AR - Arkansas

Form AR1000ADJAdjustments Schedule01/03/2016
Form AR1000-COCheck Off Contributions Schedule01/03/2016
Form AR1000CRIndividual Income Tax Composite Return01/04/2016
Form AR1000CRESComposite Estimated Tax Declaration Vouchers12/08/2014
Form AR1000CRVComposite Income Tax Payment Voucher01/04/2016
Form AR1000DCapital Gains Schedule01/03/2016
Form AR1000DCDisabled Individual Certificate01/03/2016
Form AR1000ESIndividual Estimated Tax Declaration Vouchers12/08/2014
Form AR1000FFull Year Resident Individual Income Tax Return01/03/2016
Form AR1000NRPart Year or Non-Resident Individual Income Tax Return01/03/2016
Form AR1000-ODOrgan Donor Donation01/03/2016
Form AR1000RC5Individuals With Developmental Disabilities Certificate01/03/2016
Form AR1000SFull Year Resident Short From Income Tax Return01/03/2016
Form AR1000TCSchedule of Tax Credits and Business Incentive Credits01/03/2016
Form AR1000TDLump Sum Distribution Averaging01/03/2016
Form AR1000VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher01/04/2016
Form AR1023CTApplication for Income Tax Exemption01/14/2016
Form AR1036Employee Tuition Reimbursement Tax Credit01/14/2016
Form AR1055Extension of Time to File Request - Individual, Partnership, Fiduciary & Composite01/03/2016
Form AR1075Deduction for Tuition Paid to Post-Secondary Educational Institutions01/03/2016
Form AR1100BICSchedule of Business Incentive Credits01/14/2016
Form AR1100-COSchedule of Check-Off Contributions01/14/2016
Form AR1100CTCorporation Income Tax Return01/14/2016
Form AR1100CTVCorporation Income Tax Payment Voucher01/14/2016
Form AR1100CTXCorporation Income Tax Amended Return01/14/2016
Form AR1100ESCTCorporation Estimated Tax Declaration Vouchers01/14/2016
Form AR1100NOLSchedule of Net Operating Loss01/14/2016
Form AR1100-RECReconciliation Schedule01/14/2016
Form AR1100SSubchapter S Corporation Income Tax Return01/14/2016
Form AR1103Application to be a Small Business Corporation01/14/2016
Form AR1103-SuppSupplemental01/14/2016
Form AR1113Phenylketonuria & Other Metabolic Disorders Credit01/03/2016
Form AR1155Extension of Time to File Request01/14/2016
Form AR2210Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Tax01/03/2016
Form AR2210AAnnualized Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Tax01/03/2016
Form AR2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax01/14/2016
Form AR3Itemized Deduction Schedule01/03/2016
Form AR4Interest and Dividend Schedule01/03/2016
Form ARDDDirect Deposit Information for Paper Returns01/03/2016
Form ARK-1Arkansas Shareholder, Partner, or Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits,
Form AR-OIOther Income/Loss and Depreciation Differencesme/it/rena