Form AR1000CR Fillable Individual Income Tax Composite Return
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(If Line 2 is greater than Line 9 enter difference) TAX DUE 13 00 [Attach copies of AR1099PT Form(s)] 3 ADJUSTED TOTAL PAYMENTS: (Subtract Line 8 from Line 7) 9 AMOUNT OF OVERPAYMENT/REFUND: (If Line 9 is greater than Line 2 enter difference) 10 AMOUNT TO BE REFUNDED TO YOU: (Subtract Line 11 from Line 10) REFUND 12 AR1055 TAX: 2 TAXABLE INCOME FROM SCHEDULE A (below): 1 TOTAL PAYMENTS: (Add Lines 3 through 6) 8 (: LLC) Unchecked (: Partner) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (City State and Zip Code) (Click Here to Clear the Work Sheet) Click Here to Clear Form Info (Click Here to Print Document) Click Here to Print Document (Enter Month/Day (mm/dd)) (Enter Tax Year End) (Federal Identification Number) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) 2015 AR1000CR accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief they are true AR1000CR (R 4/23/15) ARKANSAS INCOME TAX CHECK BOX IF City State ZIP COMPOSITE TAX RETURN COMPUTATION OF TAX ON ARKANSAS TAXABLE INCOME (Round to nearest dollar) correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which Dept Use Only AMENDED RETURN FEIN TAXABLE INCOME For Department Use Only ICCR151 Income NAME OF MEMBER ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP SSN OR SHARE OF PLEASE SIGN HERE: Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return and preparer has any knowledge SCHEDULE A MEMBERS SHARES OF INCOME NUMBER OF NONRESIDENT MEMBERS Total Taxable