100-W Form Fillable California Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return - Water's-Edge Filers
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(1) sole proprietorship (2) partnership (3) joint venture (4) corporation (5) other (Attach statement showing name address and FEIN/SSN/ITIN of previous (mm/dd/yyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy) (Yes requires filing of statement penalties may apply see instructions ) 1 a Gross receipts or gross sales 1 LIFO recapture due to S corporation election IRC Sec 1363(d) deferral: $ 1 00 1 Of the corporation owned by any single interest? Yes No 2 a Trade notes and accounts receivable 2 Cost of goods sold Attach federal Form 1125 A (California Schedule V) 2 00 2 During this taxable year did this corporation or any of its subsidiaries acquire control or majority ownership (more than a 50% interest) in 2 If Yes indicate: wholly within CA (R&TC 25101 15) 2 Interest computed under the look back method for completed long term contracts 2 Of another corporation owned by this corporation? Yes No 2 Short term capital gain from installment sales from form FTB 3805E line 26 or line 37 2 00 3 During this taxable year has more than 50% of the voting stock of this corporation cumulatively transferred in one or more transactions after 3 Gross profit Subtract line 2 from line 1c 3 00 3 Interest on tax attributable to installment: a Sales of certain timeshares and residential lots 3a 00 3 Inventories 3 Is there a change in the members listed in Schedule R 7 from the prior year? Yes No 3 Of this and one or more other corporations owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the same interests? Yes No 3 Unused capital loss carryover from 2013 3 00 4 Enter the number of members (including parent or key corporation) listed in the Schedule R 7 Part I Section A 4 Federal and state government obligations 4 IRC Section 197(f)(9)(B)(ii) election 4 00 4 Net short term capital gain (loss) Combine line 1 through line 3 4 00 4 Total dividends Attach federal Schedule C California Schedule H (100W) 4 00 40a Routing number 40b Type 40c Account number 5 a Interest on obligations of the United States and U S instrumentalities 5a 00 5 Credit recapture name: 5 00 5 Distributions: a Cash 5 Is form FTB 3544 and/or 3544A attached to the return? Yes No 5 Other current assets Attach schedule(s) 6 Combine line 1 through line 5 revise Side 2 line 37 or line 38 whichever applies by this amount Write 6 Enter gain from Schedule D 1 line 9 and/or any capital gain distributions 6 00 6 Gross rents 6 00 6 Loans to stockholders/officers Attach schedule 6 Other decreases (itemize) 7 Gross royalties 7 00 7 Income recorded on books this year not 7 Long term capital gain from installment sales from form FTB 3805E line 26 or line 37 7 00 7 Mortgage and real estate loans 7 Total Add line 5 and line 6 8 Balance at end of year 8 Capital gain net income Attach federal Schedule D (California Schedule D) 8 00 8 Deductions in this return not charged 8 Net long term capital gain (loss) Combine line 5 through line 7 8 00 8 Other investments Attach schedule(s) 9 a Buildings and other fixed depreciable assets 9 Enter excess of net short term capital gain (line 4) over net long term capital loss (line 8) 9 00 9 Ordinary gain (loss) Attach federal Form 4797 (California Schedule D 1) 9 00 9 Total Add line 7c and line 8d a Depreciation $ a Tax exempt interest $ b Check if estimate penalty computed using Exception B or C See instructions b Common stock b Credit name code amount 26b 00 b Dividends received deduction Attach Schedule H (100W) 11b 00 b Less accumulated amortization b Less accumulated depletion b Less accumulated depreciation b Less allowance for bad debts b Method for nondealer installment obligations 3b 00 b Net income from corporations not included in federal consolidated return See instructions 7b 00 b Other $ b Other costs Attach schedule 4b 00 b Other interest Attach schedule 5b 00 b State tax refunds $ b State taxes $ b Stock Business activity c Other $ c Property c Total Add line 7a and line 7b c Travel and Checking d Other $ d Total Add line 8a through line 8c e Total Add line 5a through line 5d Enter date (mm/dd/yyyy) If 1 2 or 3 is