Form CO-411U Fillable Combined Report for Unitary Group
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5901 this information has not been and will not be used for any other purpose or made available to any other person other than for the preparation of this return No Vermont Activity (802) 828 5723 (b) State and local income or franchise taxes (continued on back) (d) Gross Up required by IRC Sec 78 and otherexcludable income 4(d) (e) Targeted Job Credit salary and wage expense (Line 3 plus Lines 4(a) and 4(b) less Lines 4(c) 4(d) and 4(e)) 10 Overpayment to be applied to next tax year 10 11 Overpayment to be refunded (Subtract Line 10 from Line 9) 11 6 DIGIT NORTH 7 PAYMENTS 7a Sum of payments above 7a 7b Prior Year Overpayment Applied 7b 7c Total Payments (Add Lines 7a and 7b) 7c 8 Balance Due If Line 6 is more than Line 7c subtract Line 7c from Line 6 8 9 Overpayment If Line 7c is more than Line 6 subtract Line 6 from Line 7c 9 ACCOUNTING ADD (a) Interest on non Vermont state and local addback/allocated nonbusiness income; address AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL Amount from Line 6 B Federal ID Number Bonus Depreciation Adjustment (see instructions) C D ENTITY S PRIMARY CELS ACCOUNT) Check here if name or address has changed Check here if this is an Check here if you will be using a Check if self employed City State ZIP Code CLASSIFICATION CO 411 U E GROUP INFORMATION Enter all amounts in whole dollars Entity Name Estimated Payments FEDERAL ID NUMBER FEDERAL TAXABLE INCOME Federal Taxable Income adjusted for disallowance of BonusDepreciation (Line 1 plus Line 2) FOR UNITARY COMBINED ONLY for Unitary Group foreign dividends 4(e) I hereby certify that I am an officer or authorized agent responsible for the taxpayer s compliance with the requirements of Title 32 of the Vermont Statutes and that this if self employed) and INTERNATIONAL address computer generated form next year LESS(c) Interest on U S Government obligations 4(c) Make checks payable to VT DEPARTMENT OF TAXES May the Dept of Taxes discuss this NET APPORTIONABLE INCOME Nonresident Estimated Payments (Form WH 435) NUMBER number (optional) Number of companies in Number with obligations 4(a) Payment with Extension PERIOD CHANGE AMENDED Place an X in the box left of the line number to indicate a loss amount Preparer s Preparer s Preparer s Social Preparer s Telephone Number PRINT OR TYPE COMPLETE NAME AND ADDRESS BELOW printed name PROCESSED WITHOUT THE Real Estate Withholding Payments (Form RW 171) REQUIRED ENTRIESA CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX(ES) RETURN EXTENDED RETURN FINAL RETURN (CAN return is true correct and complete to the best of my knowledge If prepared by a person other than the taxpayer this declaration further provides that under 32 V S A return with the preparer shown? RETURNS CANNOT BE Security No or PTIN signature Signature of Officer or Authorized Agent Printed name Date Daytime telephone SYSTEM (NAICS) Tax Year BEGIN date Tax Year END date Total Tax Due (Sum of Lines 11 from all attached Forms CO 421) 6 unless a separate valid consent form is signed by the taxpayer and retained by the preparer Use Only Firm s name (or yours VERMONT Combined Report Vermont Nexus VT DEPARTMENT OF TAXES 133 State Street Montpelier VT 05633 1401 Water s Edge Group Y Y Y Y MM DD Yes No