Form AR1000S Fillable Full Year Resident Short From Income Tax Return
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(: 1) Unchecked (: 1) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (: 3) Unchecked (: 4) Unchecked (: 5) Unchecked (B) Your/JointIncome (CheckBox5) Unchecked (Clear Form of all entries) CLICK HERE TO CLEAR FORM (Code3of9BarCode1) ITS1141 (Filing Status 3 Only) (Filing Status 6 Only) (Joint) (S 1) (S 10) (S 100) (S 101) (S 102) (S 103) (S 104) (S 105) (S 106) (S 107) (S 108) (S 109) (S 11) (S 110) (S 111) (S 112) (S 113) (S 114) (S 115) (S 116) (S 117) (S 118) (S 119) (S 12) (S 120) (S 121) (S 122) (S 123) (S 124) (S 125) (S 126) (S 127) (S 128) (S 129) (S 13) (S 130) (S 131) (S 132) (S 133) (S 134) (S 135) (S 136) (S 137) (S 138) (S 139) (S 14) Unchecked (S 140) (S 141) (S 142) (S 143) (S 18) (S 2) (S 21) (S 22) Unchecked (S 23) Unchecked (S 24) Unchecked (S 25) Unchecked (S 26) Unchecked (S 27) Unchecked (S 28) Unchecked (S 29) Unchecked (S 3) Unchecked (S 30) Unchecked (S 31) Unchecked (S 32) Unchecked (S 33) (S 34) (S 35) (S 36) (S 37) (S 38) (S 39) (S 4) (S 40) (S 41) (S 42) (S 43) (S 44) (S 45) (S 46) (S 47) (S 48) (S 49) (S 5) (S 50) (S 51) (S 52) (S 53) (S 54) (S 57) (S 58) (S 59) (S 6) (S 60) (S 61) (S 62) (S 63) (S 64) (S 65) (S 66) (S 67) (S 68) (S 69) (S 7) (S 71) (S 72) (S 73) (S 74) (S 75) (S 76) (S 77) (S 78) (S 8) (S 80) (S 81) (S 82) (S 84) (S 85) (S 87) (S 9) (S 90) (S 91) (S 92) (S 93) (S 94) (S 95) (S 96) (S 97) (S 98) (S 99) (You must be using Adobe Reader ver 7 or above Otherwise print the page manually and do not use page shrinking or scaling ) Click Here to Print Document 00 Total Dividend Income: Enter here and on Line 9 00(Do not list yourself or spouse)7B Dependents 1 SINGLE (Or widowed before 2014 or divorced at end of 2014) 12 12 2 MARRIED FILING JOINT (Even if only one had income) 2014 AR1000S 26 26 3 HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD (See Instructions) 4 MARRIED FILING SEPARATELY ON THE SAME RETURN 5 IF FILING STATUS 5 USE AR1000F/AR1000NR LONG FORM 6 QUALIFYING WIDOW(ER) with dependent child 7C TOTAL PERSONAL TAX CREDITS: (Add Lines 7A and 7B Enter total here and on Line 16) 7C Address: Adjusted Total Payments (Subtract Line 24 from Line 23) Agency discuss this return AMENDED RETURNS ONLY Previous payments: (See instructions) AMENDED RETURNS ONLY Previous refund: (See instructions) AMOUNT DUE: (If Line 25 is less than Line 19 enter difference; If over $1 000 see inst ) TAX DUE Amount of Check off Contributions: (Attach Schedule AR1000 CO) AMOUNT OF OVERPAYMENT/REFUND: (If Line 25 is greater than Line 19 enter difference) AMOUNT TO BE REFUNDED TO YOU: (Subtract Line 27 from Line 26) REFUND and credit union deposits are taxable Interest on obligations Arkansas Arkansas Income Tax withheld: [Attach state copies of W 2 Form(s)] ARKANSAS INDIVIDUAL Attach Form AR1000V to your check or money order payable in US Dollars to Dept of Finance & Admin Write SSN on payment For credit card see inst CHECK BOX IF Check this box if you have filed a state Child Care Credit: (20% of federal credit allowed attach federal Form 2441) CITY STATE AND ZIP CODE City/State/Zip: complete Form ARDD and attach it to your return (Direct deposit is not available for amended returns ) corporation bonds savings and loan deposits DateOccupation Dept Use Only AMENDED RETURN DIRECT DEPOSIT? If you want your refund direct deposited you must check this box and Dividends and other distributions on stock are fully Early Childhood Program: Cert # (Attach form See inst ) edge and belief they are true correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge enter child s name here: Enter tax from table: extension or an automatic federal extension First Name Last Name Dependent s Social Security Number Dependent s relationship to you For Department Use Only Full Year Resident/Short FormJan 1 Dec 31 2014 or fiscal year ending 20 ID Number/Social Security Number If the qualifying person is your child but not your dependent If you owe an amount due from Line 29 AR1000S you have the option INCOME TAX RETURN INCOMEDEDUCTIONSTAX COMPUTATIONTAX CREDITSPAYMENTS Interest income/dividend income: (If interest or dividends are over $1 500 attach page S2) Interest on bank deposits notes mortgages from individuals J (Joint) LAST NAME PRIMARY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER List below the names of the dividend sources and designate List below the names of the interest sources and designate LOW INCOME Table REGULAR Table MAILING ADDRESS (Number and Street P O Box or Rural Route) May the Arkansas Revenue MI LAST NAME Miscellaneous income: (List type and amount See instructions) Multiply number of boxes checked from 7A NET TAX: (Subtract Line 18 from Line 15 If Line 18 is greater than Line 15 enter 0) NOTE: If you qualify for the Low Income Table enter zero (0) on Line 12 NoYes Occupation of other states and subdivisions is fully taxable of paying by credit card or call (800) 272 9829 ownership by writing Y (Yours) S (Spouse s) or ownership by writing Y (Yours) S (Spouse s) or J Page ARS1 (R 2/3/14) Page ARS2 (R 6/13/12) Paid Preparer s Signature Part 1 INTEREST INCOME Part 2 DIVIDEND INCOME PERSONAL TAX CREDITS Personal Tax Credits: (Enter total from Line 7C) Phone Number: PLEASE SIGN HERE: Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowl PLEASESIGN HERESIGN HERE PREPARER Preparer s Name: PRIMARY NAME REFUND ORTAX DUE ROUND ALL AMOUNTS TO WHOLE DOLLARS (A) Select tax table: SPOUSE 65 or OVER 65 SPECIAL BLIND DEAF SPOUSE NAME Spouse s IncomeStatus 4 Only Spouse s Signature SPOUSE S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER USE LABEL PRINTOR TYPE Standard Deduction: (See Instructions) Taxable Income: (Subtract Line 12 from Line 11) taxable There is no dividend exclusion applicable to Telephone Number: TOTAL CREDITS: (Add Lines 16 and 17) TOTAL INCOME: (Add Lines 8 through 10) Total Interest Income: Enter here and on Line 9 TOTAL PAYMENTS: (Add Lines 20 through 22) TOTAL TAX: (Add Lines 14A and 14B) Wages salaries tips etc: (Attach W 2s) with the preparer of the return? www officialpayments com X $26 =Multiply number of dependents from 7B X $26= Y S J NAME OF PAYER AMOUNT Y S J NAME OF PAYER AMOUNT Year spouse died: (See Instructions) FILING STATUSCheck only 1 box Your Signature YOURSELF 65 or OVER 65 SPECIAL BLIND DEAF HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD/ QUALIFYING WIDOW(ER)