Yes furnish a statement of ownership indicating pertinent names addresses and percentages of stock owned If 1 or 3 is Yes enter the country of the ultimate parent If Yes enter the effective date of the election (mm/dd/yyyy): If Yes enter the total balance of all DISAs $ Product or service Refund or Amount Due Savings Schedule J to the left of line 37 or line 38 6 00 See instructions to have the refund directly deposited Telephone Where: State Country within and outside of CA (Attach form FTB 3834) 2 00 (d) less (e) (Example 100 shares of Z Co ) (itemize) (mm/dd/yyyy) 1 Balance at beginning of year 1 Cash 1 Inventory at beginning of year 1 00 1 Net income (loss) before state adjustments See instructions 1 00 1 Net income per books 10 a Depletable assets 10 Intercompany dividend deduction Attach Schedule H (100W) 10 00 10 Net capital gain Enter excess of net long term capital gain (line 8) over net short term capital loss (line 4) 10 00 10 Net income per return 10 Other income (loss) Attach schedule 10 00 11 a Foreign dividend deduction Attach Schedule H (100W) 11a 00 11 Land (net of any amortization) 11 Total income Add line 3 through line 10 11 00 11 Total lines 9 and 10 Enter here and on Form 100W Side 1 line 5 12 a Intangible assets (amortizable only) 12 Additional depreciation allowed under CA law Attach form FTB 3885 12 00 12 Compensation of officers Attach federal Form 1125 E or 13 Capital gain from federal Form 1120 line 8 13 00 13 Other assets Attach schedule(s) 13 Salaries and wages (not deducted elsewhere) 13 00 14 Contributions 14 00 14 Repairs 14 00 14 Total assets 15 Accounts payable 15 Bad debts 15 00 15 Other deductions Attach schedule(s) 15 00 16 Mortgages notes bonds payable in less than 1 year 16 Rents 16 00 16 Total Add line 10 through line 15 16 00 17 Net income (loss) after state adjustments Subtract line 16 from line 9 17 00 17 Other current liabilities Attach schedule(s) 17 Taxes (California Schedule A) See instructions 17 00 18 Interest Attach schedule 18 00 18 Loans from stockholders Attach schedule(s) 18 Net income (loss) for state purposes Complete Schedule R if apportioning or allocating income See instructions 18 00 19 Contributions Attach schedule 19 00 19 Mortgages notes bonds payable in 1 year or more 19 Net operating loss (NOL) deduction See instructions 19 00 2 Amount deducted for foreign or domestic tax based on income or profits from Schedule A 2 00 2 Federal income tax 2 Net income per books 2 Purchases 2 00 20 Depreciation Attach federal 20 Other liabilities Attach schedule(s) 20 Pierce s disease EZ LARZ TTA or LAMBRA NOL carryover deduction 20 00 21 Capital stock: a Preferred stock 21 Disaster loss carryover deduction See instructions 21 00 21 Less depreciation claimed 22 Depletion Attach schedule 22 00 22 Net income for tax purposes Combine line 19 through line 21 Then subtract from line 18 22 00 22 Paid in or capital surplus Attach reconciliation 23 Advertising 23 00 23 Retained earnings Appropriated Attach schedule 23 Tax % x line 22 (at least minimum franchise tax if applicable) See instructions 23 00 24 New employment credit amount generated 24 Pension profit sharing plans etc 24 00 24 Retained earnings Unappropriated 25 Adjustments to shareholders equity Attach schedule 25 Employee benefit plans 25 00 25 New employment credit amount claimed 25 00 26 a Total travel and entertainment 26 Less cost of treasury stock 26a Credit name code amount 26a 00 27 Other deductions Attach schedule 27 00 27 To claim more than two credits see instructions 27 00 27 Total liabilities and stockholders equity 28 Add line 25 through line 27 28 00 28 Total deductions Add line 12 through line 27 28 00 29 Balance Subtract line 28 from line 23 (at least minimum franchise tax if applicable) 29 00 29 Net income before state adjustments Subtract line 28 from line 11 Enter here and on Side 1 line 1 29 00 3 Amount deducted for tax under the provisions of the Corporation Tax Law from Schedule A 3 00 3 Cost of labor 3 00 3 Excess of capital losses over capital gains 3 Other increases (itemize) 30 Alternative minimum tax Attach Schedule P (100W) See instructions 30 00 31 Total tax Add line 29 and line 30 31 00 32 Overpayment from prior year allowed as a credit 32 