Form CR-Q3 Fillable 2015-16 Commercial Rent Tax 3rd Quarter Return
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

$0 to $62 499 (from page 2 line 13) $62 500 and over (from page 2 line 14) (see instructions) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) 02 29 16 03 21 16 12 01 15 2015/16 ACCOUNT Address (number and street): and select Business in the left column Select Update/Change BusinessName or Address from the Online Tools Update as required Applicable ATTACH REMITTANCE ONLY BEGINNING Business Telephone Number: City and State: CLASS COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL RENT TAX RETURN COMPLETETHISRETURNBYBEGINNINGWITHPAGE2 BUTDONOTMAILPAGE2OROTHERATTACHMENTS COMPUTATION correct CR Q3 credit December Department DID YOUR MAILING ADDRESS CHANGE? DO NOT ATTACH PAGE 2 BASE RENT COMPUTATION SCHEDULES TO THIS PAGE ELECTRONIC FILING Employer EmployerIdentification ENDING enter Enter payment amount on line A above February 29 Federal Business Code Finance For more information log on to nyc gov/eservices Identification If so please visit us at nyc gov/finance lars drawn on a U S bank Mail this return with your payment to: Make remittance payable to the order of NYC DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE Payment must be made in U S dol Name: Number Numberand your Account ID number on your tax return and remittance NYC Department of Finance NYC Dept of Finance P O Box 3931 New York NY 10008 3931 Payment Enclosed n Payment Pay amount shown on line 4 Make check payable to: period PERIOD PLEASE PLEASEREADTHEINSTRUCTIONSCAREFULLYSOTHATYOUPAYONLYTHERIGHTAMOUNTOFTAX PREMISES PRINT proper QUARTER receive Register for electronic filing It is an easy secure and convenient way to file and pay taxes on line Security SecurityNumber Social Tax Credit (from page 2 line 16) THIRD TOTAL Total Remittance Due (line 2 minus line 3) TYPE: