Form D-65 Fillable 2015 Partnership Return of Income
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2015 D 65 P1 (Address line #1) (Address line #2) (Amended Return indicator) Unchecked (BAD DEBTS) (Business name) (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (City) (Clear) Clear (Federal Employer Identification Number) (Final return) Unchecked (Print) Print (REPAIRS) (SALARIES/WAGES) (State) (Tax period ending (MMYY) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (undefined) (undefined) (undefined) (undefined) (undefined) (Zip Code + 4) (Zip Code) *150650110002* *You must fill in the Designated Agent info below 1 Gross receipts or sales minus returns and allowances 10 Payments to partners 11 Repairs and maintenance 12 Bad debts 13 Rent 14 Taxes and licenses 15 Interest 16 Depreciation minus depreciation deducted elsewhere on this return 17 Depletion 18 Retirement plans 19 Employee benefit programs 2 Cost of goods sold and/or operations 20 Other deductions 21 Total deductions Add Lines 9 20 22 Ordinary income (loss) Line 8 minus Line 21 Fill in if minus: 33 Gross profit Line 1 minus Line 2 Fill in if minus: 4 Fill in if minus:Ordinary income (loss) from other partnerships 5 Net farm profit (loss) Fill in if minus: 6 Net gain (loss) Fill in if minus: 7 Other income (loss) Fill in if minus: 88 Total income Add Lines 3 7 Fill in if minus: 9 Salaries and wages paid to non partners Address line #1 Address line #2 Business name Tax period ending (MMYY) City State Zip Code + 4 D 65 Partnership Return DEDUCTIONS Designated Agent Name Designated Agent FEIN District of Columbia estates and trusts etc Federal Employer Identification Number FFill inill in Fill in Fill inFill in Government of the if amended return if Certified QHTC if final return if unitary with a combined group* INCOME of Income OFFICIAL USE ONLY Vendor ID # 0002Fill in Partnership Return of Income page 1 Revised 11/15 This is a FILL IN format Please do not handwrite any data on this form other than your signature WHOLE DOLLAR AMOUNTS ONLY