Form 684 Fillable 2013 Statewide Average Price List
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Alaska Department of RevenueTax Division2013 Statewide Average Price ListFishery Resources Other than CrabFollowing are prices to be used in determining value for fishery resources (except crab) subject Average Price List Crab" For fishery resources landed in Alaska but not listed below please contact the department for the priceCodesSpeciesPriceValue Based On110cod pacific (gray)0 26$ Unprocessed weight121flounder arrowtooth0 05$ Unprocessed weight122sole flathead0 12$ Unprocessed weight123sole rock0 23$ Unprocessed weight124sole dover0 11$ Unprocessed weight125sole rex0 28$ Unprocessed weight126sole butter0 16$ Unprocessed weight127sole yellowfin0 01$ Unprocessed weight128sole english0 16$ Unprocessed weight129flounder starry0 08$ Unprocessed weight130lingcod1 18$ Unprocessed weight133flounder alaska plaice0 09$ Unprocessed weight134turbot greenland0 02$ Unprocessed weight136rockfish northern0 20$ Unprocessed weight137bocaccio0 36$ Unprocessed weight138rockfish copper0 27$ Unprocessed weight141perch pacific ocean0 21$ Unprocessed weight142rockfish black0 48$ Unprocessed weight143rockfish thornyhead (idiots)1 01$ Unprocessed weight145rockfish yelloweye (red snapper)1 27$ Unprocessed weight146rockfish canary0 33$ Unprocessed weight147rockfish quillback0 59$ Unprocessed weight148rockfish tiger0 40$ Unprocessed weight149rockfish china0 37$ Unprocessed weight150rockfish rosethorn0 42$ Unprocessed weight151rockfish rougheye0 37$ Unprocessed weight152rockfish shortraker0 38$ Unprocessed weight153rockfish redbanded0 32$ Unprocessed weight155rockfish yellowtail0 42$ Unprocessed weight156rockfish widow0 40$ Unprocessed weight157rockfish silvergray0 40$ Unprocessed weight158rockfish redstripe0 39$ Unprocessed weight159rockfish darkblotched0 15$ Unprocessed weight160sculpin general0 01$ Unprocessed weight166rockfish sharpchin0 35$ Unprocessed weight170sardine pacific (pilchard)0 30$ Unprocessed weight172rockfish dusky0 20$ Unprocessed weight173rockfish dark0 45$ Unprocessed weight184rockfish vermilion0 45$ Unprocessed weight193greenling atka mackerel0 02$ Unprocessed weight200halibut5 04$ Gutted weight210eels or eel like fish0 02$ Unprocessed weight contact the department for the priceCodesSpeciesPriceValue Based On213grenadier (rattail)0 65$ Unprocessed weight215prowfish0 02$ Unprocessed weight216lumpsucker0 02$ Unprocessed weight217wolf eel0 02$ Unprocessed weight218snailfish general0 02$ Unprocessed weight219poacher general0 02$ Unprocessed weight250tomcod pacific0 50$ Unprocessed weight270pollock walleye0 16$ Unprocessed weight410salmon chinook4 28$ Unprocessed weight420salmon sockeye1 75$ Unprocessed weight430salmon coho1 30$ Unprocessed weight440salmon pink0 42$ Unprocessed weight450salmon chum0 56$ Unprocessed weight511smelt eulachon0 02$ Unprocessed weight580whitefish general0 88$ Unprocessed weight600lamprey pacific1 25$ Unprocessed weight700skate other0 37$ Unprocessed weight701skate longnose0 33$ Unprocessed weight702skate big0 45$ Unprocessed weight703skate alaska0 40$ Unprocessed weight710sablefish (blackcod)4 42$ Eastern cut weight850scallop weathervane12 25$ Shucked weight870octopus0 51$ Unprocessed weight875squid0 04$ Unprocessed weight892red sea urchin0 37$ Unprocessed weight895sea cucumber4 02$ Unprocessed weight961shrimp northern (pink)0 83$ Unprocessed weight962shrimp sidestriped2 98$ Unprocessed weight964shrimp coonstriped6 10$ Unprocessed weight965shrimp spot10 25$ Unprocessed weight to the Alaska Fishery Resource Landing Tax For crab landed in Alaska refer to the "Statewide