2014 VA - Virginia Tax Forms

Form 301 Corporation301 Corp - Enterprise Zone Credit - Corporation Tax12/31/2013
Form 301 Individual301 Indiv - Enterprise Zone Credit - Individual Tax and Instructions01/02/2014
Form 304304 - Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit and Instructions01/08/2014
Form 305305 - Clean Fuel Vehicle Job Creation Tax Credit and Instructions12/31/2013
Form 306306 - Virginia Coal Related Refundable Tax Credits01/06/2015
Form 306T306T - Allocation of Coal Employment and Production Incentive Tax Credit Between Interested Parties12/31/2013
500 Schedule A500A - Multistate Corporation Allocation and Apportionment of Income (Form 500)12/15/2014
Form 500500 - Corporate Income Tax Return09/17/2014
Form 500AB500AB - Add Back and Exceptions to Add Back of Interest and Intangible Expenses12/23/2014
Form 500AC500AC - Schedule of Affiliated Corporations Consolidated and Combined Filers12/15/2014
Form 500ADJ500ADJ - Schedule of Adjustments12/15/2014
Form 500C500C - Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations12/15/2014
Form 500CP500CP - Virginia Automatic Extension Payment (replaces 500E)12/18/2014
Form 500CR500CR - Credit Computation Schedule for Form 50012/15/2014
Form 500EC500EC - Modified Net Income Tax Return for Electric Cooperatives12/15/2014
Form 500EL500EL - Electric Suppliers Corporation Minimum Tax and Credit Schedule12/15/2014
Form 500ES500ES - Forms and Instructions for Declaration of Estimated Income Tax12/15/2014
Form 500FEDSchedule of Federal Line Items12/15/2014
Form 500MT500MT - Electric Cooperatives Minimum Tax and Credit Schedule12/17/2014
Form 500T500T - Telecommunications Companies Minimum Tax and Credit Schedule12/15/2014
Form 500V500V - Corporation Income Tax Payment Voucher12/15/2014
Form 502 VK-1502 VK-1 - Owner's Share of Income and Virginia Modifications and Credits12/18/2014
Form 502502 - Pass-Through Entity Return of Income12/23/2014
Form 502A502A - Multistate Pass-Through Entity12/16/2014
Form 502ADJ502ADJ - Pass-Through Entity Schedule of Adjustments12/16/2014
Form 502V502V - Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment Voucher12/16/2014
Form 502W502W - Pass-Through Entity Withholding Tax Payment Voucher and Instructions12/16/2014
Form 760760 - Resident Individual Income Tax Return01/20/2015
Form 760C760C - Underpayment of Estimated tax by Individuals, Estates, and Trusts01/09/2015
Form 760ES760ES - VA Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers and Instructions for Individuals12/12/2013
Form 760F760F - Form & Instructions for Underpayment of Estimated tax by Farmers and Fisherman12/17/2014
Form 760IP760IP - Virginia Automatic Extension Payment12/17/2014
Form 760PFFPayment Coupon for Previously Filed Individual Income Tax Returns by Farmers, Fishermen and Merchant Seamen12/11/2014
Form 760PMTPayment Coupon for Previously Filed Individual Income Tax Returns12/11/2014
760PY Schedule of Income760PY Schedule of Income - Schedule of Income for part-year residents12/12/2014
Form 760PY760PY - Part-Year Resident Individual Income Tax Return12/12/2014
Form 762762 - Return of Tangible Personal Property, Machinery and Tools, and Merchant's Capital - for local taxation only12/17/2013
Form 763763 - Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return12/12/2014
Form 763S763S - Claim for Individual Income Tax Withheld01/21/2015
765 Schedule L765 Schedule L - Unified Nonresident Income Tax Return List of Participants12/12/2014
Form 765765 - Unified Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return12/12/2014
Form 770770 - VA Fiduciary Income Tax Return11/10/2014
Form 770ES770ES - Virginia Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers For Estates, Trusts and Unified Nonresidents12/12/2013
Form 770IP770IP - Virginia Fiduciary and Unified Nonresident Automatic Extension Payment12/11/2014
Form 800800 - Insurance Premiums License Tax Return12/19/2014
