Form Schedule OC Fillable Other Available Credits
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$1 000 $1 000 00 $10 000 $2 000 $5 000 (Form (FORM 40 *140009OC* *140010OC* 1 line17 or Form 40NR page1 line19 1by10%( 10) 24hourseachweek? 3by20%( 20) 3thatcompletedtheir first12monthsservicein2014 40NR) 2014 5by20%( 20) 7by50%( 50) 9 PartL line10 PartM line4 Enter thetotalhereandon Act Credit AddPartA line1 PartB line8 PartC line4 PartD line1 PartE line1 PartF line8 PartG line1 Alabama Alabama Department of Revenue Alabamataximposedonproratashareofincomefrom foreignoperations(line5) ALLOWABLE ATTACH TO FORM 40 OR 40NR Attachthisscheduletoyour Alabamareturnalongwitha Basic Business CAPITAL Conversioncoststoconvertfrom fueltoelectricity copyofyour approvedcertificationnoticeissuedby Costofconstructingreservoir CR Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Act Credit allowable Credit Allowable Credit Allowable CREDIT ALLOWABLE CREDIT ALLOWABLE CREDIT ALLOWABLE Credit for CREDITS DepartmentofEducation Enter your assignedDepartmentofEducationCertificationNumber Education Credit Employee Employment Act of 2011 Enter amount Enter amountfrom ScheduleEZK1 PartII page2 line13 or ScheduleEZ PartIV page2 line13 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartA line1 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartB line8 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartC line4 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartD line1 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartG line1 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartH line5 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartK line Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartL line10 Enter amountfrom ScheduleOC PartM line4 Enter amountofvoluntaryassessmentpaid Enter CapitalCreditavailablefrom ScheduleK RCC line7 Enter taxduefrom Form 40 page Enter theamountfrom line2or 3 whichever is Enter theamountfrom line4or line Enter theamountfrom line6or 7 whichever is Enter theamountfrom ScheduleCR line27 Enter thelesser ofline2 Enter thelesser ofline6 line8or line9 Enter thelesser ofline6or 7 Enter thelesser ofline7 Enter totalamountofbusinessstart upexpenses Enter your ProjectNumber assignedbytheAlabamaDepartmentofRevenue Enterprise for Nonresidents) Foreign Country from ScheduleOC PartE H line5 PartI Heroes Heroes for Hire Tax Credit Act Ifline3islarger thanline5 subtractline5from line3 andenter Iftheanswer toline3isyes didemployee(s) workatleast Iftheanswer tolines3and4aboveisyes enter thetotalexpensesavailablefor credit Incentive instructions) Irrigation/Reservoir K RCC to your Lesscredits: line1 line19 line2 PartJ line4 PartK line lines1and2 Maximum AllowableCredit Maximum credit Maximum RuralPhysicianCredit Multiplyline Multiplyline Multiplyline1by$1 000 00 Multiplyline4by Name(s) as NameandbusinessID number Nameofapprovedprovider Location Nameofcountryincomeearnedin Nameofemployer/firm sponsoringtheeducationprogram Nameofhospitalandcommunitywhereyouliveandprovidemedicalservices NameofprojectentityentitledtotheCapitalCredit Neighborhood Infrastructure NOT allowable Note: All dollar figures must be in U S dollars Number offull timeemployeeson12 31 2012 Number offull timeemployeeson12 31 2013 Number ofqualifyingnew employeesfrom line Number ofrecentlydeployedunemployedveteransincludedinline4 PartH OR 40NR) or line3 or line8 Other Available Credits Paid to a PART A Credit For Taxes Paid To Other States (NOTE: CR Credits PART B Basic Skills Education Credit PART C Rural Physician Credit PART D Coal Credit PART E Alabama Enterprise Zone Act Credit PART F Capital Credit PART G PART H Full Employment Act of 2011 Credit PART I Heroes for Hire Tax Credit Act PART J PART K Irrigation/Reservoir System Credit PART L Credit for Taxes paid to a Foreign Country PART M Neighborhood Infrastructure Incentive Plan Credit PART N Summary PartI line2 PartJ line4 Physician Credit Plan Credit Prorata Purchasecostandinstallationcostsofirrigationsystem return Rural Schedule ScheduleNTC line4 SCorporation/Partnership/Estate/TrustName shareofincomefrom foreignoperations shareoftaxduetheforeigncountryasshownonthatcountry'staxreturn shownonForm 40or 40NR Skills smaller Start up Expenses Subtractline2from line System Tariff Credit TaxdueAlabamafrom Form 40 page1 line17 TaxdueAlabamafrom Form 40 page1 line17 or Form 40NR page1 TaxduebeforeCapital Credit Taxes theAlabama thedifferenceonline6 Ifline3issmaller thanline5 enter zeroonline6 TOTAL Totalall creditsother thanCapitalCredit Addlines4a 4b 4c 4d 4e 4f 4g 4h 4i 4j 4k and4l Totalmaximum creditavailable Multiplyline5by20%( 20) Wereall participantsfor whom youareclaimingataxcreditcontinuouslyemployedbyyoufor atleast16weeks? You must attach Form Your proratashareinentity Your socialsecuritynumber