD-41370Certificate of Eligibility for Veterans Employment Tax Credit11/04/2013
Form RPD-41371Application for Veteran Employment Tax Credit11/01/2013
Form RPD-41372Veteran Employment Tax Credit Claim Form10/25/2013
Form RPD-41373Application for Refund of Tax Withheld From Pass-Through Entities07/09/2013
Form RPD-41375Net Operating Loss Carryforward Schedule for Fiduciary Income Tax10/08/2013
Form RPD-41379Net Operating Loss Carryforward Schedule for Corporate Income Tax10/08/2013
Form SCorp ReturnS-Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return12/16/2013
Form SCorp-CRNonRefundable Tax Credit Schedule12/16/2013
Form SCorp-ESEstimated Payment Voucher12/16/2013
Form SCorp-EXTExtension Payment Voucher12/16/2013
Form SCorp-PVPayment Voucher12/16/2013
Form Tax Preparers Guide2013 Tax Preparers Guide for Personal Income Tax Returns12/23/2013