2014 AK - Alaska Tax Forms

Form 560Alaska Salmon Price Report Fill In05/12/2014
Form 561Annual Alaska Salmon Production Report Fill In12/29/2014
Form 566Salmon Enhancement Tax (SET) Return Fill In06/17/2013
Form 570lcProcessing Locations Maps and Directory02/09/2006
Form 571Buyers Annual Report Form Fill In02/28/2014
Form 574Fisheries Business Tax Return01/09/2015
Form 575Salmon or Herring Product Development Credit Pre-qualification Form Fill In10/31/2014
Form 578Alaska Seafood Marketing Assessment Form01/14/2015
Form 580Dive Fishery Management Assessment Form Fill In01/27/2014
Form 582Regional Seafood Development Tax Return Fill In01/27/2014
Form 5892014 Common Property Fishery Return Fill In09/30/2014
Form 597Estimated Tax Payment Voucher04/03/2013
Form 60002014 Alaska Corporation Net Income Tax Return01/06/2015
Form 60202014 Corporation Net Income Tax Return-Short Form01/06/2015
Form 61002014 Oil and Gas Corporation Net Income Tax Return01/06/2015
Form 61502014 Oil and Gas Corporation Net Income Tax Return Under 15 AAC 20.241 (c)01/06/2015
Form 6220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations01/09/2015
Form 6230Application for Quick Refund of Overpayment to Estimated Tax and Instructions12/30/2014
Form 6240Payment Voucher-Corporation Net Income Tax12/29/2014
Form 6300Incentive Credits01/09/2015
Form 6310Income Tax Education Credit and Instructions12/31/2014
Form 6320Gas Exploration and Development Tax Credit and Instructions12/31/2014
Form 6321Gas Storage Facility Tax Credit12/29/2014
Form 6323Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage Facility Tax Credit12/29/2014
Form 6324Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage Facility Tax Credit12/30/2014
Form 6325Veteran Employment Tax Credit12/29/2014
Form 6325iVeteran Employment Tax Credit Instructions01/03/2015
Form 6326Certificate of Qualifying Veteran12/31/2013
Form 6385Tax Attributes Carryovers12/29/2014
Form 6390Federal-based Credits12/29/2014
Form 6750Application for Voluntary Disclosure01/06/2015
Form 680Fishery Resource Landing Tax Return01/09/2015
Form 681CDQ Credit Application Fill In10/29/2014
Form 6832013 Statewide Average Crab Price List05/28/2014
Form 6842013 Statewide Average Price List05/28/2014
Form 688Fishery Resource Landing Tax Request for Notice of Value Fill In03/01/2013
Form 69002014 Partnership Information Return Fill In01/21/2015