00 33 2014 Estimated tax payments See instructions 33 00 34 2014 Withholding (Form 592 B and/or 593) See instructions 34 00 35 Amount paid with extension of time to file tax return 35 00 36 Total payments Add line 32 through line 35 36 00 3621143 3622143 3623143 3624143 3625143 3626143 37 Tax due If line 31 is more than line 36 subtract line 36 from line 31 Go to line 41 37 00 38 Overpayment If line 36 is more than line 31 subtract line 31 from line 36 38 00 39 Amount of line 38 to be credited to 2015 estimated tax 39 00 4 a Additional IRC Section 263A costs Attach schedule 4a 00 4 Interest on government obligations 4 00 4 Taxable income not recorded on books this year 4 Total Add line 1 through line 3 40 Refund Amount of line 38 to be refunded Line 38 less line 39 40 00 41 a Penalties and interest 41a 00 42 Total amount due Add line 37 and line 41a Pay this amount 42 00 5 Expenses recorded on books this year not deducted 5 Net California capital gain from Side 6 Schedule D line 11 5 00 5 Total Add line 1 through line 4b 5 00 6 Depreciation and amortization in excess of amount allowed under California law Attach form FTB 3885 6 00 6 Inventory at end of year 6 00 6 Total Add line 1 through line 5e 7 a Net income from included CFCs from form FTB 2416 column (i) See instructions 7a 00 7 Cost of goods sold Subtract line 6 from line 5 Enter here and on Side 4 Schedule F line 2 7 00 8 Other additions Attach schedule(s) 8 00 9 Total Add line 1 through line 8 9 00 A FINAL RETURN? Dissolved Surrendered (withdrawn) Merged/Reorganized IRC Section 338 sale QSub election AA Did the corporation file the federal Schedule UTP (Form 1120)? Yes No Additional information See instructions California Secretary of State file number against book income this year (itemize) an interest in California real property (i e land buildings) was transferred to it that was excluded from property tax reassessment under and address another legal entity that owned California real property (i e land buildings) leased such property for a term of 35 years or more or leased such Assets (a) (b) (c) (d) B 1 Is income included in a combined report of a unitary group? Yes No b Deductible amounts 26b 00 b Less returns and allowance c) Balance 1c 00 basis plus BB Does any member of the combined report own an SMLLC or generate/claim credits that are attributable to an SMLLC? Yes No business ) C This return is being filed pursuant to a water s edge election under R&TC Section 25113 CA Net Income California Corporation Franchise or Check if self Check if the LIFO inventory method was adopted this taxable year for any goods If checked attach federal Form 970 City (If the corporation has a foreign address see instructions ) State ZIP code commencing on Enter date (mm/dd/yyyy) Corporation name California corporation number FEIN Cost or other D Was the corporation s income included in a consolidated federal return? Yes No Date acquired Date sold Deductions Do the rules of IRC Section 263A (with respect to property produced or acquired for resale) apply to the corporation? Yes No E Principal business activity code (Do not leave blank): elsewhere on return 21a 21b 00 employed Enter California seller s permit number if any entertainment $ equivalent schedule 12 00 expense of sale F Date incorporated (mm/dd/yyyy): Firm s name (or yours For calendar year 2014 or fiscal year beginning and ending For Privacy Notice get FTB 1131 ENG/SP Foreign country name Foreign province/state/county Foreign postal code Form 100W C1 2014 Side 1 Form 4562 and FTB 3885 20 G Date business began in California or date income was first derived from California sources (mm/dd/yyyy) Gain (loss) Gross sales H First return? Yes No If Yes and this corporation is a successor to a previously existing business check the appropriate box I Doing business as name See instructions: If losses exceed gains carry forward losses to 2015 11 00 if self employed) If the corporation completed federal Schedule M 3 (Form 1120/1120 F) see instructions If the corporation uses California computation method to compute the net income see instructions If the LIFO inventory method was used for this taxable year enter the amount of closing inventory under LIFO If the owner(s) is an