737 Worksheet Form Fillable California Registered Domestic Partners Adjustments Worksheet — Recalculated Federal Adjusted Gross Income
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(a) TP1 (a) TP1 (a) TP2 (b) (a) TP2 (b) 7 Wages salaries tips etc 7 8 Taxable interest (b) TP1 9 Ordinary dividends (b) TP1 Note: Apply the 7 5% limitation rule to your federal adjusted gross income to arrive at the amount for line 4 Apply the 2% limitation rule to your adjusted gross (b) TP2 (a) (taxable amounts from (using the same rules 10 Taxable refunds credits offsets of state and 11 Alimony received 11 12 Business income or (loss) 12 13 Capital gain or (loss) 13 14 Other gains or (losses) 14 15 IRA distributions 16 Pensions and annuities 17 Rental real estate royalties partnerships S corporations 18 Farm income or (loss) 18 19 Unemployment compensation 19 20 Social security benefits 21 Other income 21 22 Total Combine line 7 through line 21 in column D 23 Educator expenses 23 24 Certain business expenses of reservists performing 25 Health savings account deduction 25 26 Moving expenses 26 27 Deductible part of self employment tax 27 28 Self employed SEP SIMPLE and qualified plans 28 29 Self employed health insurance deduction 29 30 Penalty on early withdrawal of savings 30 31 Alimony paid 31 32 IRA deduction 32 33 Student loan interest deduction 33 34 Tuition and fees 34 35 Domestic production activities deduction 35 36 Add line 23 through line 35 in column D 36 37 Total Subtract line 36 from line 22 in column D Enter the amount 38 Federal itemized deductions Add the amounts on each taxpayer s federal Schedule A (Form 1040) 8111143 Adjusted Federal Amounts Adjustments applicable to spouses) artists and fee basis government officials 24 California RDP Adjustments Worksheet Go to Section B 22 here and on Form 540 or 540NR (Long and Short) line 13 37 income lines 4 9 15 19 20 27 and 28 Enter the amount here and on line 38 Schedule CA (540) 38 local income taxes 10 Name(s) as shown on return Part I Income Adjustment Worksheet Part II Adjustments to Federal Itemized Deductions Recalculated Federal Adjusted Gross Income Section A Income Section B Adjustments to Income SSN or ITIN subject to an overall limitation rule Get federal Publication 17 Your Federal Income Tax Part Five Standard Deduction and Itemized Deductions TAXABLE YEAR Taxpayer One Taxpayer Two to arrive at the amount for line 27 There are other itemized deductions that are also subject to the 2% limitation rule and some itemized deductions are trusts etc 17 your original federal return)