DC - District of Columbia

Form D-202015 Corporation Franchise Tax Return01/20/2016
Form D-2030P2015 Corporate Payment Voucher12/22/2015
Form D-20ES2016 Declaration of Estimated Franchise Tax for Corporations12/22/2015
Form D-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Individuals12/08/2015
Form D-2220Underpayment of Estimated Franchise Tax By Businesses01/20/2016
Form D-24402015 Disability Income Exclusion12/07/2015
Form D-2441Child and Dependent Care Credit for Part-Year Residents12/07/2015
Form D-302015 Unincorporated Business Tax Return02/02/2016
Form D-30ES2015 Declaration of Estimated Tax for Unincorporated Business12/22/2015
Form D-40-40EZ2015 Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions for Single and Joint Filers with No Dependents and All Other Filers01/20/2016
Form D-40B2015 Nonresident Request for Refund01/27/2016
Form D-40ES2016 Estimated Payment for Individual Income Tax12/09/2015
Form D-412015 Fiduciary Income Tax Return10/09/2015
Form D-652015 Partnership Return of Income02/03/2016
Form FR-1272015 Extension of Time to File Voucher12/09/2015
Form FR-127F2015 Extension of Time to File Fiduciary Return10/13/2015
Form FR-1282015 Extension of Time to File12/22/2015
Form FR-3292015 Consumer Use Tax on Purchases and Rentals Homeowner/Renter Property Tax Credit12/09/2015
Schedule H2015 Homeowner / Renter Property Tax Credit (HRPTC). The HRPTC form can be filed as a stand alone form.01/06/2016
Schedule L2015 Lower Income Long-Term Homeowner Credit12/07/2015