Form IT 1041ES Fillable Ohio Estimated Income Tax Payment Coupon for Estates and Trusts
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213456 ) 7 Modified Ohio taxable income (trusts add lines 4 5 and 6) 7 c/o Mike Cardi Check amount Company name Tape identifier (Vol Ser) for each cartridge tape (Ex: $ 214 84 plus 2 935% of the amount in excess of $ 15 650 $ 30 52 plus 1 174% of the amount in excess of $ 5 200 $ 368 93 plus 3 521% of the amount in excess of $ 20 900 $ 5 200 or less $ 91 57 plus 2 348% of the amount in excess of $ 10 400 $1 101 30 plus 4 109% of the amount in excess of $ 41 700 $2 812 70 plus 4 695% of the amount in excess of $ 83 350 $3 793 96 plus 5 451% of the amount in excess of $104 250 $9 476 63 plus 5 925% of the amount in excess of $208 500 $999 999 999 99 (i e for a payment of $396 45 value (: 0) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (: 3) Unchecked (: 4) Unchecked (: Yes) Unchecked (e g Tape: 2 of 3) on each label (if any) that are required before live production begins (Reset Form) Reset Form (Supplied by Department of Taxation to Vendor) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) *In lieu of ratably paying in 90% of this year s tax the taxpayer may either (i) ratably pay in 100% of last year s tax or (ii) use 0 587% of Ohio taxable income 00000039645) 1 and Fiduciary Name 2: Names and information 1 Federal taxable income (from line 22 of IRS form 1041) 1 1 If for the taxable year beginning in 2013 the trust will distribute income attributable either to tangible personal property in 10 Resident credit nonresident credit and business credits (see Schedules C D and I of Ohio 11 Tax after credits (line 8 minus the amount on lines 9 and 10) 11 12 90% of line 11 or 100% of the previous year s tax 12 12 of this worksheet 100% of the amount shown on line 11 of your Ohio form IT 1041 for the taxable year beginning in 2012 13 Withholding payments 13 14 Refundable business credits 14 15 Total of withholding and refundable business credits 15 16 Line 12 less line 15 16 17 Multiply line 16 by 25% This is the amount of each estimate 17 1974 requires us to inform you that providing us with your Social Security number is mandatory 2 Estates will also have to pay school district estimated income tax (Ohio form SD 100ES) if the decedent at the time of death 2 Net adjustments from Schedule A 2 2013 OHIO IT 1041ES 22 5% of the current year tax due* 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr1st Qtr 3 Ohio taxable income (line 1 plus or minus line 2) Estates: Skip lines 4 5 and 6 3 3 Under Ohio law if a due date falls on a weekend or on a legal holiday the due date will be on the next business day 3490 cartridge tape 4 Allocated qualifying trust amount (see Schedule F of Ohio form IT 1041) 4 4 Make your Ohio extension payment on year 2013 Ohio form IT 1041EXT which is available on the department s Web site 4485 Northland Ridge Blvd 4485 Northland Ridge Blvd 45% of the current year tax due* 5 Apportioned trust income (see Schedule G of Ohio form IT 1041) 5 5 Important: The rates shown in the Ohio tax tables are established by R C section 5747 02 Each bracket will be adjusted 6 Allocated trust income (see Schedule H of Ohio form IT 1041) 6 67 5% of the current year tax due* 8 Tax on Ohio taxable income (estates line 3) or modified Ohio taxable income (trusts 9 Credits for estates (see Schedule B of Ohio form IT 1041) 9 90% of the current year tax due* A file will be required to be sent to the Ohio Department of Address 35 A/N 165 199 Address City State and ZIP Code: Mailing address of Amount $ and specifications The Department of Taxation can revoke Approval Process are sending to the Ohio Department of Taxation at tax ohio gov Balancing Processing Batch Check Amount: 456 123 78 Batch Number 11 N 14 24 Batch Number: For Department of Taxation use Zerofill Batch Tax Due Amount: 456 123 78 be numeric be withheld from further processing Because we require you to provide us with a Social Security number the Federal Privacy Act of Block size 32760 by phone that there was a discrepancy and the tape(s) will c/o Mike Cardi Cartridge Tape Filing: IT 1041ES Payments Requirements Definition Cartridge Tape Layout Cartridge Tape Requirements certain trust distributions (Ohio form IT 1140) check Check Amount 11 N 227 237 Check Amount: The amount of the payment being Check and Check Processing City 20 A 200 219 City state ZIP code COLUMBUS OH 43216 2619 Columbus OH 43229 Columbus OH 43229 Columbus Ohio 