Form 600S Fillable Corporate Tax Return
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(: Checking) Unchecked (: Savings) Unchecked (a) Owns or leases the land on which a project is constructed; (b) Provides capital for construction of the project; and (c) Is the grantor or owner under a management agreement with a managing company for the project (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (Clear) Clear (Clear) Clear (Corporation) Name (Corporation) Name FEIN (Corporation) Name FEIN (if applicable ) (if applicable) (Print Blank Form) Print Blank Form (Print Blank Form) Print Blank Form (Print) Print (Print) Print (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 3 (Round to nearest dollar)2016 Net Worth Tax Return (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) *NOTE: Any tax credits from Schedule 10 may be applied against income tax liability only not net worth tax liability 1 Complete a separate schedule for each Credit Type Code 1 Credit Type Code(Enter here and on Page 5) 1 Georgia Taxable Income (See instructions) 1 1 Gross receipts from business 1 1 Interest on obligations of United States (must be reduced by direct and indirect interest expense) 1 1 Ordinary income (loss) per Federal return 1 State and municipal bond interest (other than Georgia or political subdivision thereof) 1 Total Capital stock issued 1 Total Income for Georgia purposes (Line 11 Schedule 8) 1 1 Total Tax (Schedule 1 Line 2 and Schedule 3 Line 7) 1 Total value of property owned (Total assets from Federal balance sheet) 1) A corporation that is a member of the taxpayer s affiliated group within the meaning of Section 1504(a) of the Internal Revenue 10 Balance of tax interest and penalty due with return 10 Enter the amount assigned to affiliated entities (See Schedule 12) 10 Subtractions from Federal Income (Schedule 6) 11 Amount of Line 6 less Line 8 to be credited to 2016 estimated tax 11 Enter the amount of the credit sold (Conservation and Film Tax Credits) 11 Total Income for Georgia purposes (Subtract Line 10 from Line 9) 12 Credit Used in 2015 (Only when income tax is paid by the S Corporation) 13 Total allocated to owners on Schedule 11 14 Conservation or Film Tax Credits not sold or allocated to owners from previous years (do not 15 Potential carryover to 2016 (Line 9 less Lines 10 11 12 and 13 plus Line 14) 2 Company Name ID Number 2 Credits and payments of estimated tax 2 Exception to intangible expenses and related interest costs (Attach IT Addback) 2 2 Georgia Ratio (Divide Column A by Column B) 2 Gross receipts from business 2 Income allocated everywhere (Must Attach Schedule) 2 2 Net income (loss) from rental real estate activities 2 Net income or net profits taxes imposed by taxing jurisdictions other than Georgia 2 Paid in or Capital surplus 2 Tax 6% x Line 1 2 2 Total the amounts on Line 12 of each schedule and enter the total on the credit line of the return 2) An entity affiliated with a corporation business partnership or limited liability company taxpayer which entity: 2015 Income Tax Return 3 a Gross income from other rental activities 3 Business Income subject to apportionment (Line 1 less Line 2) 3 3 Company Name ID Number 3 Credits used from Schedule 10* 3 Exception to captive REIT expenses and costs (Attach IT REIT) 3 3 Expense attributable to tax exempt income 3 See the tax booklet for a list of credit type codes 3 Total Retained earnings 3 Totals (Line 1 + 2) 4 Company Name ID Number 4 Federal deduction for income attributable to domestic production activities (IRC Section 199) 4 Georgia ratio (Divide Line 3A by 3B) 4 Georgia Ratio (Schedule 7 Column C) 4 4 Net Worth (Total of Lines 1 2 and 3) 4 Other Subtractions (Must Attach Schedule) 4 4 Portfolio income (loss): a Interest Income 4 See the relevant forms statutes and regulations to determine how the credit is allocated to the owners to determine when carryovers expire and to 4 Withholding Credits (G2 A G2 LP and/or G2 RP) 5 Balance of tax due (Line 1 less Lines 2 3 and 4 ) 5 Company Name ID Number 5 If the credit for a particular credit code originated with more than one person or company enter separate information on Lines 2 through 8 below 5 Intangible