2014 PA - Pennsylvania Tax Forms

Form CT-VPA Corporation Taxes Fed/State Payment Voucher12/20/2013
Form DCT-64Corporation Tax Bulletin Number 123 - Subjectivity to Gross Receipts Taxes Article IX Mobile Telecommunications11/25/2013
Form DEX 93Personal Income Tax Fax Cover Sheet05/25/2012
Form DFO-02Personal Individual Tax Preparation Guide for Personal Income Tax Returns PA-4001/05/2015
Form PA-1Use Tax Return and Instructions02/04/2010
Form PA-19PA Schedule 19 - Sale of a Principal Residence01/29/2010
Form PA-20S/PA-65 A2014 PA Schedule A - Interest Income12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 B2014 PA Schedule B - Dividend and Capital Gains Income12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 CP2014 PA Schedule CP - Corporate Partner Withholding12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 D2014 PA Schedule D - Sale, Exchange or Disposition of Property Within Pennsylvania12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 E2014 PA Schedule E - Rent and Royalty Income (Loss)12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 H2014 PA Schedule H - Apportioned Business Income-Loss/Calculation of PA Net Business Income12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 H-Corp2014 PA Schedule H-Corp - Corporate Partner Apportioned Business Income (Loss)12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 I2014 PA Schedule I - Amortization of Intangible Drilling Costs12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 J2014 PA Schedule J - Income from Estates or Trusts12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 M2014 PA Schedule M - Reconciliation of Federal-Taxable Income-Loss to PA-Taxable Income (Loss)12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 NRK-12014 PA Schedule NRK-1 - Nonresident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass Through Income, Loss and Credits12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 NW2014 PA Schedule NW - Nonresident Withholding Payments PA S Corporations and Partnerships12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 OC2014 PA Schedule OC - Other Credits01/08/2015
Form PA-20S/PA-65 RK-12014 PA Schedule RK-1 - Resident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass Through Income, Loss and Credits12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-65 T2014 PA Schedule T - Gambling and Lottery Winnings12/31/2014
Form PA-20S/PA-652014 PA-20S/PA-65 PA S Corporation/Partnership Information Return12/31/2014
Form PA-40 A2014 PA Schedule A - Interest Income01/06/2015
Form PA-40 B2014 PA Schedule B - Dividend Income01/06/2015
Form PA-40 CPA Schedule C - Profit or Loss From Business or Profession01/06/2015
Form PA-40 D2014 PA Schedule D - Sale, Exchange or Disposition of Property01/06/2015
Form PA-40 E2014 PA Schedule E - Rents and Royalty Income01/06/2015
Form PA-40 ESR (F/C)Declaration of Estimated Tax or Estimated Withholding Tax For Fiduciaries & Partnerships04/28/2014
Form PA-40 ESR (I)Declaration of Estimated Tax01/07/2014
Form PA-40 FPA Schedule F - Farm Income and Expenses01/06/2015
Form PA-40 G-LPA Schedule G-L - Resident Credit for Taxes Paid01/06/2015
Form PA-40 J2014 PA Schedule J - Income from Estates or Trusts01/06/2015
Form PA-40 NRC2014 PA-40 NRC - Nonresident Consolidated Income Tax Return12/31/2014
Form PA-40 NRC-I2014 PA Schedule NRC-I - Directory of Nonresident Owners (Individuals)12/31/2014
Form PA-40 NRHPA Schedule NRH - Compensation Apportionment12/06/2012
Form PA-40 O2014 PA Schedule O - Other Deductions01/06/2015
Form PA-40 OC2014 PA Schedule OC - Other Credits01/06/2015
Form PA-40 PA-VPA-40 Payment Voucher01/06/2015
Form PA-40 SP2014 PA Schedule SP - Special Tax Forgiveness01/06/2015
Form PA-40 T2014 PA Schedule T - Gambling and Lottery Winnings01/06/2015
Form PA-40 UE2014 PA Schedule UE - Allowable Employee Business Expenses01/06/2015
Form PA-40 WSchedule W Employment Incentive Payments Credit01/30/2003
Form PA-40 W-2 RWPA W-2 Reconciliation Worksheet01/06/2015
Form PA-40 W-2S2014 PA Schedule W-2S - Wage Statement Summary01/06/2015
Form PA-402014 Pennsylvania Income Tax Return01/06/2015
