Form 6000 Fillable Alaska Corporation Net Income Tax Return
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additional refunds additional tax paid Amended return to report IRS audit or Form 1120X Dividends qualifying for 42% deduction Dividends qualifying for 48% deduction Dividends qualifying for 70% deduction Less: Overpayment previously credited to Less: Refund from original return and Other if applicable (enter % in column B) Tax paid with original return and This is a protective claim (if less than 3 factors are used see instructions) 0405 6000 Rev 01/01/2016 page 1 1 ALASKA CONSOLIDATED RETURNS ONLY: LIST ALL CORPORATIONS OTHER THAN THE TAXPAYER SHOWN ON PAGE 1 WITH 100% of dividends from foreign corporations Divide Schedule H line 6d by 80% 2 If any taxpayer included in this return is included in a federal consolidated return (Form 1120) provide the name address and EIN of the common 3 If this is the first return indicate if: Successor to previously existing business (Enter name address and EIN of previous business) 4 Name and EIN on the prior year s return if different from page 1 State the reason for the change (e g merger name change etc ) 80% of dividends received from foreign corporations 80% of royalties accrued or received from foreign corporations Add lines 17 19 Enter here and on Schedule H line 11a Add lines 3 7 Enter here and on Schedule A line 5 Add lines 4 8 and 12 Add lines 5 6 Additions Address Address Address Adjustment for in state oil refinery expenditures under AS 43 20 053 AK factor Alaska Alaska capital and Section 1231 gain (loss) from Schedule J line 20 Alaska capital loss carryover utilized ( ) carryback utilized ( ) Total Alaska charitable contribution carryover from Form 6385 line 18 Alaska charitable contribution deduction Enter the lesser of line 7 or line 9 here and on Schedule H line 11b Alaska charitable contribution deduction from Schedule K line 10 Alaska Corporation Net Income Tax Return Alaska credit for prior year minimum tax (see instructions) Alaska dividends received deduction (see instructions) Alaska Gain or (loss) Alaska incentive credits applied against tax from Form 6300 line 45 Alaska incentive credits claimed as refund from Form 6300 line 36 Alaska income (loss) from Schedule H line 12 Alaska income tax Add lines 4 5 Alaska income tax from Schedule D line 7 Alaska Items Alaska net capital gain Excess net long term capital gain line 16 over net short term capital loss line 10 Alaska net non recaptured Section 1231 losses from prior years Enter as a positive number Alaska net operating loss utilized: carryover ( ) carryback ( ) Total Alaska taxable income (loss) before net operating loss Add lines 9 10 and 11d Enter here and on Alaska taxable income Add lines 1 2 Alaska taxable income from Schedule A line 3 Alternative minimum tax from federal Form 4626 Amended return Amended return only: Amount applies Apportionable income (loss) Subtract line 6j from line 5 Apportionable LTCG/(L) Subtract line 12 from line 11 Apportionable STCG/(L) Subtract line 6 from line 5 Apportioned Apportioned dividends Multiply line 3 by line 4 Apportionment factor Divide line 13 by 3 Apportionment factor from Schedule I line 14 Apportionment factor from Schedule I line 14 Carryback is waived for net operating loss Check if Check if the DOR may discuss this return Combined Combined Reporting Company Consolidated Alaska return Contact Email Address Contact Fax Number Contact Person Contact Telephone Number Current Alaska charitable contributions Multiply line 3 by line 4 Current charitable contributions Current Section 1231 gains and (losses) If a loss enter the Dividend income included in Schedule H line 3 Dividends Dividends allocable to Alaska included on Schedule H line 10 Dividends qualifying for 100% deduction Dividends qualifying for 80% deduction Dividends subtracted on Schedule H line 6f as non business income DRD (A x B) Education credit contributions from Form 6310 line 5 Enter amount from line 3 Enter here and on Schedule D line 2 Enter the lesser of line 6 column A or B here and on Schedule A line 4 Estimated Payments Excess net short term capital gain line 10 over net long term capital loss line 16 Exempt organization with UBTI Expenses incurred to produce non business income Factor numerators to be reported: property payroll sales Factor numerators to be reported: property payroll sales Federal based credits from Form 6390 line 33 Federal charitable contributions from federal Form 1120 line 19 Federal extension is in effect Federal Form 1120 line 8 capital gain income Federal taxable (income) loss of corporations with U S factors of less than 20% Federal taxable (income) loss of non unitary corporations Federal taxable income (loss) (see instructions) Federal taxable income (loss) of corporations not included in line 1 Final Alaska return First For calendar year 2015 or the taxable year beginning 2015 ending 20 Foreign corporations with 20% or greater U S factors Form 6000 Form 6000 Form 6000 Form 6000 Fourth HOA filing Form 1120 H I declare