2013 RI - Rhode Island Tax Forms

1040ES-Instr2014 1040 Estimated Tax Return with Instructions12/14/2013
Form 1040HProperty Tax Relief Claim01/06/2014
Form 1040MUCredit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple)12/14/2013
Form 1040MUNRPART YEAR RESIDENT Credit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple)12/03/2013
Form 1040NRNonresident (Part-Year) Return Only01/14/2014
1040NR-InstNonresident (Part-Year) Instructions Only12/14/2013
1040NR-Schd-IISchedule II - Nonresident Tax Calculation12/03/2013
1040NR-Schd-IIISchedule III - Part-Year Resident Tax Calculation12/03/2013
Form 1040RResident Return Only01/14/2014
1040R-InstResident Instructions Only12/14/2013
Form 1040VResident/Nonresident Return Payment Voucher - USE IF YOU OWE TAX12/14/2013
1040-WkstStandard Deduction Worksheet for AGI over $186,55012/14/2013
Form 1040X-NRAmended Rhode Island Nonresident Income Tax Return with Instructions01/29/2014
Form 1040X-RAmended Rhode Island Resident Return with Instructions01/27/2014
Form 1041Fiduciary Return Only12/31/2013
Form 1041-CRFiduciary Schedule CR - Other Rhode Island Credits12/24/2013
Form 1041ES2014 1041 Fiduciary Estimated Tax Coupons for Trusts & Estates01/03/2014
1041-InstFiduciary Instructions Only01/04/2014
Form 1041-MFiduciary Schedule M - Rhode Island Modifications to Federal Total Income01/03/2014
Form 1041MUCredit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple)01/03/2014
Form 1041-WFiduciary Schedule W - Rhode Island W-2 and 1099 Information12/24/2013
1041-WkstFiduciary Rate Worksheet12/31/2013
Form 1065Partnership Income Tax Return12/21/2013
1065-InstPartnership Income Tax Return Instructions12/21/2013
Form 1065VPartnership Income Tax Payment Voucher12/21/2013
1120(S) Form onlyCYE 2013 RI-1120S Return to be filed by Subchapter S Corporations12/21/2013
1120(S)-InstCYE 2013 RI-1120S Specific Instructions12/21/2013
1120C Form onlyCYE 2013 RI-1120 Return to be filed by C Corporations12/21/2013
1120C-InstCYE 2013 RI-1120C Specific Instructions12/21/2013
Form 1120ESEstimated Tax Return12/21/2013
Form 1120FSupplemental Schedule02/03/2014
Form 1120-POL ExtensionPolitical Organization Tax Return Extension - Discontinued - Use Form BUS-EXT01/06/2014
Form 1120-POLPolitical Organization Tax Return01/10/2014
Form 1120-POL-ESPolitical Organization Estimated Tax - Discontinued - Use Form BUS-EST01/06/2014
Form 1120-POL-VPolitical Organization Tax Payment Voucher - Discontinued - Use Form BUS-V01/06/2014
Form 1120VPayment Voucher12/21/2013
Form 1120XAmended Corporation Tax Return12/21/2013
1120X-InstAmended Corporation Tax Return Instructions12/24/2013
Form 1310Refund Claim - Deceased Taxpayer11/24/2004
Form 2210Underpayment of Estimate01/14/2014
Form 2210A2210 Shortcut Method01/14/2014
Form 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax12/21/2013
Form 2848Power of Attorney01/17/1997
Form 4506Request for Copy of Income Tax Return03/06/2008
Form 4868Application for Automatic Extension12/14/2013
Form 7004Extension Request12/21/2013
Form 8736Automatic Extension for Fiduciary01/03/2014
General-InstCYE 2013 General Corporation Tax Return Instructions12/21/2013
Form Good Standing - Non ProfitRequest for Letter of Good Standing - Non Profit06/14/2013
Form Good StandingRequest for Letter of Good Standing06/14/2013
Form HTC ContractHistoric Preservation Tax Credits 2013 Contract12/13/2013
Form HTC-13Historic Preservation Tax Credits 2013 Application07/16/2013
Form HTC-8016Historic Structures - Tax Credit Cost Report Detail05/08/2009
Form HTC-V2Historic Structures - Tax Credit Processing Fee Form01/02/2009
Form HTC-V-2013Historic Preservation Tax Credits 2013 Processing Fee Form12/13/2013
Form K-1Rhode Island Schedule K-101/27/2014
Form Qualifying CorpApplication for Election as a Qualifying Corporation12/24/1999
Form RI 2441Child Day Care Credit01/03/2014
Form RI 2874Employers Apprenticeship Credit01/03/2014
Form RI 2949Job Training Credit01/03/2014
Form RI 3468Investment Tax Credit01/10/2014
Form RI 5009Donations Credit for Higher Education01/10/2003
Form RI 6238Residential Lead Abatement Credit12/23/2013
Form RI 6324Adult Education Credit01/03/2014
Form RI 7695EResearch and Development Expenses Credit01/03/2014
Form RI 8826Disabled Access Credit01/09/2014
Form RI 9261Jobs Development Act Rate Reduction01/27/2014
Form RI-107Tax Incentives for Employers12/21/2013
Schedule CRSchedule CR - Other Rhode Island Credits01/11/2014
Schedule MSchedule M - Rhode Island Modifications to Federal AGI01/11/2014
Schedule SSchedule S12/21/2013
Schedule WSchedule W - Rhode Island W-2 and 1099 Information01/11/2014
Form SP 01Credit for Qualifying Spouse - for tax years prior to 201112/02/2010
Form Tax Tables2013 Tax Tables01/06/2014