Form PA-40IN2014 Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Return Instructions01/06/2015
Form PA-40XSchedule PA-40X - 2014 Amended PA Personal Income Tax Schedule01/06/2015
Form PA-41 NRK-12014 PA-41 Schedule NRK-1 - Nonresident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass Through Income, Loss and Credits10/17/2014
Form PA-41 PA-V2014 PA-41 Payment Voucher01/14/2015
Form PA-41 RK-12014 PA-41 Schedule RK-1 - Resident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass Through Income, Loss and Credits10/17/2014
Form PA-41 X2014 Amended PA Fiduciary Income Tax Schedule01/13/2015
Form PA-412014 PA Fiduciary Income Tax Return10/17/2014
Form PA-41A2014 PA-41 Schedule A - Interest Income and Gambling and Lottery Winnings10/17/2014
Form PA-41B2014 PA-41 Schedule B - Dividends and Capital Gains Distributions10/17/2014
Form PA-41D2014 PA-41 Schedule D - Sale, Exchange or Dispostion of Property10/17/2014
Form PA-41DD2014 PA-41 Schedule DD - Distribution Deductions10/17/2014
Form PA-41J2014 PA-41 Schedule J - Income from Estates or Trusts10/17/2014
Form PA-41N2014 PA-41 Schedule N - PA-Source Income and Nonresident Tax Withheld10/17/2014
Form PA-65 Corp2014 PA-65 Corp - Directory of Corporate Partners12/31/2014
Form PA-84532014 PA Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing08/28/2014
Form PA-8453-C2014 PA Corporation Tax Declaration for a State e-file Report09/26/2014
Form PA-8453-F2014 PA Fiduciary Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing10/30/2014
Form PA-8453-P2014 PA S Corporation/Partnership Information Return, Directory of Corporate Partners Tax Declaration for a State E-File Return10/09/2014
Form PA-88792014 PA e-file Signature Authorization08/28/2014
Form PA-8879-C2014 PA e-file Signature Authorization for Corporate Tax Report RCT-10110/01/2014
Form PA-8879-F2014 PA e-file Signature Authorization for PA-4110/30/2014
Form PA-8879-P2014 PA E-File Signature Authorization for PA S Corporation/Partnership Information Return10/09/2014
Form RCT-101 D IInstructions for RCT-101D01/14/2013
Form RCT-101PA Corporate Tax Report12/09/2014
Form RCT-101DDeclaration of de minimis Pennsylvania Activity12/09/2014
Form RCT-101-IInactive PA Corporate Tax Report12/09/2014
Form RCT-102Capital Stock Tax Manufacturing Exemption Schedule12/09/2014
Form RCT-103Net Operating Loss Schedule12/09/2014
Form RCT-105Three-Factor Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax - Manufacturing Exemption Schedule12/09/2014
Form RCT-106Insert Sheet - File with form RCT-10112/09/2014
Form RCT-111Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report Telecommunications01/09/2015
Form RCT-111-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-11101/15/2015
Form RCT-112Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report Electric, Hydro-Electric and Water Power Companies01/08/2015
Form RCT-112-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-11201/15/2015
Form RCT-113AGross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report Transportation Company (Other than Motor Vehicle)01/08/2015
Form RCT-113A-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-113A01/27/2015
Form RCT-113BGross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report Managed Care Organizations01/08/2015
Form RCT-113B-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-113B01/27/2015
Form RCT-121-AGross Premiums Tax Report Domestic Casualty, Fire or Life Insurance Companies01/08/2015
Form RCT-121A-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-121A02/03/2015
Form RCT-121-BGross Premiums Tax Report Foreign Life or Foreign Title Insurance Companies01/08/2015
Form RCT-121B-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-121B02/03/2015
Form RCT-121-CGross Premiums Tax Report Foreign Casualty or Foreign Fire Insurance Companies01/08/2015
Form RCT-121C-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-121C02/03/2015
Form RCT-122Gross Premiums Tax Report Premiums Paid to Unauthorized Foreign Insurance Companies01/08/2015
Form RCT-122-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-12201/14/2015
