CT - Connecticut

Form AU-796Reinstatement Guarantee Declaration for Non-stock Corporations03/31/2008
Form AU-797Dissolution Guarantee Declaration for Stock Corporations04/01/2008
Form AU-798Dissolution Guarantee Declaration for Non-stock Corporations03/31/2008
Form AU-800aWithdrawal Guarantee Declaration for Corporations03/31/2008
Form AU-801Reinstatement Guarantee Declaration for Stock Corporations03/31/2008
Form CT-1040 AWPart-Year Resident Income Allocation Worksheet10/22/2015
Form CT-1040 EXT2015 Application for Extension of Time to File Income Tax Return for Individuals01/14/2016
Form CT-10402015 Resident Income Tax Return10/29/2015
Form CT-1040BANonresident Business Apportionment Schedule10/14/2015
Form CT-1040CRCClaim of Right Credit10/22/2015
Form CT-1040EFWConnecticut Electronic Withdrawal Payment Record10/14/2015
Form CT-1040ES2016 Estimated Connecticut Income Tax Payment Coupon for Individuals10/29/2015
Form CT-1040NR-PY2015 Nonresident/Part-Year Resident Tax Return11/02/2015
Form CT-1040VConnecticut Electronic Filing Payment Voucher10/22/2015
Form CT-1040WHConnecticut Income Tax Withholding Supplemental Schedule10/29/2015
Form CT-1040XAmended Income Tax Return for Individuals11/06/2015
Form CT-1120 A-BMCCorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Motor Bus and Motor Carrier Companies10/31/2013
Form CT-1120 A-BPECorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Broadcasters and Production Entities10/31/2013
Form CT-1120 A-CCACorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income From Credit Card Activities10/31/2013
Form CT-1120 A-FSCorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income from Financial Service Companies Activities10/21/2014
Form CT-1120 A-IRICCorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income from Services to Regulated Investment Companies01/08/2013
Form CT-1120 A-LPCorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment of Limited Partnership Interests01/26/2011
Form CT-1120 A-MFGCorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Manufacturing Companies10/21/2014
Form CT-1120 A-SBCCorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Securities Brokerage Services01/08/2013
Form CT-1120 ATApprenticeship Training Tax Credit11/20/2015
Form CT-1120 ATTCorporation Business Tax Return Attachment Schedules H, I, and J (with instructions)12/23/2015
Form CT-1120 CCAuthorization and Consent to be Included in a Combined Corporation Business Tax Return11/16/2015
Form CT-1120 CC-RRevocation of Election and Consent to File Combined Corporation Business Tax10/21/2014
Form CT-1120 CRCombined Corporation Business Tax Return12/16/2015
Form CT-1120 DADigital Animation Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 DLDonation of Land Credit11/20/2015
Form CT-1120 EDPCElectronic Data Processing Equipment Property Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 EXTApplication for Extension of Time to File Corporation Business Tax Return (with instructions)11/16/2015
Form CT-1120 FCICFixed Capital Investment Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 FPIFilm Production Infrastructure Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 GBGreen Building Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 HCICHuman Capital Investment Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 HHHistoric Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 HPHistoric Preservation Tax Credit11/20/2015
Form CT-1120 HPCHousing Program Contribution Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 HRHistoric Rehabilitation Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 HSHistoric Structures Rehabilitation Tax Credit11/20/2015
Form CT-1120 JET2015 Job Expansion Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 MECMachinery and Equipment Expenditure Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 NJCNew Jobs Creation Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 PICInformation Return for Passive Investment Companies01/02/2014
Form CT-1120 RCResearch and Experimental Expenditures Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 RDCResearch and Development Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 SBASmall Business Guaranty Fee Tax Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120 SBJSmall Business Job Creation Tax Credit10/15/2014
Form CT-1120 TIC-EZManufacturing Facility Credit for Facilities Located in a Targeted Investment Community/Enterprise Zone NOTE: This form replaces Forms CT-1120CRMC, CT-1120CRMCEZ, CT-1120MC and CT-1120MCEZ10/16/2014
Form CT-1120 UUnitary Corporation Business Tax Return01/05/2016
Form CT-1120 XCHApplication for Exchange of Research and Development or Research and Experimental11/18/2015
Form CT-11202015 Corporation Business Tax Return12/23/2015
Form CT-1120ACorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation (with instructions)12/23/2015
Form CT-1120A-ACorporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation-Air Carriers12/03/2008
Form CT-1120ABAdd Back and Exceptions to Add Back of Interest and Intangible Expenses10/31/2013
Form CT-1120FPFilm Production Tax Credit11/20/2015
Form CT-1120IComputation of Interest Due on Underpayment of Estimated Tax (with instructions)11/16/2015
Form CT-1120KBusiness Tax Credit Summary12/23/2015
Form CT-1120SFService Facility Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-1120XAmended Corporation Business Tax Return01/05/2016
Form CT-1127Application for Extension of Time for Payment of Income Tax10/14/2015
Form CT-12-717AChange of Resident Status - Special Accruals Connecticut Surety Bond Form11/06/2006
Form CT-12-717A-BForms CT-12-717 A and CT-12-717 B Instructions08/30/2007
Form CT-12-717BChange of Resident Status - Special Accruals Other Acceptable Security Form11/06/2006
Form CT-19 ITTitle 19 Status Release Form10/15/2015
Form CT-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Individuals, Trusts and Estates (Schedules A & B)11/06/2015
Form CT-3911Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund - Use this form to report a lost, stolen or missing refund check10/29/2015
Form CT-4852Substitute for Forms W-2 and 1099-R11/06/2006
Form CT-8379Nonobligated Spouse Claim10/14/2015
Form CT-8801Credit for Prior Year Connecticut Minimum Tax for Individuals, Trusts and Estates11/09/2015
Form CT-8822Change of Address for Individuals12/06/2010
Form CT-8822CCorporation Business Tax Change of Address01/02/2014
Form CT-8857Request for Innocent Spouse Relief01/21/2015
Form CT-CHET2015 Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) 529 College Savings Plan Contribution11/03/2015
Form CT-IRFInsurance Reinvestment Fund Credit11/18/2015
Form CT-IT CreditSchedule CT-IT Credit10/22/2015
Form CT-NAICSNAICS Codes for Principal Business Activity for Connecticut Tax Purposes05/07/2004
Form CT-SINonresident or Part-Year Resident Schedule of Income From Connecticut Sources10/22/2015
Form CT-UISRUrban and Industrial Site Reinvestment Credit11/18/2015
Form NAA-012015 Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) Program Proposal03/25/2015
Form NAA-022015 Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act Business Application04/15/2015
Form OP-186Individual Use Tax Return09/18/2015
Schedule CT-EITC2015 Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit11/02/2015