Form DR-225 Fillable Documentary Stamp Tax Return for Registered Taxpayers' Unrecorded Documents R.01/10
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5050 W Tennessee St Certain renewal notes Check here and complete the Change of Information form above Check here if you are discontinuing your business and this is your final Florida Department of Revenue For Registered Taxpayers If you sell your business or ownership changes check here and complete Notes and other written obligations to pay Retail installment sale contracts Tallahassee FL 32399 0170 Title loans Unrecorded Documents **Detach coupon and return with payment ** **Detach coupon and return with payment** 1 Documentary 2 5 0 0 2 Surtax Due 20th You must file a tax return for each collection period even if no tax is due 3 Penalty 4 Interest 5 Amount Due With 50 percent of the tax due The minimum penalty for a late filed tax 5050 W TENNESSEE ST 850 922 1115 9100 0 99999999 0019025031 1 9999999999 0000 0 a final return all of your numbers together Do not use a comma period or dash ( or ) and enter the total Pay this amount with your return Make your check and other written obligations to $2 450 However there is no limit on the tax due and phone number and write one number per box Write within the boxes appropriate penalty rate; write this amount on Line 3 Are you a corporation/partnership required to file corporate income tax returns? Yes No as described below and is registered with the Department of Revenue must at $ 70 per $100 or portion thereof of the consideration paid or to be paid For at www myflorida com/dor Be sure to sign and date reverse side Bonds: Tax is calculated at $ 35 per $100 or portion thereof Tax is due on the Business Partner #: Business Partner Number by the 20th day of the month following each collection period If the 20th falls on a Certificate #: Certificate Number Collection Period Change of Information Change of Ownership? Check here if payment was made electronically City: County: State: ZIP: City: State: ZIP: Collection Period: Contract Object #: delivered in Florida Examples include: Department s Internet site to enroll or get information about electronic Do Not Write in the Space Below documentary stamp tax collected Documentary Stamp Tax Return Documentary Stamp Tax Return For Registered Taxpayers Unrecorded Documents DOR USE ONLY DR 225 DR 225 due The floating rate of interest is calculated based on a formula in e Services program information each month (or fraction of a month) the payment is late not to exceed Effective 01/10 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Florida law requires certain electronically transmitted your payment FEIN: Final Return? Florida Administrative Code Florida Department of Revenue Florida law provides a floating rate of interest for late payments of taxes for a mortgage or other lien filed or recorded in Florida Tax is due on documents Friday 8 a m to 7 p m ET at 800 352 3671 Persons with hearing Hand Printed: If hand printing this document print your numbers as shown Has Your Address or Business Information Changed? Indicate cents with two numbers Instructions for Completing a Machine Readable Form Instructions for Filing Documentary Stamp Tax Return Instruments Transferring Interest in Florida Real Property: For real property Late After: Line 1 Documentary Stamp Tax Due Enter the total amount of Line 2 Surtax Due Enter the total amount of surtax collected Line 3 Penalty The penalty for a late tax payment is 10 percent for Line 4 Interest Interest is due from the date tax is due until it is paid Line 5 Amount Due with Return Add the amounts on Lines 1 4 Location Address Location Address: Machine reads a $25 00 payment Machine Typed: If typing this document type through the boxes and type Mail to: Mail your return and payment to: Mailing Address of New Owner: Name and address if not preprinted: Name of New Owner: Telephone Number of New Owner: ( ) New Address: Notes and Other Written Obligations to Pay Money: Tax is calculated at $ 35 Number of each year To obtain interest rates go to the Department s Internet site on line or complete and mail a new Application to Collect and/or Report Tax in Florida (Form DR 1) or hand delivered to the Department on the first day of business following the or portion thereof of the consideration paid or to be paid where the property or speech impairments may call our TDD line at 800 367 8331 or original issuance of bonds in Florida based on the face value of the bond payable to the Florida Department of Revenue Check the box if you payment and filing requirements and procedures per $100 or portion thereof Florida law limits the maximum tax due on notes postmark or hand delivery date R 01/10 R 01/10 real property situated in Miami Dade County tax is calculated at $ 60 per $100 report documentary stamp tax collected on unrecorded documents Resources: Visit the Department s Internet site at Return return Closing date: / / Return due date: A return must be filed even if no tax is due or EFT payment sent return is $10 Add lines 1 and 2 and multiply the resulting sum by the return must sign and date the return and also include a current job title Rule 12B 4 003 Saturday Sunday or state or federal holiday your tax return must be postmarked section 213 235 Florida Statutes and is updated on January 1 and July 1 Sign and Date the Return The person authorized to file the DR 225 Signature of Authorized Taxpayer Title ( ) Phone Number Date Signature of Taxpayer (Required): Date: Telephone Number: ( ) situated in any county in Florida except Miami Dade County tax is calculated Stamp Tax Due TALLAHASSEE FL 32399 0170 Tax Certificate taxpayers to pay taxes and file tax returns electronically Go to the Taxpayers who make payments electronically can go to that contain a promise to pay a sum certain in money and are executed or The business address has changed The business was closed permanently on (The Department will cancel your documentary stamp tax certificate number as of this date ) The business was sold on The new owner information is: the Change of Information form above You will also need to file The legal entity changed on If you change your legal entity and are continuing to do business in Florida you must register transferred is a single family residence; and at $ 60 plus $ 45 surtax per $100 transferred is other than a single family residence Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this tax return and the facts stated in it are true Use black ink Do not make any stray marks in boxed field areas When are tax returns and payments due? Tax returns and payments are due Who must file a tax return? Every person who executes or issues instruments www myflorida com/dor or call Taxpayer Services Monday through www myflorida com/dor to find payment due date calendars and other