Form 20C Fillable Alabama Corporation Income Tax Return
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1 Corporation operating only in 2 Multistate Corporation 3 Multistate Corporation 4 Multistate Corporation Separate 40 18 33 Code of Alabama 1975 defines Alabama Taxable Income as federal taxable income without the benefit of the federal net operating loss plus specificadditions and less specific deductions The specific additions and deductions are reflected in the lines provided below Other reconciliation items include transitionadjustments to prevent duplicate deduction or duplicate taxation of items previously deducted or reported on Alabama income tax returns 5 Proforma Return files as part of Address Amended Final I authorize a representative of the Department of Revenue to discuss my return and attachments with my preparer Initial Loss Year End Notification of Final IRS change Federal Form 1120 REIT filed 2220AL Attached PL 86 272 self employed State: SY Reset Form This company files as part of a consolidated federal return (a) If (b) Methods (c) If using Method 1552(a)(3) enter on line 6 the amount of the consolidated (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (enter (Form (nonconsolidated) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) *1400012C* *1400022C* *1400032C* *1400042C* 1 Capital Tax Credit 1 Destination Sales 1 FEDERAL TAXABLE INCOME (see instructions) 1 Inventories 1 State and local income taxes 1 This company s separate federal taxable (income/tax) 10 Alabama income before federal income tax deduction (line 8 plus line 9) 10 Federal income tax apportioned to Alabama (multiply 10 If this entity filed an Alabama Business Privilege tax return under a different FEIN than the one listed on this Form 20C please enter that number here: 10 Refunds of state and local income taxes (due to overpayment or over accrual on the federal return) 10 Totals 11 Average owned property (BOY + EOY 2) 11 Interest income earned on direct obligations of the United States 11 Less refunds or adjustments 11a Federal income tax deduction /(refund) (from line 12 Schedule E) 12 Alabama income before net operating loss (NOL) carryforward (line 10 less lines 11a and b) 12 Annual rental expense x8 = x8 = 12 Interest income earned on obligations of Alabama or its subdivisions or instrumentalities to extent included in 12 Net federal income tax deduction / 13 Alabama NOL deduction (see instructions) 13 Interest income earned on obligations issued prior to 12/31/1994 of this state or its subdivisions or instrumentalities 13 Total average property (add line 11 and line 12) 13a 14 Aid or assistance provided to the Alabama State Industrial Development Authority pursuant to 41 10 44 8(d) 14 Alabama property factor 13a 13b = line 14 14 Alabama taxable income (line 12 less line 13) 15 Alabama Income Tax (6 5% of line 14) 15 Alabama payroll factor 15a 15b = 15c 15 Expenses not deductible on federal income tax return due to election to claim a federal tax credit 1552(a)(1) 1552(a)(1) D 1552(a)(2) 1552(a)(2) D 1552(a)(2) enter separate company tax liability from line 31 of the proforma 1120 for this 1552(a)(3) D 15a ALABAMA 15b EVERYWHERE 15c 16 Destination sales (see instructions) 16 Dividends described in 26 U S C 78 from corporations in which taxpayer owns more than 20% of stock (see 16 Tax Payments Credits and Deferral: 17 Dividend income more than 20% stock ownership (including that described in 26 U S C 951) from non U S 17 Origin sales (see instructions) 17 Reductions/applications of overpayments 18 Dividends received from foreign sales corporations as determined in U S C 922 (see 18 Total amount due/(refund) (line 15 less 16h plus 17e) 18 Total gross receipts from sales 19 Dividends 1975) 2 Alabama New Market Development Act 2 Federal exempt interest income (other than Alabama) on state county and municipal obligations (everywhere) 2 Federal Net Operating Loss (included in line 1) 2 Land 2 NET NONBUSINESS INCOME / LOSS 2 Origin Sales 20 Amount of the oil/gas depletion allowance provided by 40 18 16 that exceeds the federal allowance (see 20 Interest 2013 2012 2011 21 Rents 22 Royalties 23 Gross proceeds from capital and ordinary gains 24 Other (Federal 1120 line ) 24 Total deductions (add lines 10 through 23) 25 Alabama sales factor 25a 25b = line 25c 25 TOTAL RECONCILIATION ADJUSTMENTS (subtract 25b 25c 26 