expenses and related interest costs 5 Net business income apportioned to Georgia (Line 3 x Line 4) 5 5 Net gain (loss) under section 1231 5 Ratio (GA and Dom For Corp 100%) (Foreign Corp Line 4 Sch 2) 5 TOTAL Enter here and on Line 10 Schedule 8 5 6 Amount of overpayment (Lines 2 3 and 4 less Line 1) 6 Captive REIT expenses and costs 6 Company Name ID Number 6 Net income allocated to Georgia (Attach Schedule) 6 6 Net Worth Taxable by Georgia (Line 4 x Line 5) 6 Other Income (loss) 6 The credit certificate number is issued for credits that are preapproved If applicable please enter the credit certificate number where indicated 7 Before the Line 15 carryover is applied to the next year the amount must be reduced by any amounts elected to be applied to withholding in 2015 and 7 Company Name ID Number 7 Interest due (See Instructions) 7 Net Worth Tax (from table in instructions) 7 Other Additions (Attach Schedule) 7 Total Federal Income (Add Lines 1 through 6) 7 Total Georgia net income (Add Line 5 and Line 6) 7 8 Additions to Federal Income (Schedule 5) 8 Company Name ID Number 8 Form 600 UET (Estimated tax penalty) 8 TOTAL Enter here and on Line 8 Schedule 8 9 Other penalty due (See Instructions) 9 Total (Add Lines 7 & 8) 9 Total available credit for 2015 (sum of Lines 2 through 8) A Copy of the Federal Return and supporting Schedules must be attached otherwise this return shall be deemed incomplete A Federal Employer I D Number A Income Tax B Net Worth Tax C Total A WITHIN GEORGIA B EVERYWHERE A WITHIN GEORGIA B TOTAL EVERYWHERE Account Additional Schedule 10 ADDITIONS TO FEDERAL TAXABLE INCOME (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 5 Address Change ageage 1 All assignments of credits must be made before the statutory due date (including extensions) per O C G A 48 7 42 (b) Allocated Amended due to IRS Audit Amended Return Amount APPORTIONMENT OF INCOME SCHEDULE 7 are being assigned ASSIGNED TAX CREDITS (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 12 assignor became eligible in the taxable year in which the carryover was transferred back to the assignor In the case of any credit that b Dividend Income b Less: expenses B Name (Corporate title) Please give former name if applicable be permitted to assign the carryover to one or more affiliated entities as if such carryover were an income tax credit for which the Beginning by any carryovers that have expired C Corp Last Year C DO NOT ROUND C GA Ratio (A/B) C GA Withholding Tax Acct Number c Net business income from other rental activities (Line 3a less Line 3b) c Royalty Income Check the box to authorize the Georgia Department of Revenue to discuss the contents of this tax return with the named preparer Code; or COL (A)/ COL (B) CompositeName Change Return Filed COMPUTATION OF GEORGIA NET INCOME (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 9 COMPUTATION OF GEORGIA TAXABLE INCOME AND TAX (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 1 COMPUTATION OF NET WORTH RATIO(to be used by Foreign Corporations only) (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 2 COMPUTATION OF NET WORTH TAX COMPUTATION OF TAX DUE OR OVERPAYMENT (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 4 COMPUTATION OF TOTAL INCOME FOR GEORGIA PURPOSES (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 8 COMPUTE TO SIX COMPUTE TO SIX DECIMALS Corporation Name FEIN Amount of Credit Credit Certificate # Corporation Tax Return CREDIT ALLOCATION TO OWNERS (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 11 Credit Certificate # Credit Certificate # % of Credit Credit Generated in 2015 Credit Certificate # % of Credit Credit Generated in 2015 Credit Certificate # % of Credit Credit Generated in 2015 Credit Certificate # % of Credit Credit Generated in 2015 Credit Type Credit Type Code from Page 4 Schedule 10 Line 1 CREDIT USAGE AND CARRYOVER (continued) (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 10 CREDIT USAGE AND CARRYOVER (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 10 credits and credits received from an assignment should also be included) If the credit originated with this taxpayer enter this taxpayer s D Business Address (Number and Street) d