Form BA-404 Fillable Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, and Carried Forward
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pass through entities for tax purposes tax credits are (Amount Applied Current Year) However in cases where a (Amount Carried Forward to Future Years) should equal (Unitary Affiliate Schedule) Line 10 Credits may only be 1 Total EATI Credits 10 Wood Products Manufacture 5930y 11 Historic Rehabilitation 5930cc(a) 12 Facade Improvement 5930cc(b) 13 Code Improvement 5930cc(c) 133 State Street 14 Business Solar Energy 5930z 15 TOTAL FOR ALL CREDITS (Add Lines 1 14) 2 Charitable Housing 5830c 3 Research and Development 5930ii 4 Machinery and Equipment 5930ll 45 at the Department website 5 Affordable Housing 5930u 6 2011 Federally Declared Disaster 5930bb(d) 7 Recently Deployed Veteran 5930nn 8 Vermont Entrepreneur s Seed Capital Fund 5830b 9 Qualified Sale of Mobile Home Park 5828 activity that generated the credit and a calculation schedule Amount Applied Amount Carried Forward Amount Earned and a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility provided by the and tax applied to offset the tax of the entity that was authorized APPLYING CREDITS TO OFFSET TAx are participating assistance For more information see Technical Bulletin authorization document a detailed description of the authorized for the credit For details review the guidelines available If you have received grants or assistance for BA 404 Business Income Tax Return (Form BI 471) Business Name Business Solar tax credit is not available Similarly if C Corporation (Form CO 411) calculation must be adjusted downward to account for the Clean Energy Development Fund If the federal credit was CO 411 Line 12 If Form CO 411 is filed for a Vermont CO 411 U) Column A (Amount Carried Forward from Prior Years) plus Column B (Amount Earned Current Year) minus Column C columns of Form BA 404 In most cases Column D Combined Report for Unitary Businesses (Form Consolidated group credits may only offset tax attributable CONTACTING THE DEPARTmENT copy of the federal credit calculation Federal Form 3648 CREDIT DOCUmENTATION credit expires without being used the expired credit should Credits are reported on Schedule IN 112 or IN 119 and Current Year Development Fund the Business Solar tax credit is not earned based on investments both in and out of Vermont Email Address: tax corpincome@state vt us Enter all amounts in whole dollars Enter the amount of credits applied on Form CO 421 Enter the total amount of credits applied on Form Expired and Carried Forward Fax: (802) 828 5787 Federal ID Number financing the project from any other public or private For all other credit types include a copy of the For any credit type being claimed complete all applicable For Economic Advancement Tax Incentives (Line 1) For further details refer to the statutes and program For S Corporations Partnerships and LLCs treated as For the Business Solar Energy Credit (Line 14) include a Form BA 404 Instructions Form BA 404 must be completed and attached to an income Forms: (802) 828 2515 forward Generally tax credits are limited to a percentage from Prior Years further reduce the value reported in Column D GENERAL INFORmATION generally distributed to the owners of the entity in the same guidelines for the specific credit program in which you If any or all of the entity income is taxed at the composite If you have opted to take the Treasury grant rather than Include a statement to show separate company income level enter the amount of credits applied on Form BI 471 Line 13 Mailing address: Montpelier VT 05633 1401 NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE of the credit program in which you are participating of the tax attributable to the income generated by the entity PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY in BLUE or BLACK INK ONLY proportion that income or loss is distributed and are not provide a breakdown of the investment amounts and a provide the Expired Annual Activity Report as applicable recomputed credit calculation based only on investments Return Schedule K 1VT of the Vermont Individual Income Tax source the basis investment amount for the credit Tax Credits Earned Applied and Carried Forward tax return if any tax credits are earned applied or carried tax return of the individual or entity with the tax liability Taxpayer Services: (802) 828 5723 that occurred in Vermont the business credit at the federal level the Vermont to earn the credits to Future Years to income earned by the entity authorized for the credits transferrable Credits are applied on the Vermont income Vermont Department of Taxes VERMONT Tax Credits Earned Applied VT DEPARTMENT OF TAXES Montpelier Vermont 05633 1401 / (802) 828 5723 Web site Address: http://tax vermont gov you have received a grant from the Vermont Clean Energy