ID - Idaho

FORM 14Idaho Water's Edge Election and Consent10/30/2015
FORM 2Application for Amusement Device Permit06/23/2010
FORM 24Idaho Grocery Credit Refund12/15/2015
FORM 29Quarterly Idaho Oil and Gas Production Tax Statement06/18/2012
FORM 39NR (NONRESIDENT/PART-YEAR RESIDENT)Idaho Supplemental Schedule12/16/2015
FORM 39RIdaho Supplemental Schedule (Resident)12/16/2015
FORM 40Idaho Individual Income Tax12/23/2015
FORM 402Individual Apportionment for Multistate Businesses01/27/2010
FORM 40V [ID-40V]Income Tax Payment Voucher (for any year)12/16/2015
FORM 41Idaho Corporation Income Tax Return12/16/2015
FORM 41AIdaho Supplemental Schedule of Affiliated Entities11/12/2015
FORM 41ESQuarterly Estimated Tax/Extension of Time Payment10/30/2015
FORM 41ESQuarterly Estimated Tax/Extension of Time Payment01/09/2015
FORM 41ESRUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations10/28/2015
FORM 41ESTWorksheet for Determining Estimated Payment Amount09/26/2014
FORM 41SIdaho S Corporation Income Tax Return12/18/2015
FORM 42Idaho Apportionment And Combined Reporting Adjustments07/15/2013
FORM 43Idaho Part-Year Resident & Nonresident Income Tax Return12/16/2015
FORM 44Business Income Tax Credits and Credit Recapture12/16/2015
FORM 47Idaho Mine License Tax Return12/04/2015
FORM 48Idaho Kilowatt-Hour License Tax Statement10/28/2015
FORM 48-CIdaho Kilowatt-Hour (KWH) License Tax Statement For Co-Generator10/28/2015
FORM 48-CMIdaho Kilowatt-Hour License Tax Statement For Co-Generator (Monthly)10/22/2012
FORM 49Idaho Investment Tax Credit01/13/2016
FORM 49CIdaho Investment Tax Credit Carryover10/28/2015
FORM 49EProperty Tax Exemption Election Form01/13/2016
FORM 49ERRecapture of Qualified Investment Exemption From Property Tax11/30/2015
FORM 49RRecapture Of Idaho Investment Tax Credit12/08/2015
FORM 51Estimated Payment of Idaho Individual Income Tax12/16/2015
FORM 55Idaho Credit for Qualifying New Employees01/13/2016
FORM 56Idaho Net Operating Loss01/16/2014
FORM 65Idaho Partnership Return of Income12/30/2015
FORM 66Idaho Fiduciary Income Tax12/30/2015
FORM 67Credit for Idaho Research Activities12/30/2015
FORM 68Idaho Broadband Equipment Investment Credit12/30/2015
FORM 68RRecapture of Broadband Equipment Investment Credit01/09/2015
FORM 69Idaho Incentive Investment Tax Credit10/28/2015
FORM 70Idaho Statement of Credit Transfer10/28/2015
FORM 71Idaho Biofuel Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit10/28/2015
FORM 71RRecapture of Idaho Biofuel Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit10/28/2015
FORM 75Fuels Use Report (fuel bought through 6-30-2015)08/19/2015
FORM 75-ICIdaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet (IFTA Licensees)03/16/2009
FORM 75-IMVIdaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet (Intrastate Motor Vehicles)03/16/2009
FORM 75-LFAFuels Tax Refund Worksheet (Line Flush Allowance)12/16/2008
FORM 75-NewFuels Use Report (fuel bought on or after 7-01-2015)08/19/2015
FORM 83Idaho Small Employer Investment Tax Credit01/13/2016
FORM 83RRecapture of Idaho Small Employer Investment Tax Credit10/30/2015
FORM 84Idaho Small Employer Real Property Improvement Tax Credit01/13/2016
FORM 84RRecapture of Idaho Small Employer Real Property Improvement Tax Credit10/28/2015
FORM 85Idaho Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit01/13/2016
FORM 850-UIdaho Self-Assessed Use Tax Worksheet and Return01/23/2009
FORM 85RRecapture of Idaho Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit01/13/2016
FORM 89SECertification for Idaho's Small Employer Tax Incentives10/28/2015
FORM 96Idaho Annual Information Return12/30/2015
FORM CFSComprehensive Financial Statement (CFS)08/23/2010
FORM CGIdaho Capital Gains Deduction12/16/2015
FORM FSFinancial Statement (FS) (Simplified)06/27/2012
FORM ID K-1Partner's Shareholder's or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments Credits ETC.10/28/2015
FORM ID-MS1 - 2016Employee's Idaho Military Spouse Withholding Exemption Certificate12/28/2015
FORM PTE-01Idaho Income Tax Withheld for An Individual Nonresident Owner Of A Pass-through Entity10/28/2015
FORM PTE-12Idaho Schedule For Pass-Through Owners with Instructions01/22/2016
FORM PTE-NROAIdaho Nonresident Owner Agreement11/17/2015
FORM ST-102Use Tax Exemption Certificate New Resident or Military02/11/2014
FORM STC-06Request for Copies of Tax Returns01/30/2013
FORM TCRSales Tax Refund Claim06/19/2009
FORM W-2 SUBSubstitute W-2 Wage and Tax Statement02/23/2010