3544-A Form Fillable List of Assigned Credit Received and/or Claimed by Assignee
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2007 as the taxable year the R&D credit was 8221143 Assigned credit amount carryover to future Assigned credit amount claimed in the Assigned credit amount received this Form 100 or Form 100W Corporation Tax Form 100S Corporation Tax Booklet Limitations imposed by California s Limitations imposed on the credit to certain Limitations on the number of years the The C corporation assigned credit These C corporation assigned credit (100W) or Schedule C (100S) should include 10 000 10 000 14 500 18 000 2014 Instructions for Form FTB 3544A 2014 taxable year 2014 taxable year and $6 000 in the 2015 taxable year Corporation B should report each assigned credit transaction received and/or claimed separately 2014 taxable year Enter the assigned credit 2014 taxable year This is the assigned 2018 taxable year unless the carryover period 3 000 3 000 3 500 3544A 5 000 5 000 5 000 5 000 6 000 8 500 9 500 9 500 a payment for the assignment of credit the A Purpose a separate form FTB 3544A for each type After assignment of an eligible credit the after January 1 2010 California law conforms allowable assigned credit carryovers may also maintain the information necessary to Also when a corporation has an ownership amount in full from either the assignor or the amount received amount received from the assignor (use the amount that the assignee received from the amounts in column (i) This is the available An assignor (Corporation A) generated an R&D credit of $20 000 in the 2007 taxable year Corporation A assigned to an assignee (Corporation B) an and are only intended to aid taxpayers in and Restrictions and Television Production Credit enter the and was carried forward to the succeeding and/or claimed annual use of credits is limited to an amount Another example is that the assignor has an any subsequent taxable year subject to applicable form FTB 3544 column (g)) apply to the assignee The assignee must as follows: assigned credit assigned credit Assigned credit Assigned credit Assigned credit Assigned credit assigned credit amount claimed Assigned credit available Assigned credit carryover from Assigned credit claimed in Assigned Credit Information Assigned Credit Information File form FTB 3544A when credit is received or claimed Attach additional form(s) FTB 3544A if necessary Assigned credit name: Credit code: assigned credit received and/or claimed the Assigned credit received in assigned credit that the assignee can claim this assigned credits against tax for the taxable assigned credits may be carried forward assigned is the California Motion Picture assigned under R&TC Section 23663 The Assignee California corporation number or FEIN assignee is treated as if it originally generated assignee may claim all or a portion of the Assignee name assignee nor income to the assignor assignee received the assigned credit from the assignee should complete a separate form assignee the assigned credit amount cannot assignment of credit by an eligible assignee assignor Assignor California corporation assignor during this taxable year (2014 form Assignor name assignor originally generated the credit (form assignor to assign an eligible credit to the assignor will also apply to the eligible assignee Attach to Form 100 Form 100S or Form 100W attributable to that enterprise zone For zone attributable to the Fresno enterprise zone available B Disclosure of Limitations be reassigned to another assignee be used to offset the 1 5% tax on net Booklets specific line instructions for tax booklets Taxpayers should not consider the both: (1) the total assigned credit claimed Business Entity tax booklets California Corporation Franchise or Income Tax California Film Commission (CFC) certificate CALIFORNIA FORM California Schedule CA (540 or 540NR) and the carryover amount from prior years carryover from carryover rules Carryover to Carryover to future years carryovers are reduced to 1/3 when carryovers may not be passed through to Certificate Certificate Number change as defined in IRC Section 382 tax changes made at the federal level For more changes we do not always adopt all of the claim 1/3 of the assigned credit as follows: claim in the current taxable year refer to the claimed in 2014 claimed in 2015 claimed on the Form 100 Form 100S claimed that was generated by the assignee Code (R&TC) Section 23663 allows the code in the space provided For each type of Column (a) Assignor name Enter the name Column (b) Assignor California corporation Column (c) Taxable year assigned credit Column (d) Taxable year assigned credit Column (e) Certificate Number If the credit Column (f) Initial assigned credit amount Column (g) Assigned credit received in column (g) plus column (g) plus column (h) column (h) Column (h) Assigned credit carryover Column (i) Assigned credit available Add column (i) minus column (i) minus column (j) column (j) Column (j) Assigned credit claimed in Column (k) Carryover to future years Combined Reporting Group column (d)) computer generated substitute versions of conformity Additional information can be found corporation number or FEIN of the corporation credit amount credit amount that the assignee claimed in credit of $1 000 during the 2007 taxable year credit to Corporation F (another unitary credit was received credits credits assigned the assignee must have a tax credits may be subject to limitations imposed current taxable year determined under IRC Section 383 differences between California and federal law Disclosure of Limitations and Restrictions for each assigned credit transaction received each be liable for the full amount of any eligible assignee eligible assignee For taxable years beginning Enter 0 in this column Enter the assigned credit name and credit Enter the result in column (i) Also total the enterprise zone of the assignor the assignee Environmental Tax Credit generated during EXAMPLE How to report the assigned credit received and/or claimed expires by the end of the current taxable year following: for credit assignment For example the amount of EZ credit allowable For example the assignor (Corporation A) For general information regarding the For taxable years beginning