Form TC-41 Fillable Utah Fiduciary Income Tax Return
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R= Resident (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (Clear form) Clear form (from worksheet instructions) (Page 2) Rev 12/13 (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) = Bankruptcy estate Ch 11 = Bankruptcy estate Ch 7 = Charitable trust = Complex trust = Decedent's estate = ESBT = Grantor type trust = Qualified disability trust = Qualified funeral trust (QFT) = Simple trust 1 2 Subtractions from income from TC 41A Part 2 Only include amounts that apply 1 Type of Return enter code 10 Exemption (1041 line 20) 11 State tax refund included in federal total income 12 000 13 Total deductions (add lines 7 through 12) 14 Utah taxable income (loss) (subtract line 13 from line 6) 15 Utah tax (multiply line 14 by 5% ( 05) not less than zero) 16 Allowable deductions for estate or trust credit 17 Initial credit before phase out (multiply line 16 by 6% ( 06)) 18 Base phase out amount 18 19 Income subject to phase out (subtract line 18 from line 14 19 2 Status Code 20 Phase out amount multiply line 19 by 1 3% ( 013) 21 Estate or trust tax credit (subtract line 20 from line 17 not less than zero) 22 Utah income tax (subtract line 21 from line 15 not less than zero) 23 Enter tax from line 22 on page 1 24 Apportionable nonrefundable credits from TC 41A Part 3 (attach TC 41A page 1) (see instructions) 25 Subtract line 24 from line 23 (not less than zero) Non or part year resident 26 Full year resident estate or trust enter tax from line 25 above 27 Nonapportionable nonrefundable credits from TC 41A Part 4 (attach TC 41A page 1) (see instructions) 28 Subtract line 27 from line 26 (not less than zero) 28 29 AMENDED RETURN ONLY previous refund (see instructions) 3 Mark "X" if this estate or 30 Utah use tax (see instructions) 31 Total pass through withholding tax enter the total amount from Schedule N column J (see instructions) 32 Total tax additions and use tax (add lines 28 through 31) 32 33 Utah tax withheld shown on TC 41W Part 1 (attach TC 41W Part 1) (see instructions) 34 Credit for Utah fiduciary tax prepaid from TC 548 and 2012 refund applied to 2013 (see instructions) 35 AMENDED RETURN ONLY previous payments (see instructions) 36 Refundable credits from TC 41A Part 5 (attach TC 41A page 2) (see instructions) 37 Total withholding and refundable credits (add lines 33 through 36) 37 38 Tax Due subtract line 37 from line 32 (not less than zero) (see instructions) 39 Penalty and interest (see instructions) 4 Federal total income from federal form 1041 line 9 or 1041 QFT line 5 (see instructions) 40 Pay this amount (add lines 38 and 39) 41 Refund subtract line 32 from line 37 (not less than zero) (see instructions) 41301 42 Enter the amount of refund from line 41 you want applied to your 2014 fiduciary tax (see instructions) 5 Additions to income from TC 41A Part 1 Only include amounts taxed at the trust level (see instructions) 6 Total adjusted income (add lines 4 and 5) 6 7 Fiduciary fees for administering estate or trust and deducted on federal return (1041 line 12) 8 Income distribution deduction (1041 line 18) 9 Estate tax deduction including certain generation skipping transfer taxes (1041 line 19) AMENDED RETURN ENTER CODE (1 5) Bankruptcy estate see instructions and complete TC 41C beneficiaries discuss this return with preparer EIN or SSN EIN/SSN of fiduciary Enter amount from line 22 on page 2 line 23 estate or trust complete TC 41B before continuing on line 26 25 federal form 8886 Fiduciary's address Firm's name and address For calendar year 2013 or fiscal year ending (mmyy) / Foreign country if not U S Full name of the estate or trust Get forms online tax utah gov Income Tax Return Mail this return and any payment due (with TC 549 coupon) to: Mark "X" if the Tax Commission may Mark "X" if this is an SSN Mark "X" if you filed N= Nonresident Name of fiduciary Non or part year resident estate or trust enter tax from TC 41B line 21 nonresident not less than zero) Note: This amount must be paid by the due date of the return without extensions P= Part year resident Preparer s Preparer's EIN Preparer's PTIN Preparer's signature Date Preparer's telephone number Section shown below Signature of fiduciary or officer representing estate or trust State TC 41 to income taxed at trust level (see instructions) trust has Under penalties of perjury I declare to the best of my knowledge and belief this return and accompanying schedules are true correct and complete USTC USE ONLY Utah Fiduciary Utah State Tax Commission 210 N 1950 W SLC UT 84134 0250 Zip+4