Form 20C-CRE Fillable Election to File Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

For each taxable year of the election each corporation included in the Alabama Affiliated Group shall be jointly and severally liable The Alabama Affiliated Group shall be assessed an annual fee for the privilege of filing an Alabama Consolidated Return The The election shall be binding on both the Alabama Department of Revenue and the Alabama Affiliated Group for a period of 120 *XX0003CE* Reset Form 20C CRE 39 Code of Alabama 1975 ADDRESS FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (FEIN) AlAbAmA DepArtment of revenue annual fee shall be computed in accordance with Section 40 18 39 Code of Alabama 1975 Attach the signed election form directly following the Form 20C C This form is only required in the year of the election calendar months beginning with the first month of the first taxable year of the election and ending upon the conclusion of the taxable CITY STATE ZIP TELEPHONE NUMBER CorporAte InCome tAx unIt election to file Consolidated Corporate Income tax return EMAIL ADDRESS for the Alabama income tax liability of the affiliated group for the taxable year in addition to the annual fee assessed for the privilege InDIvIDuAl AnD CorporAte tAx DIvIsIon INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING THIS ELECTION Mo Day Yr NAME OF AFFILIATED GROUP (COMMON PARENT AND SUBSIDIARIES) FOR TAXABLE YEAR BEGINNING of all members of the affiliated group and that I have examined this form and the information and instructions contained herein of filing the consolidated return or termination of the federal consolidated return election p o box 327437 montgomery Al 36132 7437 (334) 242 1200 PRINT NAME AND PROVIDE SIGNATURE BELOW SIGNATURE TITLE DATE The above named Alabama Affiliated Group hereby elects to file an Alabama Consolidated Return in accordance with Section 40 18 Under penalties of perjury I declare that the common parent corporation named above has authorized me to sign this form on behalf year in which the 120th consecutive calendar month expires The election shall terminate automatically upon the revocation