Form AR1000TC Fillable Schedule of Tax Credits and Business Incentive Credits
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! " # %&'& * ! "/ ## "/ // %" Recent legislation may have amended increased or extended some of the provisions for Business Incentive %" This credit cannot exceed the Arkansas income tax on the same income and cannot exceed the total tax * %("& " $ $"(+!" % $ % ( ($ $ ) % " $ %(* / &( @@@"! / / & / / For that reason YOU MUST ATTACH TO YOUR ARKANSAS RETURN A SIGNED / > ? + " # %& & * > ? ## # > > " tion > 9 ! 4 / %" / 9 ; < Part year residents will not be The contribution must be made by &# 3 ! " # ! ! " # ! "%"&' !( ) "$ (BIC Code) (BIC Code) (BIC Code) (BIC Code) (Click Here to Clear the Work Sheet) Click Here to Clear Form Info (Click Here to Print Document) Click Here to Print Document (Primary Social Security Number) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) 0001 Advantage Arkansas 0024 In House Research by Targeted Business Income Tax Credit 0002 Affordable Housing 0025 In House Research Area of Strategic Value Income Tax Credit 0003 AR Plus 0004 AR Plus 50% Technology Based 0027 Rice Straw 0005 AR Plus 75% Technology Based 0028 Tourism Development 0006 AR Plus 100% Technology Based 0029 Tuition Reimbursement Program 0008 Capital Development Company 0030 Targeted Business Payroll 0009 Child Care Facility 0031 Venture Capital Investment 0010 Coal Mining Producing and Extracting 0032 Youth Apprenticeship 0011 Delta Geotourism 0033 Youth Apprenticeship Work Base Learning 0013 Enterprise Zone 0034 Waste Reduction Reuse or Recycle Equipment 0014 Equipment Donation/Sale 0035 Water Impounded Outside Critical 0015 Equity Investment Incentive 0036 Water Impounded Within Critical 0016 Existing Workforce Training 0037 Water Surface Outside Critical 0017 Family Savings Initiative Act 0038 Water Surface Inside Critical 0018 Historic Rehabilitation 0039 Water Surface Inside Critical Industrial or Commercial 0019 Low Income Housing 0040 Water Land Leveling 0020 Public Roads Incentive 0041 Wetland Riparian Zone Creation/Restoration 0021 Research Park Authority 0042 Wetland Riparian Zone Conservation 0022 Research and Development with Universities 0043 Central Business Improvement District Rehab and Dev 0023 In House Research Income Tax Credit 0044 Biodiesel Incentive 0045 Recycle Equipment for Steel Manufacturer 1 State Political Contribution Credit: (See instructions) 1 2 Other State Tax Credit: [Attach copy of other state tax return(s)] 2 2016 to be claimed on the 2015 tax return 3 Credit for Adoption Expenses: (Attach federal Form 8839) 3 4 Phenylketonuria Disorder Credit: (See instructions Attach AR1113) 4 5 Business Incentive Tax Credit(s): (Add amounts from 5A 5F below) 5 5A BIC Code 5B BIC Code 5C BIC Code 5D BIC Code 5E BIC Code 5F BIC Code A credit of up to $50 00 per taxpayer ($100 00 for a joint return) is allowed against your Arkansas individual income Add Lines 1 through 5 Enter total on Line 34 Form AR1000F/AR1000NR or Line 23 Form AR1002/AR1002NR 6 allowed this credit unless they continued to have taxable income from another state and the other state income is Amount Amount Amount 00 Amount 00 and/or spouse are claiming credits earned by a pass through entity then the FEIN of that entity must also be AR1000TC AR1000TC (R 5/27/15) Arkansas income tax liability for payment of the gambling winnings tax to the State of Mississippi ARKANSAS INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX Arkansas statute A summary of the Business Incentive Credit Programs can be found at www dfa arkansas gov BUSINESS INCENTIVE CREDIT TYPES copy of ;;7< COPY OF THE TAX RETURN(S) YOU FILED WITH THE OTHER STATE(S) Enter the amount of to the other state(s) Credits Use of any credit is subject to the limitations and carryover provisions provided by the respective Enter the allowable Phenylketonuria Disorder Credit Attach Form AR1113 Enter the amount of allowable State Political Contributions Credit(s) on this line The allowable credit(s) cannot Enter the total allowable credit(s) claimed Enter the BIC Code(s) and amount(s) on Lines 5A to 5F If the primary Enter total on Line 34 Form AR1000F/AR1000NR or Line 23 Form AR1002/AR1002NR entered Enter the total amounts from Lines 5A to 5F in box 5 & # / exceed $50 for Filing Status 1 3 5 or 6 or $100 total for Filing Status 2 or 4 If you are an Arkansas resident and included income on your Arkansas Return that was also taxed by another If you have questions please contact the Tax Credits/Special Refunds Section at (501) 682 7106 included as taxable income in Column C of Form AR1000NR INSTRBP INSTRUCTIONS FOR ITTC151 LINE 2 Primary Taxpayer Name/ Trust (Fiduciary) Primary Social Security Number/ FEIN (Fiduciary) SCHEDULE OF TAX CREDITS state you may claim a credit for the income tax portion of taxes paid to the other state on that income tax liability for cash contributions made by the taxpayer(s) to one of the following: The Adoption Expense Credit allowed is twenty percent (20%) of the amount allowed on your federal return A The State of Mississippi enacted a special tax that applies exclusively to gambling winnings This tax is separate to a state that does not recognize Sub S Corporation status you owe Arkansas