Form NC K-1-D407 Fillable (For Form D-407) Beneficiary's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits
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(Beneficiary s share of amount from Federal (Do not include intangible income from any (From Form D 407 Schedule B Line 3) (From Form D 407 Schedule B Line 4) (From Form D 407TC Part 5 Line 4) (MM DD) (See Form D 400 instructions) (This amount should already 1 Beneficiary s share of income (loss) 2 Beneficiary s share of additions to income (loss) 2014 Beneficiary s Share of North CarolinaIncome Adjustments and Credits 3 Beneficiary s share of deductions from income (loss) 4 Share of tax paid to another state or country 5 Share of other tax credits 6 Portion of Line 1 above that is from N C sources 7 minus Line 8 must 7 Portion of Line 2 above that is attributable to N C 8 Portion of Lines 3a and 3b above that is a Deduction for bonus depreciation Amount and ending (MM DD YY) attributable to N C source income b Other deductions from income (loss) be included in federal adjusted be included on D 400 Beneficiary s Identifying Number D 400 Enter Amount on: D 400 Schedule S Line 11 D 400 Schedule S Line 4 D 400 Schedule S Line 9f D 407 NC K 1 Estate s or Trust s Name Address and Zip Code Beneficiary s Name Address and Zip Code Estate s or Trust s Pro Rata Share Items Federal Employer ID Number For calendar year 2014 or fiscal year beginning Form 1041 Line 18) Form D 400TC gross income) Individuals Filing Form Nonresidents OnlyAll Beneficiaries North Carolina) Schedule S Line 20 source income source or business income from sources outside The sum of Lines 6 and