Alabama sales factor (Enter the same factor as on line 25c) 27 Sum of lines 14 15c 25c and 26 4 = ALABAMA APPORTIONMENT FACTOR (Enter here and on line 7 page 1) 27 3 Alabama Accountability Act 3 Dividends from corporations in which the taxpayer owns less than 20 percent of stock to the extent properly deducted on 3 Furniture and fixtures 3 Reconciliation adjustments (from line 25 Schedule A) 3 This company s percentage (divide 3 Total gross receipts from sales 4 Consolidated federal income tax (liability/payment) 4 Federal taxable income adjusted to Alabama Basis (add lines 1 2 and 3) 4 Indicate your tax accounting method: 4 Machinery and equipment 4 Other Credits 4 Tax due (multiply line 3 Alabama by 0025) (enter here and on page 1 line 15) 5 Buildings and leasehold improvements 5 Federal income tax for this company (multiply 5 Net income from foreclosure property pursuant to 10 13 21 (real estate investment trust) 5 Net nonbusiness (income)/loss Everywhere (from Schedule C line 2 col E) 5 TOTAL (add 6 Apportionable income (add lines 4 and 5) 6 Federal income tax to be apportioned 6 IDB/IRB property (at cost) 6 Related members interest or intangible expenses or costs From Schedule AB (see 7 Alabama apportionment factor (from line 27 Schedule D 1) 7 Alabama income page 1 line 10 7 Captive REITS: Dividends Paid Deduction (from federal Form 1120 REIT) 7 Government property (at FMV) 8 Adjusted total income page 1 line 4 8 Income apportioned to Alabama (multiply line 6 by line 7) 9 Federal income tax ratio (divide 9 Less Construction in progress (if included) 9 Net nonbusiness income/(loss) Alabama (from Schedule C line 2 col F) 9 Total additions (add lines 1 through 8) a Carryover from prior year (2013) a copy of the spreadsheet of income statements (which includes a separate column that identifies the eliminations and adjustments used in completing a Credit to 2015 estimated tax above) Accounting (Prior written approval accrual basis Accrual D Additional Alabama depreciation related to Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 (see ADDITIONS ADDRESS affiliated Affiliations Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama ALABAMA 20C ALABAMA 20C 2014 PAGE 3 Alabama Adjustment(s) must also be made for any proration of expenses under Alabama Income Tax Rule 810 27 1 4 01 which states Any allowable deduction that is Alabama Affiliated Group ALABAMA EVERYWHERE ALLOCABLE GROSS INCOME / LOSS RELATED EXPENSE NET OF RELATED EXPENSE amount amount Amount of Alabama Amount used Amount used in yearsprior to this year and address and on line any supplemental elections under IRC 1502 applicable applicable to both business and nonbusiness income of the taxpayer shall be prorated to each class of income in determining income subject to tax as provided (See Apportionment (Sch D 1) as filed with the IRS ATTACHED THIS RETURN attached to claim b 2014 estimated tax payments b Penny Trust Fund b Small Business Health Insurance Premiums (see instructions) basis BC must be BC Schedule BEGINNING OF YEAR END OF YEAR BIT V) to: Individual and Corporate Tax Division Briefly describe your Alabama operations business c 2014 composite payment(s) made on behalf of this entity (see instructions) c Penalty due (see instructions) Cash D change Check Check if Check if currently being audited by the IRS D CITY STATE COUNTRY (IF NOT U S ) 9 DIGIT ZIP CODE City: Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F Common parent corporation: (See page 4 Other Information number 5 ) company company on line 1 consolidated consolidated federal consolidated tax liability allocated to this corporation from line 5 Corporate Tax Section Corporate Tax Section corporation Corporation Income Tax Return corporations to extent dividend income would be deductible under 26 U S C 243 if received from domestic corporations counties) credit(s) Credits/Exemptions Caution d Automatic extension payment d Interest due (computed on tax due only) Date Preparer s Tax Identification Number DEDUCTIONS Department of Revenue DIRECTLY ALLOCABLE ITEMS OF DO NOT USE THIS SCHEDULE IF ALABAMA SALES EXCEED $100 000 e Payments prior to adjustment e Total reductions (total lines 17a b c and d) Email Address: enter enter Enter Column E total ((income)/loss) on line 5 of page 1 Enter Column F total (income/(loss)) on line 9 of page 1 Enter here and on line 16f page 1 Enter here and on line 3 page 1 (enclose Enter this corporation s federal net income (see instructions for page 1 line 1) for the last three (3) years as last determined (e g : per amended federal return or IRS audit) entities equals Everywhere Everywhere Exempt Amount 6b f Credits (from line 5 Schedule F) federal federal FEDERAL BUSINESS CODE NUMBER FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Federal depreciation on pollution control items previously deducted for Alabama (see Federal Income Tax (FIT) Deduction/(Refund) federal income tax return (see FEDERAL RETURN IS files filing Filing Status: (see instructions) Firm s name (or yours for each tax entity that the corporation holds an interest in at any time during the taxable year For the year January 1 December 31 2014 or other tax year beginning 2014 ending FORM 20C from line g LIFO Reserve Tax Deferral (see instructions) group h Total Payments Credits and Deferral (add lines 16a through 16g) Identify by account name and amount all items of nonbusiness income loss and expense removed from apportionable income and those items which are directly allocable to Identify by asterisk or underline the names of those corporations subject to tax in Alabama if self employed) If this corporation is a member of an affiliated group which files a con soli dated federal return the following information must be If you paid electronically check here: including income income INCOMPLETE (SEE ALSO INFORMATION NO 5 ) instructions ) instructions) instructions) instructions) instructions) instructions) Interest portion of rent paid under lease agreements entered into prior to January 1 1995 relating to obligations of this state and its legal liability lines List locations of property within Alabama (cities List other states in which corporation operates if applicable Location of the corporate records: Street address: member minus MM / DD / YYYY Montgomery AL 36132 7430 Montgomery AL 36132 7435 Name FEIN Name: negative net operating loss No Election Made Non payment returns Alabama Department of Revenue NONBUSINESS INCOME OR LOSS Nondeductible Federal Depreciation (Economic Stimulus Act of 2008) (see not limited to) of consolidated Federal of federal of Federal of the on line 6 below the amount of federal income tax actually paid during the year Other Other Information PAGE 4 OTHER pages Paid by FEIN parentheses) part of the Payment returns payment voucher Percentage of Sales (Sch D 2) Person to contact for information concerning this return: Please PO Box 327430 PO Box 327435 Preparer s PRODUCTION OF BUSINESS INCOME proforma provided: pursuant to 40 9B 7 to extent included in federal income tax return Reconciliation Adjustments of Federal Taxable Income to Alabama Taxable Income RELATED TO THE PRODUCTION OF BUSINESS INCOME Remaining unusednet operating loss required and must be attached) return return return indicate the number of the election made under IRC 1552 returns SALARIES WAGES COMMISSIONS AND OTHER COMPENSATION SALES Schedule Schedule Schedule A Schedule BAlabama Net Operating Loss Carryforward Calculation ( 40 18 35 1 Code Schedule C Allocation of Nonbusiness Income Loss and Expense Use only if you checked Filing Status 2 page 1 Schedule D 1 Apportionment Factor Schedule Use only if you checked Filing Status 2 page 1 Amounts must be Positive (+) Values Schedule D 2 Percentage of Sales Use only if you checked Filing Status 3 page 1 See instructions Schedule E Schedule F Schedule(s) UTP separate separate should shown signature Signature Title Date Daytime Telephone No Signed copy spreadsheet of income STATE OF INCORPORATION DATE OF INCORPORATION DATE QUALIFIED IN ALABAMA NATURE OF BUSINESS IN ALABAMA statements; all subdivisions pursuant to 40 9B 7(c) through (e) supporting schedules TANGIBLE PROPERTY AT COST FOR tax allocated to this corporation Attach a schedule of your computations Ignore taxpayer taxpayers Tel No ( ) E I No Telephone: ( that file the federal consolidated return) beginning and ending balance sheets Schedule M 3 for the entire federal consolidated group this year through to: Individual and Corporate Tax Division Total Payments 6a Total positive consolidated federal taxable (income/tax) true correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief they are UNLESS A COPY OF THE Use Only which WILL BE CONSIDERED with Alabama Department of Revenue ZIP Code