Form IT-552 Fillable An application for a tentative carry-back adjustment may be filed on this form by any corporation.
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1400N(o) A net capital An application for a tentative ATTACH THIS FORM TO FACE OF LOSS YEAR RETURN WHEN PRACTICABLEI If the Commissioner The net operating loss to be carried back is the This form must be filed with To arrive at t he Within a period of 90 days (a) Return as filed or (b) Liability after (c) Return as filed or (d) Liability after (e) Return as filed or (f) Liability after 1 877 423 6711 1 Taxable income before deducting line 2 1986 as it existed on January 1 2014 Generally the 2 (a) NOL Deduction and/or (b) Net Cap 3 Line 1 less line 2 381 382 and 384 generally also apply for Georgia purposes 4 Tax on line 3 5 Less GA BEST Credits 5 year carry back of certain disaster losses I R C 5 year carry back of NOLs attributable to Gulf Opportunity 5 year carry back of NOLs incurred in the Kansas disaster 560 7 3 06 The provisions of IRC Sections 108 6 Balance (line 5 from line 4) 7 Less line 6 (b) (d) (f) 8 Decrease in tax (line 7 from line 6) A decrease of tax determined for a prior year tax will first A Enter the taxable year of Net Operating Loss and/or Net Capital Loss Net Operating Loss $ Adjustment Allowance and forward in the procedural sequence of taxable periods and statements) has been examined by me and is to the best of my knowledge and belief a true correct and complete application made in good faith pursuant to the Georgia Public Revenue Code and Application application and disallow without further action any application application of carry back application of carry back APPROVED BY DATE PAID area after May 3 2007 I R C Section 1400N(k) assess the amount of the excess as a deficiency as if it assessed (or collected without assessment) as deficiencies Assessment Atlanta Georgia 30374 0397 ATTACH THIS FORM TO FACE OF attached attributable to the carry back with respect to which B Was a GA consolidated return filed for the year specified in item A? [ ]Yes [ ]No (attach Schedule D) balance will be refunded to taxpayer without interest be credited against any unpaid tax and any remaining by carry back of a net operating loss or a net capital loss C Explain all changes of corporate title if any made during the three years immediately preceding loss year Capital Carry Back carry back adjustment may be filed on this form by any carry back period is 2 years (with special rules for farmers casualty losses) as provided under the old Federal law An CESSING OF YOUR REFUND FORM ATTACHED TO CITY STATE ZIP CODE Computation COMPUTATION OF containing errors of computation not correctable CORPORATION APPLICATION FOR TENTATIVE CARRY BACK ADJUSTMENT corporation which desires a quick refund of taxes afforded D UNPAID TAXES: Show amounts unpaid including taxes and additional tax due because of notice from this department for all taxable years DATE RECEIVED de c reas e in t a x pr evio us ly de t ermine d recompute DECREASE IN TAX Deduction deduction see item D did not adopt the five year carry back and continued to use E If there has been a change in your accounting period give the date permission to change was given election made with the Internal Revenue Service to relinquish Erroneous etc ) However Georgia does not follow the following exceptions F If this is an application of a dissolved corporation give date of dissolution FACE OF LOSS YEAR RETURN FURTHER REDUCES face of the return FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NO FOR DEPARTMENT USE ONLY federal provisions: fifth tax year before the year of the loss I R C Section Filing FIRST PRECEDING TAXABLE FOR DEPARTMENT USE ONLY For tax years beginning before January 1 2005 Georgia for tentative carry back adjustment is filed the Commissioner from the last day of the month in which an application from the net loss carry back deductions Items must be G If you have filed an amended return or had an audit please attach a copy gain) Generally a net operating loss (NOL) must be carried back Georgia Department of Revenue Georgia taxable income (carried back to 100% of net capital Georgia taxable income (loss) modified by any adjustments H Are you a financial institution required to file Form 900 with Georgia? In general the tax previously determined will be the tax is disallowed in whole or in part no suit based there on IT 552 ( Rev 9/14) Liability liability as last determined liability as last determined loss carry back is available under the general rules and Loss Deduction resulting from carry back LOSS YEAR RETURN WHEN PRACTICABLE MAIL TO: GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE may be maintained in court for the recovery of the tax not constitute a claim for credit or refund If the application NUMBER AND STREET TELEPHONE NO of 1986 in the event the carry back deduction adjusts the of Revenue shall make a limited examination of the only is a binding election with Georgia Operating or in amount which were abated credited refunded or otherwise repaid prior to the date of filing this application Page 1 Place PO Box 740397 President or Other Principal Officer (Title) (Date) Print Clear Processing Center PROCESSING TIME ON REFUNDS provided by Section 172 of the Internal Revenue Code of Provision for net operating loss carry back is made in Regulation Recomputation refund on an amended Form 600 at any time before refunded by an application is in excess of the amount properly regulations of Section 1212 of the Internal Revenue Code reported in the return or were reflected in amounts required by the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 If adjustments SECOND PRECEDING TAXABLE Section 172 a separate schedule of explanation must be Sections 172(b)(1)(J) and 172(j) see Regulation 560 7 3 06 for exceptions and more information should determine that the amount credited or shown on the return as filed with the p ossible Special carry back rules enacted in 2009 Special rules relating to Gulf Opportunity Zone public such tax after taking the carry back into account For carryback taken into account only to the extent that they were TAXABLE YEAR AMOUNT ASSESSED AMOUNT PAID UNPAID TAX UNPAID INTEREST The corporation may however file a regular claim for The election to deduct public utility property losses attributable the entire carry back period and carry a loss forward the expiration of the applicable period of limitation The quick refund is limited to the tax decrease which results the regulations issued thereunder It is understood that this is a tentative carry back adjustment subject to later detailed audit and does not constitute a claim for credit or refund the two year carry back (with special rules for farmers and the undersigned president or other principal officer of the corporation for which this application is made declare under the penalties of perjury that this application (including any accompanying schedules THIRD PRECEDING TAXABLE This application for tentative carry back adjustment does to May 4 2007 Kansas storms and tornadoes in the to the Georgia taxable income (loss) are required by UNDER SECTION 48 7 21 OF THE GEORGIA PUBLIC REVENUE CODE USE OF THIS FORM WILL FACILITATE THE PRO utility casualty losses I R C Section 1400N(j) was credited or refunded the Commissioner may were due to a mathematical error appearing on the within such 90 day period or having material omissions within the aforesaid 90 day period YEAR ENDED YEAR ENDED Year Ended Net Capital Loss $ Zone losses I R C Section 1400N(k)