3808 Form Fillable Manufacturing Enhancement Area Credit Summary
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

1 Trade or business income Individuals: Enter the amount from Worksheet II Section B line 14 column (c) on 2 Corporations: Enter the average apportionment percentage from Worksheet II Section A line 4 See instructions 2 3 Multiply line 1 by line 2 3 4 a Compute the amount of tax due using the amount on line 3 5 Enter the smaller of line 4a or line 4b This is the limitation based on the MEA income Go to Part II Part III b Enter the amount of tax from Form 540 line 35; Long Form 540NR line 42; Exempt organization Limited liability company Limited liability partnership Individual Estate Trust C corporation S corporation Partnership 1 Hiring credit from Schedule Z line 6A column (g) or line 7 column (f) 1 2 Recapture of hiring credit from Worksheet I Section B line 2 column (b) 2 3 Enter the average apportionment percentage of your business that is in the MEA from Worksheet II Section A 6 Hiring credit 7 Hiring credit 7571143 7572143 8 Hiring credit A Check the appropriate box for your entity type: amount amount assigned from Attach to your California tax return B Enter the name of the Manufacturing Enhancement Area (MEA) business: based on C Enter the address (actual location) where the MEA business is conducted: CALIFORNIA FORM California Secretary of State (SOS) file number Can never be carryover carryover col (b) col (c) minus col (d) col (c) plus col (d) col (e) minus col (f) col (g) Credit Credit Credit Credit Summary Credit used Credit used on D Enter the name of the MEA in which the business and/or investment activity is located E Enter the six digit Principal Business Activity Code of the MEA Business F Total number of employees in the MEA For Privacy Notice get FTB 1131 ENG/SP Form 109 line 10 Corporations and S corporations see instructions 4b Form 541 line 21; Form 100 line 23; Form 100W line 23; Form 100S line 21; or form FTB 3544 from form FTB 3544 FTB 3808 2014 Side 1 G Number of employees included in the computation of the hiring credit if claimed greater than col (e) H Gross annual receipts of the business I Total asset value of the business income Limitation line 4 If your operation is entirely within one MEA the average apportionment percentage is 100% (1 00) 3 Manufacturing Enhancement Area MEA business minus col (d) multiplied by 1/3 Name(s) as shown on return or col (f) or Part IV See instructions 5 Part I Computation of Credit Limitations See instructions Part I Hiring Credit and Recapture (Complete Schedule Z on Side 2 before you complete this part ) Part II Limitation of Credits for Corporations Individuals Estates and Trusts See instructions Part II Portion of Business Attributable to the Manufacturing Enhancement Area See Instructions Part III Limitation of Credits for S Corporations Only See instructions Part IV Limitation of Credits for Corporations and S Corporations Subject to Paying Only the Minimum Franchise Tax See instructions plus col (c) prior year Qualified taxpayer s SIC code See instructions Refer to page 3 for information on how to claim the credit S corporation S corporation credit Sch P Schedule Z Computation of Credit Limitations Manufacturing Enhancement Area See instructions 4a Side 2 FTB 3808 2014 SSN or ITIN or California corporation number sum of col (b) sum of col (b) plus TAXABLE YEAR the taxpayer s business income apportioned to California (see form FTB 3808 Part II instructions) 1 this line and on line 3 (skip line 2) See instructions Corporations which file a combined report enter this year by Total Total credit Total credit Total credit assigned Total credit carryover Total prior year carryover