Form 1065N Fillable Nebraska Return of Partnership Income, with Schedule A - Partnership with other Income and Deductions - Adjustments to Ordinary Business Income  (1/2015)
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(1) Initial Nebraska Return (3) Change in Address (5) Form 7004 Attached (7) Distributed Form 3800N Credit (2) Final Return (4) Amended Return (6) Form 3800N Attached 1 Net income from rental real estate activities 1 1 Ordinary business income (line 22 Federal Form 1065) 1 10 Nebraska income tax withheld for nonresident individual partners (line 9 multiplied by 0684) 10 10 Net loss from rental real estate activities 10 11 Form 3800N credit and recapture 11 11 Net loss from other rental activities 11 12 Portfolio loss: 12 Tax deposited with Form 7004N and 2014 estimated income tax payments 12 13 Net loss under IRC Section 1231 13 13 TAX DUE if line 10 plus line 11 minus line 12 is greater than zero 13 14 Other loss not included in lines 10 through 13 14 14 Overpayment to be REFUNDED if line 10 plus line 11 minus line 12 is less than zero 14 15 Charitable contributions 15 16 Section 179 expense deduction 16 17 Other deductions (attach schedule) 17 18 Total adjustments decreasing ordinary business income (total of lines 9 through 17) Enter here 2 Nebraska adjustments increasing ordinary business income (line 8 Schedule A) 2 2 Net income from other rental activities 2 25 YES (Complete Schedule II) NO 3 Nebraska adjustments decreasing ordinary business income (line 18 Schedule A) 3 3 Portfolio income: 4 Guaranteed payments to partners 4 4 Nebraska adjusted income (line 1 plus line 2 minus line 3; Electing Large Partnerships enter 5 Income reported to Nebraska (enter line 4 above or line 3 Schedule I if applicable) 5 5 Net gain under IRC Section 1231 (other than casualty or theft) 5 6 Percent of ownership by nonresident individual partners 6 % 6 State and local bond interest and dividend income (see instructions) 6 7 Other income (attach schedule) 7 7 Percent of ownership by nonresident individual partners for whom 8 Percent of income subject to withholding (line 6 minus line 7) 8 % 8 Total adjustments increasing ordinary business income (total of lines 1 through 7) Enter here 9 Income reported to Nebraska subject to withholding (line 5 multiplied by line 8) 9 9 Qualified U S government interest deduction (see instructions) 9 a Interest income 3 a a Net short term capital loss 12 a amount from line 11 Nebraska Schedule ELP) 4 and on line 2 Form 1065N 8 and on line 3 Form 1065N 18 b Dividend income 3 b b Net long term capital loss 12 b beginning and ending c Other portfolio loss 12 c c Royalty income 3 c Check applicable box(es): City State Zip Code Business Class Code (See Instr ) Date Business Began in Nebraska d Net short term capital gain 3 d e Total net long term capital gain 3 e Enter amounts for lines 1 through 5 from Schedule K Federal Form 1065 Enter amounts for lines 10 through 16 from Schedule K Federal Form 1065 f Other portfolio income 3 f Legal Name Name Doing Business As (dba) Name on Form 1065N Nebraska ID Number Nebraska Nonresident Income Tax Agreements Forms 12N are attached 7 % Partnership Limited Liability Company Electing Large Partnership Publicly Traded Partnership Other (describe) Principal Business Activity in Nebraska Federal ID Number Nebraska ID Number Does the partnership have nonresident individual partners? Street or Other Mailing Address Taxpayers with more than 50 Federal K 1s are encouraged to submit copies and suppporting schedules using CD R media or flash drives Under penalties of perjury I declare that as taxpayer or preparer I have examined this return including accompanying schedules and statements 8 284 2014 A copy of the federal return and supporting schedules must be attached to this return Adjustments Decreasing Ordinary Business Income Adjustments Increasing Ordinary Business Income and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is correct and complete for the calendar year January 1 2014 through December 31 2014 or other taxable year FORM 1065N If line 5 shows a loss skip lines 6 through 10 and go to line 11 Mail this return and payment to: Nebraska Department of Revenue PO Box 94818 Lincoln NE 68509 4818 Nebraska Return of Partnership Income Nebraska Schedule A Adjustments to Ordinary Business Income Partnership With Other Income And Deductions Please PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE preparer s Preparer s Signature Date Preparer s PTIN Print Firm s Name (or yours if self employed) Address and Zip Code EIN Daytime Phone revenue nebraska gov 800 742 7474 (NE and IA) 402 471 5729 Schedule A Signature of Partner or Member Date Email Address Title Phone Number Totals Type of Organization Type or Print use only