Form 1120-SN-Schd-I Fillable Apportionment for Multistate Business, Schedule II, Nonresident Individual Shareholder's Share of Nebraska Income, and Schedule III, Subsidiary or Affiliated Corporations (1/2015)
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1 0684 1 Nebraska adjusted income (line 4 Form 1120 SN) 1 10 Gross rents 10 10 11 Net gain on sales of intangible property 11 11 12 Gross receipts from sales of tangible personal property and 13 Other income (attach schedule) 13 13 14 Total sales or gross receipts 14 14 15 Nebraska apportionment factor (divide line 14 Nebraska column by line 14 Total column 2 0684 2 Nebraska apportionment factor (line 15 below) 2 3 0684 3 Income apportioned to Nebraska (line 1 multiplied by line 2) Enter here and on line 5 Form 1120 SN 3 4 0684 4 Sales or gross receipts less returns and allowances 4 5 0684 5 Sales delivered or shipped to purchasers in Nebraska: 6 0684 6 Sales delivered or shipped to purchasers in Nebraska: 7 0684 7 Sales shipped from Nebraska to the U S government 7 8 0684 8 Interest on sales of tangible personal property 8 8 9 0684 9 Interest dividends and royalties from intangible property 9 9 and round to six decimal places) Enter as a percent here and on Schedule I line 2 above 15 Do not include corporations estates or trusts If you use this schedule read instructions If you use this schedule read the instructions and attach this page to Form 1120 SN Line numbers in Part B correspond to line numbers in Part A Name on Form 1120 SN Nebraska ID Number real property not included above 12 12 Shipped from outside Nebraska 5 Shipped from within Nebraska 6 Totals (Enter on Nebr Sch K 1N) (Line 5 Form 1120 SN) * Complete the apportionment factor information summarizing the numerator of the corporations filing a combined corporation income tax return [Col (E) x Col (F)] 10 0684 8 289 2014 Amount of Nebraska Apportionment Attached Check if Column (B) Computation Of Nebraska Tax Withheld Factor Information* Federal FORM 1120 SN FORM 1120 SN Form 12N ID Numbers Name and Address of All Corporations Nebr Income Tax Withheld Nebraska Nebraska Apportionment Factor Sales or Gross Receipts Nebraska Income Nebraska Schedule I Apportionment for Multistate Business Nebraska Schedule II NEBRASKA SCHEDULE III Subsidiary or Affiliated Corporations Nonresident Individual Shareholder s Share of Nebraska Income Ownership Parent Corporation If Different from Above Part A Name And Address Of Each Nonresident Shareholder Part B Complete For Nonresident Individual Shareholders Only Percent of Reported by S Corporation S Corporation Filing this Return S Corporation With Income Derived From Sources Both Sales or Receipts Schedule I Schedule II Schedule III Social Security Number State Street or Other Mailing Address Subsidiary/Affiliated Corporations Times Column (C) Total Totals Within and Without Nebraska Zip Code