Form 1065N-Schd-K-1N Fillable Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Modifications, and Credits (1/2015)
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

% % Final Amended 1 Ordinary business income (loss) 1 10 Net Section 1231 gain (loss) 10 11 Other income (loss) 11 12 Charitable contributions 12 13 Section 179 expense deduction 13 14 Other deductions and losses 14 15 Qualified U S government interest deduction 15 16 State and local bond interest and dividend income 16 17 Income (loss) from non Nebraska sources (use only if you checked the LLC box above) 17 18 Community Development Assistance Act credit 18 19 Form 3800N credits (see instructions) 2 Net income (loss) from rental real estate activities 2 20 Contractor withholding (see instructions) 20 21 Nebraska income tax withheld (see instructions) 21 3 Net income (loss) from other rental activities 3 4 Guaranteed payments 4 5 Interest income 5 6 Dividend income 6 7 Royalties 7 8 Net short term capital gain (loss) 8 9 Net long term capital gain (loss) 9 a Employment and Investment Growth Act 19 a $ Apportionment Factor b Nebraska Advantage Act 19 b $ Beginning 20 and Ending 20 c Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act 19 c $ Check One: d Nebraska Advantage Research and Development Act 19 d $ e New Markets Tax Credit 19 e $ Other (describe) Partnership LLC Partnership s Nebraska Nebraska Receipts Total Receipts Partner s Share of Income Percentage If applicable check the appropriate box: Resident Individual Nonresident Individual Estate or Trust Taxable Year of Organization Total of 19a through 19e 19 8 691 2014 Check One: Nebraska ID Number Federal ID Number City State Zip Code City State Zip Code FORM 1065N Legal Name Name Doing Business As (dba) Name Nebraska ID Number Federal ID Number Social Security Number Spouse s Social Security Number Nebraska Schedule K 1N Part A Part B Part C Partner s Name and Mailing Address Partner s Share of Credits Partner s Share of Income and Deductions Partner s Share of Income Deductions Modifications and Credits Partner s Share of Modifications Partnership s Name and Mailing Address revenue nebraska gov 800 742 7474 (NE and IA) 402 471 5729 Schedule K 1N Street or Other Mailing Address Street or Other Mailing Address