Form 1120N-Schd-III Fillable Subsidiary or Affiliated Corporations and, Schedule IV -- Converting Net Income to Combined Net Income  (1/2015)
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(line 11 minus line 27) (total of lines 3 through 10) * Complete columns (A) (B) and (C) if tax payments were made under more than one Nebraska ID number ** Complete column (D) to summarize the numerator of the corporations filing one combined corporation income tax return 1 Gross receipts or sales less returns 10 Other income 11 TOTAL INCOME 12 Compensation of officers 13 Salaries and wages (less employment credit) 14 Repairs and maintenance 15 Bad debts 16 Rents 17 Taxes 18 Interest 19 Charitable contributions 2 Cost of goods sold 20 Depreciation not claimed elsewhere on 21 Depletion 22 Advertising 23 Pension profit sharing etc plans 24 Employee benefit plans 26 Other deductions (attach schedules) 27 TOTAL DEDUCTIONS (total of lines 12 28 Taxable income before federal adjustments 29 Less: a Net operating loss deduction 3 Gross profit (Subtract line 2 from line 1) 30 Taxable income (line 28 minus lines 29a and 29b) 4 Dividends 5 Interest 6 Gross rents 7 Gross royalties 8 Capital gain net income 9 Net gain (loss) and allowances b Special deductions Enter amount in Combined Income column and federal return If this schedule is used read instructions and attach this schedule to Form 1120N Name on Form 1120N Nebraska ID Number on line 2 Form 1120N through 26) (Attach explanation ) 25 Domestic production activities deduction 8 241 2013 Amount of Nebraska Amount Paid APPORTIONMENT FACTOR Combined Income Corporation Filing this Return: Corporation Names (Enter names as column headings ) Eliminations Federal FORM 1120N from 7004N ID NUMBERS Income and Deductions INFORMATION** Name and Address of All Corporations Nebraska Nebraska Schedule III Subsidiary or Affiliated Corporations Nebraska Schedule IV Converting Net Income to Combined Net Income Parent Corporation if different from above: Payments 1120N ES Sales or Receipts Schedule III Schedule IV Subsidiary/Affiliated Corporations: TAX PAYMENT INFORMATION* Total Estimated Tax Total Tax Deposits TOTALS with this Return