2014 MN - Minnesota Tax Forms

Form A(EW1)Pounds of Video Display Devices Sold to Households07/28/2014
Form AFFAffiliations for Combined Returns09/22/2014
Form AMTIAlternative Minimum Tax Calculation of Income10/20/2014
Form AMTTAlternative Minimum Tax Calculation of Tax09/22/2014
Form AWCAlternative Withholding Certificate (for individual nonresident partners and shareholders; not for wage withholding) (Revised 7/14)12/23/2014
Form B(EW1)CED Pounds from 11-County Metropolitan Area07/28/2014
Form BANKBank Authorization for Direct Debit (Revised 9/10)12/13/2010
Form C(EW1)Carryover Schedule07/28/2014
Form CRPCertificate of Rent Paid (for landlord use only)11/13/2014
Form DIVDeduction for Dividends Received09/22/2014
Form ESTAdditional Charge for Underpayment of Estimated Tax12/23/2014
Form ETPEmployer Transit Pass Credit12/23/2014
Form EW1E-waste Registration Fee07/28/2014
Form IG255Nonadmitted Insurance Premium Tax Return for Direct Procured Insurance12/15/2014
Form IG2572013-Firefighter Relief Surcharge Return11/25/2013
Form IG257-20152014-2015 Firefighter Relief Surcharge Return12/04/2014
Form IG258Police Premium Report10/10/2014
Form IG259Firetown Premium Report10/10/2014
Form IG260Nonadmitted Insurance Premium Tax Return for Surplus Lines Brokers11/25/2013
Form IG261Fire Safety Surcharge Return11/25/2013
Form IG261-20152015 Fire Safety Surcharge Return12/04/2014
Form IG262Fire Safety Surcharge Return for Mutual Companies11/25/2013
Form IG262-20152015 Fire Safety Surcharge Return for Mutual Companies12/04/2014
Form IG263Joint Self-Insurance Tax Return12/04/2014
Form JOBZJOBZ Tax Benefits12/23/2014
Form JOBZ1Certi?cation of Job Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) Compliance with Business Subsidy Agreement (BSA)12/23/2014
Form KFBeneficiary's Share of Minnesota Taxable Income12/02/2014
Form KPCPartner's Share of Income, Credits and Modifications10/31/2014
Form KPIPartner's Share of Income, Credits and Modifications12/22/2014
Form KSShareholder's Share of Income, Credits and Modifications12/23/2014
Form M1Individual Income Tax (onscreen version)12/02/2014
Form M100Request for Copy of Tax Return (Revised 12/07)10/17/2011
Form M11Insurance Premium Tax for Property and Casualty Companies10/10/2014
Form M11ARFire Insurance Tax (Retaliatory Schedule)10/13/2014
Form M11BInsurance Fees Schedule10/10/2014
Form M11HInsurance Premium Tax Return for HMOs12/05/2014
Form M11LInsurance Premium Tax Return for Life and Health Companies11/14/2014
Form M11TInsurance Premium Tax Return and Firetown Report for Township Mututal12/04/2014
Form M15Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax12/23/2014
Form M15CAdditional Charge for Underpayment of Estimated Tax09/22/2014
Form M15NPAdditional Charge for Underpayment of Estimated Tax10/29/2014
Form M1BBusiness and Investment Credits (onscreen version)12/02/2014
Form M1COther Nonrefundable Credits (onscreen version)12/02/2014
Form M1CDChild and Dependent Care Credit12/02/2014
Form M1CRCredit for Income Tax Paid to Another State12/02/2014
Form M1EDK-12 Education Credit12/22/2014
Form M1LSTax on Lump-Sum Distribution12/22/2014
Form M1LTILong-Term Care Insurance Credit12/22/2014
Form M1MIncome Additions and Subtractions (onscreen version)01/07/2015
Form M1MAMarriage Credit12/23/2014
Form M1MTAlternative Minimum Tax12/23/2014
Form M1MTCAlternative Minimum Tax Credit12/23/2014
Form M1NRNonresidents/Part-Year Residents12/22/2014
Form M1PRHomestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) and Renters Property Tax Refund (onscreen version)01/20/2015
Form M1PRXAmended Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners)12/23/2014
Form M1RAge 65 or Older/Disabled Subtraction12/23/2014
Form M1READReading Credit12/02/2014
Form M1WMinnesota Income Tax Withheld (onscreen version)12/22/2014
Form M1WFCWorking Family Credit12/02/2014
Form M1XAmended Minnesota Income Tax10/29/2014
Form M2Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts12/15/2014
Form M22Request for Early Audit of Income Tax Return(s) (Revised 7/07)10/09/2009
Form M23Claim for Tax Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer12/30/2010
Form M2MTAlternative Minimum Tax10/21/2014
Form M2SBIncome Tax Computation for S Portion of ESBT10/21/2014
Form M2XAmended Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts11/04/2014
Form M3-M3APartnership Return11/18/2014
Form M3XAmended Partnership Return/Claim for Refund10/16/2014
Form M4-M4I-M4A-M4TCorporation Franchise Tax Return (M4, M4I, M4A, M4T)11/04/2014
Form M4NP-M4NPI-M4NPAUnrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Return01/14/2015
Form M4RMinnesota Business Activity Report09/22/2014
Form M4XAmended Franchise Tax Return/Claim for Refund10/20/2014
Form M500AJOBZ Motor Vehicle Purchase Report (Revised 7/09)08/17/2009
Form M500XAmended JOBZ M500 (Revised 1/12)01/13/2012
Form M706Estate Tax Return10/30/2014
Form M706QElection to Claim the Qualified Small Business and Farm Property Deduction10/06/2014
Form M8 and M8AS Corporation Return (M8 and M8A)11/18/2014
Form M8XAmended S Corporation Return/Claim for Refund10/16/2014
Form M99Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zone12/23/2014
Form MC101Business Activity Questionnaire for Determining MinnesotaCare Tax Nexus05/01/2012
Form MRT1Mortgage Registry Tax11/19/2013
Form MWRReciprocity Exemption/Affidavit of Residency for Tax Year09/26/2014
Form MWR-2015Reciprocity Exemption/Af?davit of Residency for Tax Year11/25/2014
Form NOLNet Operating Loss Deduction10/20/2014
Form PCR2015 Political Contribution Refund12/19/2014
Form RDCredit for Increasing Research Activities RD10/31/2014
Form RECReconciliation10/20/2014
Form REV184Power of Attorney (Revised 12/14)12/11/2014
Form REV185Authorization to Release Tax Information (Revised 12/10)01/06/2011
Form REV187Authorization to Communicate through Email Transmission (Revised 12/05)02/15/2011
Form W-4MNMinnesota Employee Withholding Allowance/Exemption Certificate (Revised 11/14)11/25/2014
Worksheet C-DistWholesale Drug Distributor Tax Return01/09/2015
Worksheet C-ProviderProvider, Hospital and Surgical Center Tax Return01/09/2015
Worksheet C-UseLegend Drug Use Tax Return01/09/2015
Worksheet PMinnesotaCare Pharmacy Refund12/01/2014
Worksheet RCMinnesotaCare Research Credit12/01/2014