Form RCT-123Gross Premiums Tax Report Surplus Lines Agents01/08/2015
Form RCT-123-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-12301/15/2015
Form RCT-124Underwriting Profits Tax Domestic and Foreign Marine Insurance01/08/2015
Form RCT-124-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-12401/13/2015
Form RCT-125Corporate Net Income Tax Report Cooperative Agriculture Association01/08/2015
Form RCT-126Membership Report Electric Cooperative Corporations01/08/2015
Form RCT-126-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-12601/13/2015
Form RCT-127A2014 Public Utility Realty Tax Report12/09/2014
Form RCT-127A-I2014 Instructions for RCT-127A Returns12/09/2014
Form RCT-128CReport of Change in Corporate Net Income Tax12/09/2014
Form RCT-131Gross Receipts Tax Report Private Bankers01/08/2015
Form RCT-131-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-13101/27/2015
Form RCT-132APA Title Insurance Company Shares Tax Report01/29/2015
Form RCT-143Net Income Tax Report Mutual Thrift Institutions01/08/2015
Form RCT-143-I2014 General Information and Instructions for RCT-14301/27/2015
Form RCT-9002014 Public Utility Realty Report By Local Taxing Authorities12/09/2014
Form RCT-900-I2014 Instructions for RCT-900 - Public Utility Realty Report12/09/2014
Form REV-1123Educational Improvement/Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Election Form02/12/2013
Form REV-1175Schedule AR01/15/2015
Form REV-1190Tax Worksheet for PA-20S/PA-65 Schedule M, Part B, Section e, Line a11/27/2012
Form REV-1197Schedule AU Agricultural Use Exemptions12/16/2014
Form REV-12002014 CT-1 PA Corporation Tax Booklet12/09/2014
Form REV-1313Application for Refund of Pennsylvania Inheritance/Estate Tax08/04/2014
Form REV-1381Stocks/Bonds Inventory06/18/2009
Form REV-1500Inheritance Tax Return - Resident Decedent12/16/2014
Form REV-1502Schedule A - Real Estate12/16/2014
Form REV-1503Schedule B - Stocks & Bonds12/17/2014
Form REV-1504Schedule C - Closely-Held Corporation, Partnership or Sole-Proprietorship12/17/2014
Form REV-1505Schedule C-1 - Closely-Held Corporate Stock Information Report08/28/2012
Form REV-1506Schedule C-201/04/2012
Form REV-1507Schedule D - Mortgages & Notes Receivable12/17/2014
Form REV-1508Schedule E - Cash, Bank Deposits & Misc. Personal Property12/17/2014
Form REV-1509Schedule F - Jointly-Owned Property12/17/2014
Form REV-1510Schedule G - Inter-Vivos Transfers and Misc. Non-Probate Property12/17/2014
Form REV-1511Schedule H - Funeral Expenses and Administrative Costs12/17/2014
Form REV-1512Schedule I - Debts of Decedent, Mortgage Liabilities & Liens12/17/2014
Form REV-1513Schedule J - Beneficiaries12/17/2014
Form REV-1514Schedule K - Life Estate, Annuity & Term Certain01/29/2015
Form REV-1601Tax Credit Certification Request Form01/29/2010
Form REV-1605Schedule CO - Names of Corporate Officers11/28/2012
Form REV-16302014 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals02/03/2015
Form REV-1630A2014 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individual Farmers12/23/2014
Form REV-1630F2014 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Fiduciaries01/05/2015
Form REV-1644Schedule L - Remainder Prepayment or Invasion of Trust Corpus02/01/2010
Form REV-1645Schedule L-1 -Remainder Prepayment Election -Assets02/01/2010
Form REV-1646Schedule L-2 - Remainder Prepayment Election - Credits02/01/2010
Form REV-1647Schedule M - Future Interest Compromise01/29/2015
Form REV-1648Schedule N/Spousal Poverty Credit08/18/2009
Form REV-1649Schedule O - Deferral/Election of Spousal Trusts12/17/2014
Form REV-1689PA Schedule D-1 - Computation of Installment Sale Income05/07/2013
Form REV-1736Instructions For Form REV-1737A02/23/2006
Form REV-1737-1Nonresident Decedent Affidavit of Domicile02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-2Schedule A02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-3Schedule B/Schedule D02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-4Schedule E02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-5Schedule F02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-6Schedule G/Schedule H02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-7Schedule I/Schedule J02/05/2009
