Form RT-8I Fillable Information Sheet R.12/15
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Gross or Taxable Wages Paid Columns Wages means all remuneration for employment including commissions bonuses back pay awards and the (A) A sole proprietor and his or her spouse parents (A) Reporting an incorrect or missing social security (B) Partners of a partnership (B) Reporting an incorrect or missing employee (C) Elected officials and others as specified under (C) Entering wages or employees more than once (D) Including exempt items of compensation in (E) Typographical or written errors on the wage (RT 7) must complete one RT 8A for each quarter 1 Negative wage amounts in the employee s 2 Inclusion of employee wages that should have 3 Inclusion of exempt wages: 4 Reporting Discrepancies: 6A formerly UCT 6A) Employer s Quarterly Report for Out of State Wages (RT 6NF formerly UCT 6NF) and/ amounts in the Corrected columns Annual filers and minor children under age 21 and/or RT 7 been reported to another state: The RT 6NF is being corrected calendar month the employee stopped working are wages Payments made under a worker s compensation law are cannot be accepted: Adjustments to previously cash value of all remuneration paid in any medium other than cash However the figure for wages reported on the Common Discrepancies on the RT 6 RT 6NF employer in multiple states The RT 8A can be Employer s Quarterly Report (RT 6 formerly UCT 6) Employer s Quarterly Report Continuation Sheet (RT excluded from wages filed RT 6 RT 6NF and/or RT 7 wage information Florida Statutes For additional information call Taxpayer Services at 800 352 3671 gross and taxable wages in state or out of state included in a written statement furnished to the employer by the employee and amount to $20 or more per month must be made for each quarter individually name in Column 2 not include those amounts of compensation exempt from Florida reemployment tax (formerly unemployment) per number in Column 1 for the employee listed Officers of a corporation performing services for the corporation are employees and compensation paid is considered or Employer s Unemployment Tax Annual Report for Employers of Domestic Employees Only (RT 7 formerly or sending duplicate wage information or visit our Internet site: Original Report columns and the corrected originally reported for each employee in the Per previously over reported write the amount R 12/15 report RT 8A Information Sheet RT 8i section 443 1217(2)(b) (g) Florida Statutes Sick and accident disability payments paid by an employing unit to an employee in the six calendar months after the Tips and gratuities are covered wages if received while performing services which constitute employment and are UCT 7) or Correction to Employer s Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report (RT 8A formerly UCT 8A) should used to correct wages previously reported as either used with the RT 6 to report out of state taxable using the RT 8A If the intent is to adjust wages WAGES wages Only dividends on shares of stock and board of director fees are excluded from wages wages paid to employees who work for the same www myflorida com/dor