Net short term capital gain (loss) DECIMALS Declaration: I/We declare under the penalties of perjury that I/we have examined this return (including accompanying schedules and statements) and Direct Deposit (ForU S AccountsOnly) See booklet for further instructions If Direct Deposit is not selected a paper check will be issued DIRECT DEPOSIT OPTIONS DO NOT ROUND E GA Sales Tax Reg Number e Net long term capital gain (loss) Email Address: Ending entities is defined as: Extension F City or Town G State H ZIP Code f Other portfolio income (loss) Final Return (Attach explanation) FIRM PREPARING THE RETURN For the credit generated this year list the Company Name ID number Credit Certificate number if applicable and % of credit (purchased for the taxable year the taxpayer may elect to assign credits in whole or in part to one or more affiliated entities The term affiliated Georgia Code Section 48 7 42 provides that in lieu of claiming any Georgia income tax credit for which a taxpayer otherwise is eligible Georgia Department of Revenue (Approved web version) Georgia Form 600S (Rev 09/16/15) P Georgia Form 600S/2015 Georgia Form 600S/2015 Georgia Form 600S/2015 Page 4 Georgia Form 600S/2015 Page 5 I authorize the GeorgiaDepartment ofRevenue to electronically notifyme at the below e mail address regarding any updates tomy account(s) I Foreign Country Name IDENTIFICATION OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER If the corporation filing this return is assigning tax credits to other affiliates please provide detail below specifying where the tax credits include amounts elected to be applied to withholding) Initial Net Worth J NAICS Code K Date of Incorporation L Incorporated under laws of what state List the details regarding the amounts allocated to the owners for each credit type code More than one credit type code can be entered M Date admitted into GA Mail to: Georgia Department of Revenue Processing Center PO Box 740391 Atlanta Georgia 30374 0391 Make check payable to: Georgia Department of Revenue money of the United States free of any expense to the State of Georgia must be claimed in installments in more than one taxable year the election under this subsection may be made on an annual basis with N Location of Books for Audit (City) & (State) P Kind of Business name and ID# below and 100% for the percentage Name of Owner ID Number of No carryover attributable to the unused portion of any previously claimed or assigned credit may be assigned or reassigned except if No extension of time for filing will be allowed unless a copy of the request for a Federal extension or Form IT 303 is attached to this return Number O Telephone Number on all information of which the preparer has knowledge Georgia Public Revenue Code Section 48 2 31 stipulates that taxes shall be paid in lawful on this schedule However additional schedules can be attached as needed Original Return Amount of nonresident withholding tax paid: Owner Page 2 Page 3 Page 6 Payroll WH Number Nonresident WH Number portion of the credit is transferred back to the assignor of the credit The assignor is permitted to use any such carryover and also shall PPage Print Blank Form Print Clear Q Total Shareholders R Total Nonresident Shareholders S Federal Ordinary Income Refunded respect to each such installment For additional information please refer to Georgia Code Section 48 7 42 Routing Savings see if the credit is limited to a certain percentage of tax SEE PAGE 3 SIGNATURE SECTION FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT OPTIONS SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT SIGNATURE OF INDIVIDUAL OR FIRM PREPARING THE RETURN SIGNATURE OF OFFICER SUBTRACTIONS FROM FEDERAL TAXABLE INCOME (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 6 T Indicate the latest taxable year adjusted by IRS U And when reported to Georgia the assignor and the recipient of an assigned tax credit cease to be affiliated entities then any carryover attributable to the unused TITLE to the best of my/our knowledge and belief it is true correct and complete If prepared by a person other than the taxpayer this declaration is based Type: Checking UET Annualization Exception attached