CO - Colorado

104 FormIncome Tax Form (no instructions)11/16/2015
Form 104AMTAlternative Minimum Tax Schedule08/12/2015
Form 104CRCredits -- for Individuals02/10/2016
Form 104EPEstimated Tax -- Individual Coupon06/16/2015
Form 104PNPart-Year/Nonresident Computation Form11/17/2015
Form 104XAmended Form12/04/2015
Form 105Amended Return12/30/2015
Form 105EPCoupon/Voucher -- Current Year06/16/2015
Form 106Partnership/S-Corporation Booklet12/04/2015
Form 106EPEstimated Partnership Coupon06/16/2015
Form 107Nonresident Partner/Shareholder Agreement07/31/2015
Form 108Nonresident Partner/Shareholder Statement of Remittance07/31/2015
112 BookletC-Corporation Income Tax Return12/04/2015
Form 112 CRCredits - for Corporations09/16/2015
Form 112EPEstimated Corporation Coupon/Voucher06/16/2015
Form DR 0074Enterprise Zone Certification -- Business07/10/2014
Form DR 0075Enterprise Zone Certification - Contribution10/14/2014
Form DR 0076Enterprise Zone Certification -- Rehabilitation Expenditures10/28/2013
Form DR 0077Enterprise Zone Certification - Research/Development Expenditures10/30/2013
Form DR 0078Enterprise Zone -- Extended Application08/27/2014
Form DR 0078AEnterprise Zone Tax Credits - Pass-Through Entity Distribution Report11/19/2014
Form DR 0084W-2 Form Substitute09/27/2013
Form DR 0085Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report09/26/2013
Form DR 0086Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Pass-through Schedule10/01/2013
Form DR 0096Tax Status Letter Request09/26/2013
Form DR 0102Deceased Taxpayer - Claim for Refund09/26/2013
Form DR 0112XAmended Return09/25/2015
Form DR 0145Power of Attorney12/09/2013
Form DR 0204Estimated Tax -- Individual Underpayment07/20/2015
Form DR 0205Estimated Tax -- Underpayment10/06/2015
Form DR 0253Closing Agreement - Estates, Trusts09/24/2013
Form DR 0346Hunger-Relief Food Contribution Certification05/13/2015
Form DR 0347Child Care Expenses Tax Credit09/10/2015
Form DR 0348Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Transfer Schedule08/13/2014
Form DR 0349Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Use Schedule08/13/2014
Form DR 0617Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit09/14/2015
Form DR 0810Medical Savings Account -- Employee09/30/2013
Form DR 0811Catastrophic Health Insurance -- Employee09/30/2013
Form DR 0900Payment Voucher -- Individuals09/10/2015
Form DR 0900CPayment Voucher09/16/2015
Form DR 0900PPayment Voucher - Partnership07/27/2015
Form DR 1059Military Spouse -- Exemption from Withholding09/30/2013
Form DR 1079Real Property Interest -- Payment of Withholding08/21/2014
Form DR 1083Real Property Interest -- Information10/17/2013
Form DR 1210Estate Tax Return11/17/2003
Form DR 1305Gross Conservation Easement Schedule08/07/2015
Form DR 1305-EGross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule09/09/2015
Form DR 1305FGross Conservation Easement Credit Pass-Through Schedule08/07/2015
Form DR 1305GGross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule08/07/2015
Form DR 1316Capital Gain Affidavit11/14/2013
Form DR 1317Child Care Contribution - Credit Certification10/02/2013
Form DR 1318Child Care Contribution - Unlicensed Organization10/02/2013
Form DR 1319Child Care Contribution - Grandfathered Organization11/14/2013
Form DR 1366Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule12/04/2015
Form DR 158-CExtension Payment Voucher - Corporation07/31/2015
Form DR 158-FExtension Payment Voucher08/10/2015
Form DR 158-IExtension Payment Voucher -- Individual07/30/2015
Form DR 158NExtension Payment Voucher -- Composite Nonresident08/12/2015
Form DR 1778E-Filer Attachment Form10/28/2013
Form DR 1830Material Advisor Disclosure Statement For Colorado Listed Transaction11/01/2013
Form DR 5714Copy of Form Filed, Request for08/28/2015
Form DR 5782Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program11/12/2015
Form DR 5785Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization11/13/2015
Form DR 8453CElectronic Filing Declaration - C-Corporation09/18/2015
Form DR 8453PElectronic Filing Declaration - Partnership08/24/2015