Form REV-1737-AInheritance Tax Return Nonresident Decedent02/05/2009
Form REV-1742PA Schedule D-71 - Sale or Exchange or Property Acquired Prior to June 1, 197112/09/2009
Form REV-229PA Estate Tax General Information08/23/2013
Form REV-276Application for Extension of Time to File11/20/2013
Form REV-291Nonwithholding of PA Income Tax Application06/07/2012
Form REV-346Estate Information Sheet11/24/2009
Form REV-414 (F)2014 Estates and Trusts Worksheet for PA Estimated Tax01/30/2014
Form REV-414 (I)2014 Individuals Worksheet for PA Estimated Tax01/30/2014
Form REV-414 (P/S)2014 PA Nonresident Withholding Tax Worksheet For Partnerships and PA S Corporations12/18/2014
Form REV-419Employee's Nonwithholding Application Certificate06/30/2010
Form REV-420NOTICE: Employee's Statement of Nonresidence in PA06/18/2012
Form REV-4212014 PA Tax Forms Bulk Order Request10/21/2014
Form REV-423PA Corporation Specialty Taxes Estimated Payment Coupon and Instructions12/16/2013
Form REV-426PA Corporation Specialty Taxes Extension Coupon and Instructions12/20/2013
Form REV-459PA-40 ES Correction Form For Estates, Trusts, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Associations, and PA S Corporations07/18/2013
Form REV-459BConsent to Transfer, Adjust or Correct PA Estimated Personal Income Tax Account01/29/2010
Form REV-485Safe Deposit Box Inventory05/13/2011
Form REV-487Entry Into Safe Deposit Box To Remove A Will or Cemetery Deed10/25/2011
Form REV-516Request for Waiver or Notice of Transfer (For Stocks, Bonds, Securities or Security Accounts Held in Beneficiary Form09/06/2013
Form REV-5452015 Research and Development Tax Credit Application02/03/2015
Form REV-548Inheritance Tax Joint Bank Account Advance Payment Worksheet06/18/2009
Form REV-571Schedule C-SB - Small Business Exemption12/16/2014
Form REV-577Brochure: Estimated Tax Payments - For PA Personal Income Tax02/04/2014
Form REV-581Brochure: Personal Income Tax06/27/2011
Form REV-582BROCHURE - Corporation Taxes - Subchapter S Corporations - Limited Liability Companies10/25/2013
Form REV-584Brochure: Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax & Safe Deposit Boxes02/27/2014
Form REV-611Determining Residency for PA Personal Income Tax Purposes08/22/2013
Form REV-612Brochure: Military Pay for PA Personal Income TAx Purposes06/16/2011
Form REV-625Brochure: Sale of Your Principal Residence and PA Personal Income Tax Implications02/09/2012
Form REV-631Brochure: Tax Forgiveness for PA Personal Income Tax11/15/2012
Form REV-636Brochure: Retirement - Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs04/05/2013
Form REV-637Brochure: Unreimbursed Allowable Employee Business Expenses for PA Personal Income Tax Purposes03/24/2010
Form REV-714Register of Wills Monthly Report02/05/2015
Form REV-720Brochure: Inheritance Tax General Information10/21/2014
Form REV-758Brochure: Personal Income Taxes for College Students02/09/2012
Form REV-774Assignment of Tax Credit11/28/2012
Form REV-798Schedule C-2 PA Dividend Deduction Schedule/Schedule X12/09/2014
Form REV-799Schedule C-3/Schedule C-401/14/2013
Form REV-853PA Corporation Taxes Annual Extension Request Coupon and Instructions12/16/2013
Form REV-854PA Corporation Taxes EIN/Tax Year/Address Change Coupon and Instructions01/14/2013
Form REV-857PA Corporation Taxes Estimated Tax Payment Coupon and Instructions12/16/2013
Form REV-860Schedule L/M-1/M-2/C-5/OA/OD12/09/2014
Form REV-861Schedule DA - Disposition of Assets12/09/2014
Form REV-881Request for County Officers' Forms02/10/2015
Form REV-934Schedule of Nonbusiness Income12/09/2014
Form REV-961Schedule A-2/Schedule A-312/09/2014
Form REV-976Election Not To Be Taxed as a Pennsylvania S Corporation12/09/2014
Form REV-9842014 PA Organ & Bone Marrow Donor Tax Credit12/09/2014
Form REV-986Schedule to Support Claim of Exemption From Corporate Net Income Tax Under P.L. 86-27201/14/2013
Form REV-998Shareholder Tax Basis in PA S Corporation Stock Worksheet09/04/2012
Form REV-999Partner PA Outside Tax Basis in a Partnership Worksheet09/04/2012