Form NC-478H Fillable Tax Credit - Low Income Housing - instructions 
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

Low Income Housing 11 12 2012 Tax Credit 6th Installment of 2007 Credit Add Lines 1 and 2; enter here and on Form Carryforwards Carryforwards Taken Carryforwards to Computation of Amount To Be Taken in 2012 Computation of Credit Amount for Low Income Housing Awarded a Federal Credit Allocation Before Credit Amount Credit Amount to Take in Tax Year 2012 credits by completing Parts 2 and 3 (See the instructions for NC 478H ) Expired Installments Franchise Franchise Franchise Franchise From 2007 Form NC 478H Part 2 Line 9 Housing Credit History Table Income Income Income Income Installments January 1 2003 Legal Name (First 10 Characters) NC 478 Part 1 Line 8 NC 478H North Carolina Department of Revenue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Portion of installment not taken for tax SSN or FEIN Take in Future Taken in 2007 Taken in 2008 Taken in 2009 Taken in 2010 Taken in 2011 Taken in 2012 Tax Year Taxpayers who previously took the credit may continue to take the remaining installments and carryforwards of prior years The credit for low income housing has expired for low income housing awarded a federal credit before January 1 2003 years 2002 2007