2014 NJ - New Jersey Tax Forms

Form 501-GITNew Jersey Gross Income Tax Domestic Production Activities Deduction11/14/2012
Form A-5033-TCProcedure for dissolution, withdrawal, surrender or reauthorization03/27/2007
Form A-5052-TCEstimated Summary Tax Return05/11/2011
Form A-5088-TCApplication for Tax Clearance and Instructions04/21/2011
Form C-4267Employee's Substitute Wage and Tax Statement04/26/2007
Form C-9021Application for Reinstatement of Corporate Charter03/27/2007
Form CBA-1Notice of Business Activities Report by a Foreign Corporation04/20/2010
Form CBT-100Corporation Business Tax Return for Taxable Years Ending On or After July 31, 2014 Through June 30, 201511/12/2014
Form CBT-100SS Corporation Business Tax Return for Taxable Years Ending On and After July 31, 2014 Through June 30, 201511/12/2014
Form CBT-100S-VCorporation Business Tax Payment Voucher11/06/2014
Form CBT-100-VCorporation Business Tax Payment Voucher11/06/2014
Form CBT-150 - 2015Estimated Tax Vouchers for Corporations11/06/2014
Form CBT-200-TCorporation Business Tax Tentative Return and Application For Extension of Time to File11/06/2014
Form CBT-2553S Corporation Election (Including S Corporation Certification)08/12/2009
Form CBT-2553-RRetroactive S Election Application11/09/2009
Form CBT-AFN.J.A.C. 18:7-8.3.05/04/2010
Form CITT-1Controlling Interest Transfer Tax11/10/2008
Form CITT-1EStatement of Waiver of Transfer Tax05/21/2007
Form DCC-1Request for Copies of Previously Filed Tax Returns04/25/2007
Form 300Urban Enterprise Zone Employees Tax Credit and Credit Carry Forward11/05/2014
Form 301Urban Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit and Credit Carry Forward11/05/2014
Form 302Redevelopment Authority Project Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 303Recycling Equipment Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 304New Jobs Investment Tax Credit and Instructions11/05/2014
Form 305Manufacturing Equipment and Employment Investment Tax Credit and Instructions11/05/2014
Form 306 (R-16)Research and Development Tax Credit and Instructions11/05/2014
Form 308Small NJ-Based High-Technology Business Investment Tax Credit and Instructions11/05/2014
Form 310HMO Assistance Fund Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 311Neighborhood Revitalization State Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 312Effluent Equipment Tax Credit and Instructions11/05/2014
Form 313Economic Recovery Tax Credit and Instructions11/05/2014
Form 315AMA Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 316Business Retention and Relocation Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 317Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 318Film Production Tax Credit11/05/2014
Form 319Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit11/12/2014
Form 401Key Corporation and Affiliates Claiming AMA Threshold Limit for Periods Ending On and After July 31, 201110/26/2011
Form 5002014 Net Operating Loss Deduction01/29/2015
Form 501Domestic Production Activities Deduction11/22/2010
Form 8879NJ-E FILE Signature Authorization - 201401/08/2015
Form REV-419Employee's Nonwithholding Application Certificateme/it/rena
Form GIT-317Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit05/11/2007
Form GIT-DEPGross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet (Updated: 09/2008)05/12/2009
Form NJ-1040NJ Resident Income Tax Returnme/it/rena
Form NJ-1040-ESEstimated Tax Voucher 201501/22/2015
Form NJ-1040-HProperty Tax Credit Applicationme/it/rena
Form NJ-1040NRNon-Resident Income Tax Return12/30/2014
NJ-1040NR-Schd-BUS1Schedule NJ-BUS-112/09/2014
NJ-1040NR-Schd-BUS2Schedule NJ-BUS-212/09/2014
Form NJ-1040-OE-File Opt-Out Request Form11/19/2014
NJ-1040-Schd-ABSchedules A & B11/19/2014
NJ-1040-Schd-BUS1Schedule NJ-BUS-111/19/2014
NJ-1040-Schd-BUS2Schedule NJ-BUS-211/19/2014
Form NJ-1040XAmended Resident Return Form12/19/2014
Form NJ-1041Fiduciary Return Form12/05/2014
Form NJ-1041SBFiduciary Return Electing Small Business Trust and Instructions10/23/2014
NJ-1041-Schd-BUS1Schedule NJ-BUS-112/05/2014
NJ-1041-Schd-BUS2Schedule NJ-BUS-212/05/2014
Form NJ-1041-VFiduciary Return Payment Voucher12/05/2014
Form NJ-1065Partnership Return01/23/2015
Form NJ-1080CNonresident Composite Return and Schedules A, and B10/23/2014
Form NJ-1080EElection to Participate in Composite Return11/13/2014
Form NJ-165Employee's Certificate of Non-Residence in New Jersey12/21/2009
Form NJ-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Instructions12/11/2014
Form NJ-2440Statement in Support of Exclusion for Amounts Received Under Accident and Health Insurance Plan For Personal Injuries or Sickness12/17/2009
Form NJ-2450Employee's Claim for Credit for Excess WD/HC and Disability Contributions for Calendar Year11/13/2014
Form NJ-630Application for Extension of Time to File NJ Gross Income Tax Return12/05/2014
Form NJK-1Partner's Share Of Income12/12/2014
Form NJ-NR-ABusiness Allocation Schedule11/24/2014
Form NJ-W-3MReconciliation of Tax Withheld02/20/2009
Form NJ-W-4Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate07/13/2012
Form NJ-W-4PCertificate of Voluntary Withholding of Gross Income Tax from Pension and Annuity Payments06/04/2007
Form Part 100Partnership Filing Fee and Tax Payment Return12/12/2014
Form Part 160Underpayment of Estimated N.J. Partnership Tax01/22/2015
Form Part 200-TPartnership Tentative Return and Application for Extension of Time to File and Instructions12/03/2014
Part-200-T Fee Worksheet -2012Worksheet and Instructions for Partnership Application for Extension of Time to File Form Part-10012/19/2012
Schedule G-2Claim for Exceptions to Disallowed Interest and Intangible Expenses and Costs11/05/2007
Schedule LComplete Liquidation12/12/2014
Schedule NSchedule N for Taxable Years Beginning On and After January 1, 200204/21/2010
Schedule OParts I, II, and III with Instructions for Taxable Years Ending On Or After July 31, 200707/17/2008