2014 ME - Maine Tax Forms

Form Cert-PropLiabilityCertificate of Discharge of Personal Representative Liability10/03/2014
Form Cert-PropLienCertificate of discharge of estate tax lien on tangible personal property12/29/2011
Form Cert-TaxLienCertificate of discharge of estate tax lien09/12/2013
Form 1040EXT-MEExtension payment voucher12/08/2014
Form 1040MEIndividual Return10/06/2014
Form 1040ME-PVPayment voucher for electronically filed returns04/18/2014
Form 1041ME Schd AAdjustments to tax01/05/2015
Form 1041ME Schd NRNonresident apportionment10/30/2014
Form 1041MEFiduciary Income Tax Return for resident and nonresident estates and trusts01/05/2015
Form 1041ME-EXTExtension Payment Voucher08/19/2014
Form 1041ME-PVPayment voucher for electronically filed returns08/19/2014
Form 1120B-ES-MEVouchers for estimated tax payments07/30/2013
Form 1120B-EXT-MEExtension Payment Voucher08/04/2014
Form 1120ES-MEVouchers for estimated tax payments07/30/2013
Form 1120EXT-MEExtension payment voucher08/04/2014
Form 1120MECorporate income tax form01/05/2015
Form 1120X-MEAmended income tax return01/05/2015
Form 2210MEUnderpayment of estimated tax09/30/2014
Form 2220MEUnderpayment of estimated tax09/22/2014
Form 700-SOVEstate tax statement of value for lien discharge10/17/2013
Form 706ME Wkst DCredit for Estate Tax paid to Other Jurisdictions By Resident Estates09/10/2014
Form 706MEMaine Estate Tax Return09/12/2014
Form CRCombined return for members of an affiliated group09/22/2014
Schedule 1Income modifications / pension income deduction worksheet - rev. Jan. 5, 201501/05/2015
Schedule 2Itemized deductions09/23/2014
Schedule AAdjustments to tax/child care credit worksheet - revised January 5, 201501/05/2015
Schedule CPVoluntary contributions and park pass purchases09/23/2014
Schedule NRApportionment for nonresidents and part-year residents12/08/2014
Schedule NRHApportionment for married person electing to file single09/30/2014
Schedule PTFCProperty tax fairness credit10/08/2014
Wkst 1041MEMinimum Tax Credit Worksheet12/08/2014
Wkst 1120W-MEWorksheet for calculating estimated tax payments10/18/2013
Wkst A-BA and B residency information and income allocation for nonresidents and part-year residents12/08/2014
Wkst CEmployee apportionment09/30/2014
Wkst-2210MEAnnualized Income Installment Worksheet for Form 2210ME09/30/2014
Wkst-2220MEAnnualized income installment worksheet for form 2220ME09/22/2014
Wkst-AdditionsFor other income modifications - Additions11/20/2014
Wkst-MinTaxMinimum tax credit worksheet09/23/2014
Wkst-OtherFor other tax credits11/20/2014
Wkst-Schd AFor credit for taxes paid to other jurisdictions11/20/2014
Wkst-Schd BMinimum Tax Worksheet for Schedule B01/06/2015
Wkst-SubtractionsFor other income modifications - Subtractions11/20/2014