Form 589 2014 Common Property Fishery Return Fill In
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Amended Bonus Buyer (Purchasing directly from fishermen) Fisherman (Exporting or selling to unlicensed buyers) Original Value (attach explanation) (Value x Rate) 20% ( 20) 2014 Common Property 3 $ ( ) 5895890405 589 Rev 10/03/13 Alaska AMENDED AND BONUS RETURNS ONLY Taxes previously paid for this year Assessment Assessment Calculation by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true correct and complete return Check if you are paying by: OTIS (confirmation # ) Wire transfer (date ) Check One DEPARTMENT USE ONLY Department use only PMD Electronic Payment Information Fishery Return Hatchery Hidden Falls I declare under penalty of unsworn falsification that this return including all accompanying statements has been examined Month/Year bonus payment made Month: Year: Note: If your liability is $150 000 or more you must pay using the Online Tax Information System (OTIS) at www tax alaska gov or by wire transfer Pay online at www tax alaska gov or make check payable to State of AlaskaMail to: Alaska Department of Revenue PO Box 110420 Juneau AK 99811 0420 Pounds Printed Name Printed Title Signature Species SSNTaxpayer NameFisheries Business License No TOTAL TAX TOTAL TAX LIABILITY (REFUND) DUE (Subtract line 3 from line 2) Type of Return (check one) Due Date: October 31 2014 Validation Year resource originally purchased Year: