Form 20S Fillable Alabama S Corporation Information/Tax Return
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ALABAMA SCHEDULE K 1 (one for each shareholder) ALABAMA SCHEDULE NRA (if applicable) FEDERAL FORM 1120S (entire form as filed with IRS) FEDERAL FORM 1120S PROFORMA (if applicable) FORM PTE V (if applicable) I authorize a representative of the Department of Revenue to discuss my return and attachments with my preparer Important please enter income as a negative amount and losses as a positive amount (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (Col A less Col C) (Col B less Col D) (Reset Form) Reset Form (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) *1400012S* *1400022S* *1400032S* *1400042S* 1 4 09) 1 Alabama nonseparately stated income (Schedule E line 7) 1 Federal Ordinary Income or (Loss) from trade or business activities 1 Indicate tax accounting method used: 1 Inventories 10 Small business health insurance premiums (attach explanation) 10 Totals 10Historic Rehabilitation Credit 10Net reconciling items (addlines2through9) 11 Average owned property (BOY + EOY 2) 11 Separately stated nonbusiness items (attach schedule) 110111819202122e2324d25262345678912131415161722a22b22c22d24a24b24c000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 11Net Alabama nonseparately stated income or (loss) (addline1andline10) 11TOTAL(addlines1through10) Enter here and on line 22d Schedule A 12 Annual rental expense x8 = x8 = 12 Composite payment made on behalf of owner/shareholder 12 Contributions 13 Oil and gas depletion 13 Total average property (add line 11 and line 12) 13a 13 U S taxes paid (attach explanation) 14 Alabama exempt income (attach explanation) 14 Alabama property factor 13a 13b = line 14 14I R C 179expense deduction (completeScheduleK) 15 Alabama payroll factor 15a 15b = 15c 15 Casualty losses 15 Property distributions to owners 15a ALABAMA 15b EVERYWHERE 16 Destination sales 16 Portfolio income less expenses (completeScheduleK) 17 Origin sales 1781234567123456781234567891011000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000023c4561Enter the federal income tax from Federal Form 1120S 17Other separately stated items (attachschedule) 18 Total gross receipts from sales 18Net separately stated items (addline12through17) 19 Dividends 19Total separately stated and nonseparately stated items (addline11andline18) 1Beginning balance (prior year ending balance) 1d Total (add lines 1a 1b and 1c) 1Employer Education Tax Credit 1h Total (add lines 1e 1f and 1g) 1Net Alabama nonseparately stated income or (loss) from line 11 Schedule A 2 Briefly describe your Alabama operations: 2 Contributions 2 Land 2 Net short term and long term capital gains income or (loss) 20 Interest 20Nonseparately Stated Income Allocated and Apportioned to Alabama from Schedule E line 7 21 ALABAMA INCOME TAX (seeinstructionsandattachschedule) 21 Rents 22 Royalties 22 Tax Payments Credits and Deferrals: 23 Gross proceeds from capital and ordinary gains 23NET TAXDUE(subtractline22efrom line21) 24 Other (Federal 1120S line ) 24 Reductions/applications of overpaymentsa Penalties (seeinstructions) 25 Alabama sales factor 25a 25b = line 25c 25 Amount to be refunded(seeinstructions) 25a 25b 25c 26 Enter the amount from line 25c 26TOTAL AMOUNT DUE 27 Sum of lines 14 15c 25c and 26 4 = ALABAMA APPORTIONMENT FACTOR (Enter here and on line 4 Schedule E page 3) 27 2Coal Credit 2Enter the Alabama income from line 7 Schedule E below if applicable (If corporation operates 2Net Alabama nonseparately stated income or (loss)(line11 ScheduleA) 2Nonseparately stated (income) or loss treated as nonbusiness income (line1d ColumnE ScheduleB) 3 Enter this company s Alabama Withholding Tax Account No : 3 Furniture and fixtures 3 Oil and gas depletion 3 Salaries and wages reduced for federal employment credits 3Apportionable income or (loss) (addline1andline2) 3Apportionment of separately stated items3a3b x % = 3Capital Credit 3Net separately stated items (line 18 Schedule A) 4 I R C 179 expense deduction 4 Machinery and equipment 4 Person to contact for information concerning this return: 4 State and local net income taxes paid/(refund) 4Apportionment factor from line 27 Schedule C 4Credit for Taxes Paid to Foreign Country 4Federal income tax deduction (line1 ScheduleD) 4Separately stated items allocated to Alabama(line1h ColumnF ScheduleB) 5 Buildings and leasehold improvements 5 Casualty losses 5 Net income or (loss) from rental real estate activities 5Heroes for Hire Credit 5Income or (loss) apportioned to Alabama (multiplyamountonline3bypercentonline4) 5Separately stated nonbusiness items (line1h ColumnE ScheduleB) 5Total (addlines2 3cand4) 6 IDB/IRB property (at cost) 6 Net income or (loss) from other rental activities 6 Portfolio income 6Adjusted total income (addline19 ScheduleAtoline1h ColumnE ScheduleB) 6Full Employment Act of 2011 Credit 6Nonseparately stated income or (loss) allocated to Alabama as nonbusiness income (ColumnF line1d ScheduleB) 6Other additions/(reductions) (Donotincludetaxexemptincomeandrelatedexpenses) 7 Government property (at FMV) 7 Interest expense related to portfolio income 7 Net gain or (loss) under I R C 1231(other thancasualtylosses) 7AL New Markets Development Credit 7Federal income tax apportionment factor (line5dividedbyline6) 