under penalty of perjury that I have examined this return including accompanying schedules and If amended return box above is checked then check the following boxes if applicable: If line 1C is a gain enter the lesser of line 1C or line 2 here and on line 19 otherwise enter zero If line 1C is a gain subtract line 2 from line 1C but not less than zero Enter here and on line 15 If line 1C is a loss enter here otherwise enter the amount from line 4 Income (loss) apportioned to Alaska Multiply line 7 by line 8 Income from tax haven corporations and any FSC profit Insurance Intercompany dividends Intercompany dividends from Schedule H line 6b Intercompany eliminations (see instructions) Interest from obligations of the United States Less: Quick Refund from Form 6230 Long term Capital Gains and Losses LTCG/(L) Mailing Address Check if new address Multiply line 1 by line 2 Multiply line 8 by 10% NAICS Code Name of each corporation with nexus in Alaska Net Alaska income tax Subtract the sum of lines 7 8 from line 6 If more than $500 attach Form 6220 Net capital gain from Schedule J line 18 Net income before state modifications and adjustments Add lines 1 and 2g Net LTCG/(L) Add lines 13C 14 and 15 Net Section 1231 losses from federal Form 4797 line 11 Net STCG/(L) add lines 7C 8 and 9 NEXUS IN ALASKA INCLUDED IN THIS RETURN FAILURE TO PROPERLY COMPLETE MAY RESULT IN PENALTIES Non business income (attach schedule) Non business income (loss) net of expenses allocable to Alaska (attach schedule) Non business LTCG/(L) Non business LTCG/(L) allocable to Alaska Non business STCG/(L) Non business STCG/(L) allocable to Alaska Non recaptured Section 1231 losses from prior years from federal Form 4797 line 12 Not Eligible Officer s Signature Oil and gas service industry expenditures Enter amount from Form 6327 line 2 Ordinary income Subtract line 2 from line 1 If less than zero enter zero Other (attach schedule) Other taxes (see instructions) Other taxes from Schedule E line 8 Overpayment credited to 2016 estimated tax (enter as positive number) Overpayment from prior year P L 86 272 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 parent of the federal consolidated group Payment with extension Payments from page 3 Schedule C Payroll Payroll everywhere Payroll factor Divide line 6 by line 7 Payroll within Alaska Penalty for underpayment of estimated tax (see instructions) Percentage Personal Holding Company Personal Holding Company tax (see instructions) Phone preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge Preparer firm s name (or yours if Preparer s Signature Preparer s SSN or PTIN Property Property everywhere Property factor Divide line 2 by line 3 Property within Alaska Public Law 86 272 applies Reason Refund Add lines 15 16 result on line 19 Return Information (check applicable boxes) S Corporation (attach Form 1120S) Sales Sales everywhere Sales factor Divide line 10 by line 11 Sales within Alaska Schedule A line 1 SCHEDULE A NET INCOME TAX SUMMARY SCHEDULE B ALASKA TAXPAYER INFORMATION SCHEDULE C TAX PAYMENT RECORD SCHEDULE D ALASKA TAX COMPUTATION SCHEDULE E OTHER TAXES SCHEDULE H COMPUTATION OF ALASKA INCOME SCHEDULE I APPORTIONMENT FACTOR SCHEDULE J ALASKA CAPITAL AND SECTION 1231 GAINS AND LOSSES SCHEDULE K CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION DEDUCTION SCHEDULE L ALASKA DIVIDENDS RECEIVED DEDUCTION (DRD) Second Section 1231 Gains and Losses Section 78 gross up dividends Section 78 gross up dividends from Schedule H line 6c self employed self employed) and address Short Term Capital Gains and Losses STCG/(L) Small corporation exemption (see instructions) State State State State statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true correct and complete Declaration of Subtract line 2 from line 1 Subtractions Summary Tax due (overpaid) Subtract the sum of lines 10 12 from line 9 Tax on early cessation of operations gas storage facility Tax on early cessation of operations LNG storage facility Tax on net capital gain Multiply line 2 by 4 5% Tax on ordinary income Use Tax Rate Table to compute tax on line 3 Tax Rate Table is contained in instructions Taxable income for deduction limitation purposes (see instructions) Taxes based on or measured by net income Tentative dividends received deduction Add lines 8a 8f column C (see instructions) Third Title Total Add lines 3 and 4h Total additions Add lines 4a 4g Total adjustments for combined reporting Add lines 2a 2f Total Alaska items (add lines 11a 11c) Total amount due (overpaid) Add lines 13 14 If greater than zero STOP Total current LTCG/(L) Total current STCG/(L) Total dividends eligible for DRD Subtract line 2e from line 1 Total dividends included in taxable income Add lines 5 6 Total dividends not eligible for DRD Add lines 2a 2d Total estimated tax payments Total net payments to Schedule A line 10 Total of line 1 column C Total of line 5 column C Total of line 9 column C Total subtractions Add lines 6a 6i Total tax Add lines 4 5 with the preparer (see instructions) Zip Code Zip Code Zip Code Zip Code