Form 500D Fillable Declaration of Estimated Corporation Income Tax
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Trading As (T/A) name if applicable (Sticky Note comment cbutler (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (Write Federal Employer Identification Number on check using blue or black ink ) 1 Taxable income expected for the tax year or period BEGINNING in 2015 1) Electronic Funds Transfer Taxpayers must register 110 Carroll Street 110% of the tax that was developed for the prior tax year 2 Estimated income tax due for the year (8 25% of line 1 reduced by any tax credits) 2) Filing Electronically using Modernized Electronic 2015 ENDING 25% of the amended estimated tax due for the year 3 Estimated tax due per quarter (line 2 divided by four) 3) Mailing Instructions Mail payment and completed 500D INSTRUCTIONS 500D the corporation may par tially or fully apply any 510 or to remit employer withholding tax 9/29/2011 11:06:02 AM Affiliated corporations that file a consolidated federal return amount of estimated tax required using the estimated tax and ending dates DO NOT SEND CASH Annapolis Maryland 21411 0001 Annapolis MD 21411 0001 annualization method for calculating estimated tax is not applied for do so immediately before using this method To obtain a registration CHECK HERE City or town COM/RAD 002 Comptroller of Maryland Consolidated returns are not allowed under Maryland law Cor poration Inc ome Tax Retur n to the e stimated t ax corporation Corporations expected to be subject to estimated tax dates is the total estimated tax required divided by the declare and remit estimated income tax develop e d for the pr ior year to avoid inte r e s t and/or developed for the current year or 110% of the tax that was do not mail Form 500D; retain for company s records electronically do not mail Form 500D; retain it Enter the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) If Enter the name exac tly as specif ied in the Ar ticles of ESTIMATED INCOME TAX estimated income tax payments The total estimated tax ESTIMATED TAX PAID FOR 2015 WITH THIS DECLARATION $ ESTIMATED TAX WORKSHEET excess of $1 000 for the tax year or period must make expects its Maryland taxable income to develop a tax in Federal Employer Identification Number (9 digits) Filing method (software provider must be approved by followed by the date of application If a FEIN has not been For Office Use Only FORM 2015 Form 500D to: form visit www marylandtaxes com or call 410 2607980 General Requirements Every corporation that reasonably If it is necessary to amend the estimate recalculate the If payment is made by electronic funds transfer IMPORTANT: Review the instructions before completing this form If you are using this form to make subsequent estimated imposition of penalty for failure to pay any tax when due in s t all m e n t t o r e f l e c t any p r ev iou s un d e r p ay me nt or In the case of a short tax period the total estimated tax Incor p oration or as amende d and c ontinue with any INSTALLMENTS FOR THE CURRENT TAX YEAR SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION made payable to Comptroller of Maryland All payments Make checks payable to and mail to: Mar yland law provides for the accrual of interest and Marked set by cbutler) MARYLAND CORPORATION DECLARATION MARYLAND CORPORATION DECLARATION OF marylandtaxes com and download another Form ME YE EC EC methods: must be used for Form 500D must file separate Maryland declarations for each member must indicate the FEIN type of tax and tax year beginning Name Address and Other Information Type or print NOTE: Do not use this form to remit estimated tax for Form Number and street number of installment due dates occurring during the short obligation for this year OF ESTIMATED INCOME TAX of less than 4 months it does not have to pay estimated of the tax developed for the current (short) tax year or of the tax year in the space provided of the tax year or period In addition to payments with Form OR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING overpayment from the prior year Form 500 Mar yland overpayment The remaining installments must be at least paid in the space provided Include a check or money order Payment Instructions Enter the amount of estimated tax payment required is the same as for a regular tax year: 90% payments for the year must be at least 90% of the tax payments you do not need to complete this worksheet if you previously have calculated the amounts you need to pay for each penalty At least 25% of the total estimated tax must be permitted for corporations Print Purpose of Form Form 500D is used by a corporation to quarter r e mi t t e d by e a c h o f t h e in s t a llm e nt du e dat e s T h e requirements should use Form 500D to remit any payment Revenue Administration Division STAPLE State tax nor file Form 500D tax year However if the corporation has a short tax period Tax Year or Period Enter the beginning and ending dates Taxpayers making payments of $10 000 or more must the 4th 6th 9th and 12th months following the beginning the FEIN has not been secured enter APPL IED FOR the IRS and Revenue Administration Division) If filed The minimum estimated tax for each of the installment due the required information in the designated area The same tax year or period used for the federal return to make additional payments for the current tax year use one of these two electronic methods If you need USE THIS FORM TO REMIT ANY PAYMENT DUE AT THIS TIME IF FORMS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE ADDITIONAL Using Blue or Black Ink w o r k s he e t pr ov i d e d A dju s t t he am o u nt of t h e ne x t When to File File Form 500D on or before the 15th day of with company s records you may file electronically or you can go to www You may pay your estimated tax using one of the following ZIP code