7Less distributions 7Nonseparately stated income allocated and apportioned to Alabama (addlines5and6) Also enter this amount on 8 Adjustments due to the Federal Economic Stimulus Act of 2008(attachschedule) 8 Other expenses related to portfolio income (attach schedule) 8Ending balance (total appropriatelines) 8Enterprise Zone Credit 8Federal income tax apportioned to Alabama (multiplyline1bythepercentonline7) 9 DIGIT ZIP CODE 9 Less Construction in progress (if included) 9 Other reconciliation items (attachschedule) 9 Other separately stated business items (attach explanation) 9Irrigation Credit a 2014 estimated tax payments and amounts applied Accrual Address Alabama Alabama Apportionment Factor from ALABAMA EVERYWHERE allocable to Alabama Adjustment(s) must also be made for any proration of allowable deduction that is ap pli ca ble to both business and nonbusiness income of Amended and address andCredits applicable Apportionment FactorEnter in line 3a the amount from line 18 Schedule A (line 27 Schedule C) b Automatic extension payments (seeinstructions) b Interest due (computedontaxdueonly) BEGINNING OF YEAR END OF YEAR c Amount to be credited to 2015 estimated tax c Payments prior to amendment(original returnor Check Check if Check if an Alabama business privilege tax return was filed for this entity: CHECK IF THE CORPORATIONOPERATES IN MORE THAN ONE STATE CHECK LIST Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F d Tax credits (from line11 ScheduleG) (seeinstructions) d Total reductions/applications(addlines24a 24band24c) Date Daytime Telephone No Social Security No DATE QUALIFIED IN ALABAMA Department of Revenue Departmentadjustment) DIRECTLY ALLOCABLE ITEMS ALLOCABLE GROSS INCOME / LOSS RELATED EXPENSE NET OF RELATED EXPENSE E I No e Total payments(addlines22a 22b 22cand22d) Email Email Address EVERYWHERE Everywhere Alabama Everywhere Alabama Everywhere Alabama exclusively in Alabama do not complete lines 2 8 ) expense removed from apportionable income and those items which are directly expenses under Alabama Income Tax Rule 810 27 1 4 01 which states Any Factor Apportioned Amount Enter on Alabama Federal Amount Apportionment FEDERAL BUSINESS CODE NUMBER FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER FEIN: Final Firm s Name (or yours For the year January 1 December 31 2014 or other tax year beginning 2014 ending FORM 20S FORM 20S 2014 Page 2 FORM 20S 2014 Page 4 from 2013 return HAVE THE FOLLOWING FORMS BEEN ATTACHED TO THE FORM 20S: Identify by account name and amount all items of nonbusiness income loss and If paying by check or money order FORM PTE VMUST ACCOMPANYPAYMENT if self employed) If the privilege tax return was filed using a different FEIN please provide the name and FEIN used to file the return: IF YOU FILED A RETURN FOR 2013 AND THE ABOVE If you paid electronically check here IN COMPOSITE FILING Initial line 2 Schedule D; line 20 Schedule A; and line 1 Schedule K Location of the corporate records: MAIL TO: Alabama Department of Revenue MAIL TO: Alabama Department of Revenue Montgomery AL 36132 7441 Montgomery AL 36132 7444 NAME OR ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT CHECK HERE NAME: NATURE OF BUSINESS Nonseparately stated items NOTE: If any factor is not utilized in the production of business income it shall be eliminated and the denominator reduced accordingly (810 27 NUMBER OF NONRESIDENT SHAREHOLDERS INCLUDED NUMBER OF SHAREHOLDERS DURING of Officer Other Part III Line AA Part III Line AB Part III Line M Part III Line O Part III Line P Part III Line Q Part III Line R Part III Line S Part III Line T Part III Line U Part III Line V Part III Line W Part III Line X Part III Line Y Part III Line Z Pass Through Entity Pass Through Entity Payments Please PO Box 327441 PO Box 327444 Preparer s Preparer s PTIN PRODUCTION OF BUSINESS INCOME Reconciliationto AlabamaBasis(seeinstructions) RELATED TO THE PRODUCTION OF BUSINESS INCOME Return Return Returns without Payments Returns with Payments S Corporation Information/Tax Return SALARIES WAGES COMMISSIONS AND OTHER COMPENSATION SALES SCHEDULE A Computation of Separately Stated and Nonseparately Stated Income / Tax () SCHEDULE B Allocation of Nonbusiness Income Loss and Expense SCHEDULE C Apportionment Factor Schedule Do not complete if entity operates exclusively in Alabama Schedule C line 27 SCHEDULE D Apportionment of Federal Income TaxSCHEDULE H The Following Information Must Be Entered For This Return To Be Considered CompleteSCHEDULE G Tax Credits (Caution See Instructions) SCHEDULE E Apportionment and Allocation of Income to AlabamaSCHEDULE F Alabama Accumulated Adjustments Account% Schedule K 1 SCHEDULE K Distributive Share Items self employed Separately stated items Separately Stated Items: SeparatelyStated Items(Related toBusinessIncome) Signature STATE STATE OF INCORPORATION subject to tax as provided (See instructions) Summary TANGIBLE PROPERTY AT COST FOR TAX YEAR TaxDue Telephone No Telephone Number ( the taxpayer shall be prorated to each class of income in determining income Title Total assets as shown on Form 1120S Total federal deductions Total federal income Transactions with Owners: true correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief they are UNLESS A COPY OF FORM 1120S IS ATTACHED THIS RETURN IS INCOMPLETE Use Only ZIP Code