Form 800C800C - Underpayment of Estimated Insurance Premiums License Tax12/02/2014
Form 800ES800ES - Insurance Premiums License Tax Estimated Payment Vouchers02/25/2014
Form 800V800V - Insurance Premiums License Tax Payment Voucher12/02/2014
Form 801801-Virginia Surplus Lines Brokers Quarterly Tax Report02/27/2014
Form 802802 - Surplus Lines Broker's Annual Reconciliation Tax01/07/2015
Form BFCBiodiesel and Green Fuel Producers Tax Credit01/06/2015
Form BRUBRU - Application for Barge and Rail Usage Tax Credit01/07/2015
Form CU-7CU-7 - Form & Instructions for Virginia Consumer's Use Tax Return for Individuals (Use for purchases beginning on or after July 1, 2013)11/18/2014
Form EDCEDC - Taxpayer Application for Qualified Equity and Subordinated Debt Investments Credit01/06/2015
Form FWVFWV - Farm and Wineries Tax Credit Application08/28/2014
Form GJCApplication for Green Jobs Creation Tax Credit01/07/2015
Form ITFITF - Application for International Trade Facility Tax Credit01/07/2015
Form LPC-1 SCH ALPC - 1 - Schedule A and Instructions - (Allocation Schedule and Calculation of Fee)11/27/2012
Form LPC-1 SCH BLPC - 1 - Schedule B and Instructions - (Statement by the Recipient With Respect to Tax Credits of $1 Million or More From a Donation Made on or After 1/1/07 of Less-Than-Fee Interest in Land)02/13/2013
Form LPC-1 SCH CLPC - 1 - Schedule C and Instructions - (Statement by the Recipient With Respect to Tax Credits of $1 Million or More From a Donation Made on or After 1/1/07 of Fee-Simple Interest in Land)11/28/2012
Form LPC-1LPC-1 - Application for a Land Preservation Credit01/09/2014
Form LPC-2LPC - 2 - Notification of Transfer of Land Preservation Credit02/27/2014
Form PTEPTE - Pass-Through Credit Allocation01/07/2015
Form QBAQBA - Application for Designation as a Qualified Business for the Qualified Equity and Subordinated Debt Investments Tax Credit01/07/2015
Form RDCRDC- Research and Development Tax Credit Application01/07/2015
Schedule 760PY ADJSchedule 760PY ADJ - VA Schedule of Adjustments for part-year residents12/12/2014
Schedule 763 ADJSchedule 763 ADJ - Schedule of Adjustments for nonresident12/12/2014
Schedule 800ASchedule 800A - Insurance Premiums License Tax Worksteet11/13/2014
Schedule 800ADJSchedule 800ADJ - Insurance Premiums License Tax Schedule of Adjustments12/19/2014
Schedule 800BSchedule 800B - Guaranty Fund Assessment Credit Worksheet11/13/2014
Schedule 800CRSchedule 800CR - Insurance Premiums License Tax Credit Schedule12/19/2014
Schedule 800RET CRSchedule 800RET CR - Appilcation for Retaliatory Costs Tax Credit12/19/2014
Schedule 800RETSchedule 800RET - Retaliatory Tax Report12/19/2014
Schedule 844Schedule 844 - Statement of Exemption12/19/2014
Schedule ADJSchedule ADJ - VA Schedule ADJ01/20/2015
Schedule CRSchedule CR - Credit Computation Schedule for Forms 760, 760PY, 763 and 76501/20/2015
Schedule OSCSchedule OSC - Credit for Tax Paid to Another State01/12/2015
Schedule VACVirginia Contributions Schedule01/12/2015
Schedule VACSSupplemental Contributions Schedule for the Virginia College Savings Plan01/12/2015
Schedule VK-1 Consolidated ExcelAllows Reporting of Multiple Owners' Shares of Income and Virginia Modifications and Creditsme/it/rena
Schedule VK-1 Consolidated PDF FormatAllows Reporting of Multiple Owners' Shares of Income and Virginia Modifications and Credits12/16/2014
Schedule VK-1 Consolidated SpecificationsDesign and Form Specifications for Schedule VK-1 Consolidated Summary12/15/2014
Form TCD-1Tax Credit Disclosure Agreement OR Authorization to Disclose Confidential Tax Information Relating to Tax Credits02/13/2013
Form TEL-1TEL-1 -Telework Expenses Tax Credit Reservation Application01/07/2015
Form TEL-2Telework Expenses Tax Credit Application01/07/2015
Form Waiver Request CPElectronic Filing Waiver Request11/05/2014
Form WRCWRC - Worker Retraining Tax Credit Application01/02/2014