individual provide the SSN/ITIN If Yes attach an explanation If Yes complete and attach federal Form 8886 for each transaction in this return (itemize) included in this return (itemize) Income Income Tax Return Water s Edge Filers J 1 During this taxable year did another person or legal entity acquire control or majority ownership (more than a 50% interest) of this corporation K At any time during the taxable year was more than 50% of the voting stock: Kind of property and description L Has the corporation included a reportable transaction or listed transaction within this return? (See instructions for definitions) Yes No Liabilities and Stockholders Equity M Is this corporation apportioning or allocating income to California using Schedule R? Yes No May the FTB discuss this return with the preparer shown above? See instructions m Yes m No Method of inventory valuation N How many affiliates in the combined report are claiming immunity from taxation in California under Public Law 86 272? Nature of tax Nondeductible amount O Corporation headquarters are: (1) Within California (2) Outside of California within the U S (3) Outside of the U S of officer Officer s email address (optional) or any of its subsidiaries that owned California real property (i e land buildings) leased such property for a term of 35 years or more or leased P Location of principal accounting records Part I Short Term Capital Gains and Losses Assets Held One Year or Less Use additional sheet(s) if necessary Part II Long Term Capital Gains and Losses Assets Held More Than One Year Use additional sheet(s) if necessary Payments Preparer s price property from a government agency for any term? Yes No Q Accounting method: (1) Cash (2) Accrual (3) Other R Does this corporation or any of its subsidiaries have a Deferred Intercompany Stock Account (DISA)? Yes No R&TC Section 62(a)(2) and it was not reported on a previous year s tax return? Yes No S Is this corporation or any of its subsidiaries a RIC? Yes No Schedule A Taxes Deducted Use additional sheet(s) if necessary Schedule D California Capital Gains and Losses Schedule F Computation of Net Income See instructions Schedule J Add On Taxes and Recapture of Tax Credits See instructions Schedule L Balance Sheet Beginning of taxable year End of taxable year Schedule M 1 Reconciliation of Income (Loss) per Books With Income (Loss) per Return Schedule M 2 Analysis of Unappropriated Retained Earnings per Books (Side 5 Schedule L line 24) Schedule Q Questions (continued from Side 1) Schedule Q Questions (continued from Side 2) Schedule Q Questions (continued on Side 2) Schedule Q Questions (continued on Side 3) Schedule V Cost of Goods Sold Side 2 Form 100W C1 2014 Signature State Adjustments Street address (suite/room no ) PMB no subject to income or franchise tax Subtract line 7 from line 4 Subtract line 9 from line 6 such property from a government agency for any term? Yes No T Is this corporation treated as a REMIC for California purposes? Yes No TAXABLE YEAR Taxes Taxing authority The corporation may not be required to complete Schedules L M 1 and M 2 See Schedule M 1 instructions for reporting requirements Title Total amount Total Enter total of column (c) on Schedule F line 17 and total of column (d) on Side 1 line 2 or line 3 true correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge U Is this corporation a REIT for California purposes? Yes No Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return including accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is Use Only V Is this corporation an LLC or limited partnership electing to be taxed as a corporation for federal purposes? Yes No W Is this corporation to be treated as a credit union? Yes No Was there any change in determining quantities costs of valuations between opening and closing inventory? Yes No X Is the corporation under audit by the IRS or has it been audited by the IRS in a prior year? Yes No Y Have all required information returns (e g federal Forms 1099 5471 5472 8300 8865 etc ) been filed with the Franchise Tax Board? N/A Yes No Z Does the taxpayer (or any corporation of the taxpayer s combined group if applicable) own 80% or more of the stock of an insurance company? Yes No