Form 6321 Fillable Gas Storage Facility Tax Credit
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

(AS 43 20 046) 0405 6321 Rev 01/01/15 Alaska Gas Storage Facility Tax Credit Completion of Part II constitutes notice to the Department of Revenue of early cessation of operations required under AS 43 20 046(j) Cost incurred to establish facility Credit available before limitations Multiply line 1 by $1 50 Credit limitation based on cost Multiply line 3 by 25% Credit taken in earlier tax years Date Commercial Operations Commenced Date that commercial operations ceased Divide line 11 by 10 Form 6321 If the answer to question c is yes is the gas storage facility in compliance with the terms of Increase to tax Multiply line 9 by line 12 (see instructions) Is the facility located on state land and subject to a lease under AS 31 05 180? Is the facility regulated under AS 42 05 as a public utility? Location Of Facility Name Shown On Return Net credit available for this tax year Subtract line 7 from line 6 (see instructions) Number of years that facility was in commercial operation Overall credit limitations Enter the lesser of line 4 or $15 000 000 Part I: Claiming Credit Part II: Increase To Tax For Early Cessation Of Operations Qualifying Data: Subtract the number of years on line 10 from 10 years and enter the difference here Tentative credit Enter the lesser of line 2 or line 5 (see instructions) the lease? To be attached to corporate or partnership return Total amount of the credit taken in previous tax years Was the facility in operation as a gas storage facility before 1/1/2011? Working gas capacity of facility (1 000s of cubic feet)