43221 Company Name: Fast Tax Company name: Fast Tax DSN: Contact Russell Strope at (614) 752 1987 if you have any coupon with check or money order made payable to OHIO TREASURER OF Data set name (DSN) on cartridge tape (Ex: ODT Department of Taxation Contacts DO NOT STAPLE PAPER CLIP OR OTHERWISE ATTACH YOUR CHECK Document Amount Document Processing Document Type 1 A 247 247 Document Type: For Ohio Department of Taxation Due Date Cumulative Amount Due Each bracket will be indexed for inflation in July 2013 per R C section 5747 02 Each check must be in balance with each cartridge ESTATE Estates and Trusts Example Label Fast Tax is responsible for the integrity of the data that they Fast Tax will be advised of the test results and informed of changes Federal Employer Identifi cation Number or coupon federal income tax due under the annualization method) Federal Privacy Act Notice FEIN 9 N 1 9 FEIN: This is the federal employer identifi cation number Fiduciary Income Tax 2013 Estimated Worksheet DO NOT FILE Fiduciary Name 1 35 A/N 95 129 Fiduciary Name 2 35 A/N 130 164 Fiduciary name and title field Field Name Length Fifteenth day after the close of the taxable Fifteenth day of the ninth month of the Fifteenth day of the sixth month of the File name Ohio form IT I041ES data file file This requirement s definition will define the requirements Filler 9 A/N 252 260 Filler: Currently unused Space fill for a listing of those school districts for inflation in July 2013 per R C section 5747 02 For Payment Period (Check Only One) For Taxable Year Beginning In for this payment coupon form IT 1041 and Schedule E) 10 form IT I041ES record should be formatted or valued Form Type 2 A/N 248 249 Form Type: Value T2 if the IT 1041ES is filed for trust identifying the account Space fill any unused name identifying the taxpayer This field is required and must If income taxes are underpaid the estate or trust must add an interest penalty to the taxes for the taxable year at the rate If you will be providing taxpayer information on a cartridge tape please see Cartridge information Value 05 Interest Penalty is a test tape of Ohio form lT 1041ES test data is being filed (i e 2013) This field is required and must IT 1041ES IT 1041ES IT 1041ES: Voucher Due Date: IT 1140ES) and may be required to file the annual withholding tax return for pass through entity distributive shares and IT1041 ES INPUT refer to section 4 1) Label: ODT IT1041ES INPUT leading zeros and no punctuation Maximum amount is line 7) See tax tables below 8 listing of all taxpayers on the cartridge tape be made for ease Make check(s) (one check per tape) payable Make check(s) (one check per tape) payable to Ohio Make checks payable to: Ohio Treasurer of State Medium 3490 cartridge tape More than $ 10 400 but not more than $ 15 650 More than $ 15 650 but not more than $ 20 900 More than $ 20 900 but not more than $ 41 700 More than $ 41 700 but not more than $ 83 350 More than $ 5 200 but not more than $ 10 400 More than $ 83 350 but not more than $104 250 More than $104 250 but not more than $208 500 More than $208 500 must reflect the target agency content due date Name of trust or estate need to modify this form accordingly (use the same periods of time that you would use for computing federal taxable income Notes: Number of records on each cartridge tape Number of Records: 500 Number street P O Box suite or room number of reconciliation You are not required to file this report with of records batch tax due amount batch check amount of Taxation with a contact person and phone number for Ohio Department of Taxation Ohio Department of Taxation Ohio Dept of Taxation Information Services Division Ohio Estimated Income Tax Ohio form IT 1041ES documents Ohio form IT 1041ES transmittal letter for each cartridge OHIO IT 1041ES Rev 11/12 Ohio IT 1041ES Transmittal Letter Ohio or real estate in Ohio the trust may also be liable for the pass through entity estimated withholding tax (Ohio form Ohio Revised Code sections 5703 05 5703 057 and 5747 08 authorize us to request this information Ohio Tax Table for Use With the 2013 Ohio Estimated Worksheet Ohio Taxable Income 2013 Estimated Tax on behalf of their clients This process will not only eliminate Once the Ohio Department of Taxation receives the cartridge One check remitted for each cartridge tape Only zero tax liability and tax due liability information is option to replace the manual paper filing with a cartridge OR CHECK STUB TO THIS COUPON DO NOT SEND CASH Return this paper and manual processing functions but also increase Payment Payment Coupon For Payment Coupon For Estates and Trusts Do NOT fold per annum prescribed by Ohio Revised Code section (R C ) 5703 47 See Ohio form IT/SD 2210 available on our Web site Please cut on the dotted line DO NOT USE PENCIL to complete this form Position Processing Check Processing and Balancing Processing Code 1 A 246 246 Processing Code: For Ohio Department of Taxation Processing) to the following address: production begins The external label must indicate that this questions about the Ohio form IT 1041ES information or Receive Date 8 N 238 245 Receive Date: For Ohio Department of Taxation use Record format Fixed block (FB) Record Layout IT 1041ES Detail Record Record length 260 characters Remittance of Ohio IT 1041ES Payments reporting production transmittal discrepancies required to be filed by cartridge tape It is suggested that a Rev 11/12 Rev 11/12 Room 224 Tape Library S O C C 1320 Arthur E Adams Drive See chart below Send cartridge tape(s) and check(s) (see Document Send Test Cartridge Tape To: sent in dollars and cents Must be numeric with Seventeenth day of the fourth month of the Signature Date Signature date and title of the transmitter Social Security Number of Decedent (estates only) Source ID 2 N 250 251 Source ID: A code to identify the source of the Start End State 2 A 220 221 STATE and mail to OHIO DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION P O BOX 2619 State of Ohio Department of Taxation submitted Tape File Specification tape is corrupt the vendor must supply the backup tape within Tape Ohio IT 1041ES Filing Requirements Definition which follows the instructions tape sent in Tape Submittal Information tape that is sent in Tape Vol Ser Number of Records tape will be sent with documentation and the second tape tape(s) and check(s) the cartridge tape(s) will be run to see if tape(s) do not match Fast Tax will be notifi ed immediately tape(s) for all third party vendors that file Ohio form IT 1041ES Tape: 1 of 4 Vol Ser: 213456 Tax requirements Tax Year 4 N 10 13 Tax Year: The year for which the Ohio form lT 1041ES tax; value E2 if the IT 1041ES is filed for estate tax taxable year taxable year Taxation as follows taxes and credits will be more than $500 Ohio form IT 1041ES payments are due as follows: Test Cartridge Tape the account Space fill address city or state if unknown the accuracy of the information updated to the taxpayer s the amount on the transmittal letter matches If the cartridge the annualization method to ratably pay in 90% of the tax (use the same periods of time that you would use for computing the cartridge tape The user must provide the Department the Department of Taxation The estate or trust must file estimated tax payments and file Ohio form IT 1041ES if the combined estimated 2012 Ohio The external label on the production cartridge tape The following information will need to be included on the The following is the list of requirements for each cartridge The following section describes how each field on the Ohio The Ohio Department of Taxation is providing a Fast Tax The rates listed below are established by Ohio Revised Code section (R C ) 5747 02 The requirements for check processing will be as follows: this option if the user tax is not fully complying with the Fast This worksheet is based upon actual income for the entire year If you prefer to use the annualization method you will three days This process should also be continued when Title to Ohio Treasurer of State and mail Total Total of all checks enclosed Transmittal Letter Transmittal letter (see sample next page) Treasurer of State and send to the following address: TRUST Trust Name 1 35 A/N 25 59 Trust Name 1 Trust Name 2 Fiduciary Name Trust Name 2 35 AJN 60 94 Two tapes must be run with the information required One under the annualization method) If you prefer to use the last year s tax method skip lines 1 through 11 and enter on line use Space fill use Value N Vendor Responsibility volume number transmitter s company name number Volume numbers must indicate the proper sequence was domiciled in a school district imposing the school district income tax on estates See Ohio form SD 100E instructions We need your Social Security number in order to administer this tax When is Ohio form IT 1041ES required to be filed? will be retained by the vendor as a backup If the production Zero fill Zero fill ZIP code if unknown ZIP Code 5 N 222 226