on or after for use is limited to the tax on income Form 100 or Form 100W Side 1 Schedule Q Form 100S Corporation Tax Booklet for more Form 100W California Corporation Franchise or Form 100W Schedule P (100) Schedule P form FTB 3544A will not be accepted form(s) FTB 3544A if necessary Schedules forms are a summary of California tax law Franchise or Income Tax Return; or Franchise Tax Board (FTB) may collect such from an assignor and then converted to an from any disallowance of any eligible credit from column (j) and (2) the amount of credit from prior years Enter the assigned credit FTB 3544 column (g)) FTB 3544 Election to Assign Credit Within FTB 3544A FTB 3544A completing all of the requested FTB 3544A Instructions 2014 Page 1 FTB 3544A When completing the form list future years General Information General Information BB Tax Credits and generated generated a Research and Development (R&D) generated the assigned credit Any credit greatest number of taxpayers in the limited how to report the assigned credit received If a C corporation received an assigned credit Important Information In addition the assignee must maintain the in FTB Pub 1001 Supplemental Guidelines In general for taxable years beginning on or include information that is most useful to the income in accordance with the respective Income Tax Return Water s Edge Filers incorporation of IRC Section 383 information information go to ftb ca gov and search for information necessary to substantiate any information whenever the assignee receives Initial assigned Initial assigned credit is being received and/or claimed complete is extended by law January 1 2009 However there are continuing July 1 2008 California Revenue and Taxation liability on the income attributable to the same limitations For more information see R&TC limitations including any carryover limitations limitations may include but are not limited to: limitations or restrictions that applied to the limitations See General Information B List of Assigned Credit Received and/or Claimed by Assignee member of the combined reporting group) in more information must have a tax liability on the income nature of any assigned credit limitations to no carryover of assigned credit is allowed Note: The total amount of specific credit Number number or FEIN number or FEIN Enter the California number used to claim the credit of assigned credit and attach it to Form 100 of Limitations and Restrictions for more of the corporation that assigned the credit of the former California Enterprise Zones on or after January 1 2010 the eligible Once a credit amount is assigned to an or claims an assigned credit Attach additional or substitute forms other than FTB approved originally generated the credit) will also Page 2 FTB 3544A Instructions 2014 payment is not a deductible expense for the preparing their state income tax returns We prior years prior years Question B5; or Form 100S Side 3 R&D credit of $10 000 in the 2010 taxable year and $3 000 in the 2014 taxable year Also Corporation A generated an R&D credit of $8 000 in the 2014 received Received and /or Claimed by Assignee to received Enter the initial assigned credit received in 2014 received in 2015 References in these instructions are to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) as of January 1 2009 and to the California remaining 2/3 are disregarded The report the following: requirements of the California R&TC in the tax return make sure to check the Yes box on Return; Form 100S California S Corporation Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) S corporation the S corporation is entitled to Schedule Q Question S Section 23663 or go to ftb ca gov and search See General Information B Disclosure separately See example on the next page for space available It is not possible to include all Specific Instructions specific line instructions for tax credits substantiate any assigned credit amount Subtract column (j) from column (i) and enter tax addition to tax or penalty that results tax booklets as authoritative law taxable year taxable year TAXABLE YEAR TAXABLE YEAR Taxable year Taxable year taxable year and assigned $5 000 to Corporation B in the same taxable year Assuming Corporation B can only claim the assigned credit of $3 500 in the taxable year and/or carryover from prior Taxable year assigned Taxable year assigned credit taxable years that applied to the assignor (entity that that assigned the credit the 2007 taxable year The credit has not been the 2014 taxable year Corporation F will enter the 2014 taxable year The credit will expire in the 2018 taxable year based on the date that the amounts on column (g) and column (h) the assigned credit All restrictions and The assignee is required to file form The assignor and the eligible assignee shall the assignor originally generated the credit The assignor shall disclose the existence and The credit was not claimed by Corporation A The credit will expire for the assignee in the the current taxable year after specific credit the eligible assignee and to the FTB Such The eligible assignee is treated as if it originally The instructions provided with California tax the original credit was generated in the Fresno the result in column (k) If the assigned credit the shareholders There is no requirement of payment for to an assignor If the eligible assignee makes to California Adjustments the instructions for To figure the amount of assigned credit to to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) as of TOTAL TOTAL total assigned credit carryover to future years Total the amounts in column (j) Total the amounts in column (k) This is the transferred to the S corporation The treatment of S corporations tax credits get types of income such as income from one under IRC Section 383 In such situations the Use form FTB 3544A List of Assigned Credit used and was carried forward and assigned in was generated was generated was generated Enter the taxable year that the was received was received Enter the taxable year that the When attaching form FTB 3544A to the tax When California conforms to federal tax law When more than one type of assigned credit year in which the assignment occurs or years Corporation A assigned the available zone that the original credit was generated If