Form SC1120T Fillable Applications for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Tax Returns
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$1 for each $1 000 (or fraction of $1 000) of fair market value of property owned and used within South Carolina in the conduct of $15 00 but not less $3 for each $1 000 (or fraction of $1 000) of gross receipts derived from services rendered from regulated business within South (Do not enter less (line 1 plus line 2) (Rev 8/5/15) 1 Tentative Tax Due 12 11 20 or as a savings and loan under Section 12 13 30 14 0401 14 0804 2 Total Capital and Paid in Surplus 3 Balance Due 30961049 30962047 8(c); or SC1104 line 10(c) A corporation requesting an extension of time must submit an SC1120 T tentative return and pay ALL the income tax shown to be due A waterworks company power company electric cooperative light company gas company telephone company telegraph company Additional information an underpayment penalty applies from the date the tax was originally due on the difference between the amount remitted and the tax APPLICATION FOR AUTOMATIC EXTENSION Bank or Savings & Loan business as determined by the Department for property tax purposes for the preceding taxable year; plus capital common and preferred stock and paid in or capital surplus of the corporation as shown by the corporation s records on the Carolina during the preceding taxable year This component does not apply to electric cooperatives other than distribution electric check CLIP CHECK HERE Consolidated Return consolidated return The Department will accept a federal extension if all corporations in the consolidated group have filed or are cooperatives Corporate Name and Address Corporation Columbia SC 29214 0006 Include Corporate Name FEIN and SC Corporate File Number on both the form and the corporation may file SC1120 T online and pay the balance due electronically through the DORePay system located on the Corporations listed in SC Code 12 20 110 are also exempt Corporations who apply for an extension must place an 'X' in the box on the corporate tax return indicating that the corporation has DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Department s website www dor sc gov under eServices each corporation Each license fee cannot be less than $25 express company street railway company or navigation company owes a license fee under SC Code 12 20 100 equal to: filed for a federal or state extension files an SC1120U or CL 4 filing CL 4 filing requirements for any previous period the Department cannot grant an extension and the corporate tax return will be delinquent first day of the tax year in which the report is filed When a corporation does business partly within and partly without South Carolina First time filer who has not filed a CL 1 from the Secretary of State's Office to file a CL 1 Initial Annual Report and pay the $25 initial annual license fee to the Department GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS if not filed by the original due date The Department will not send notice of the invalid extension If the amount remitted with the tentative return fails to reflect at least 90% of the tax to be paid for the period granted by the extension included in a federal extension License Fee Line 1 Enter the tentative amount of income tax due minus (a) withholding credited to the taxpayer (b) estimated income tax Line 2 Enter the license fee due minus credits against license fees Do not enter an amount less than $0 Enter $0 if filing SC990T Line 3 Add lines 1 and 2 and remit this amount Most corporations owe an annual license fee under SC Code 12 20 50 of $15 plus $1 for each $1 000 or fraction of $1 000 of NOTE: A "qualified Subchapter S subsidiary" (also called a QSSS or a Q sub ) is not regarded as an entity separate from its of Revenue within 60 days after initially doing business or using a portion of its capital in this State OF TIME TO FILE CORPORATION TAX RETURN on the corporate tax return plus ALL of the corporate license fee due on or before the original due date of the corporate tax return A Only entities taxed as corporations under Subchapter C or S of the Internal Revenue Code are liable for corporate license fees or uses its capital partly within and partly without South Carolina the license fee is apportioned using the same apportionment ratio parent S corporation The parent S corporation is the entity responsible for filing a corporate return payments (including last year's overpayment transferred) and (c) income tax credits Do not enter an amount less than $0 Enter $0 if Place an 'X' in the Bank or Savings & Loan box if the entity is taxed for South Carolina purposes as a bank under Section PLACE AN 'X' IN THE BOX IF: Place an 'X' in the Consolidated Return box for two or more corporations filing a South Carolina consolidated corporate tax return Place an 'X' in the First time Filer box if this will be your first corporate tax return and you have not filed a CL 1 Initial Annual Place an 'X' in the S Corporation box if the entity is taxed as a corporation under Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code Place an 'X' in the Utility or Electric Cooperative if the entity is subject to the corporate license fee under Section 12 20 100 or PLEASE DO NOT CUT SUBMIT ENTIRE PAGE Remitted Report of Corporations Section 12 20 40(B) requires a corporation that has not filed an application for a Certificate of Authority Report the amount paid on line 1 on SC1120 line 14(c); SC1120S line 8(c); SC1120U line 10(c); SC990T line 10(c); SC1101B line Report the amount paid on line 2 on SC1120 line 24(a); SC1120S line 18(a); SC1120U line 19(a); or CL 4 line 8(b) Request an extension and pay online through DORePay at www dor sc gov or mail SC1120 T to: SC Department of Revenue return A single payment may be made for the entire consolidated group You do not need to list each member included in the S Corporation SC CORPORATE FILE # INCOME ACCT PERIOD END (MM YY) SC1101B or SC1104 SC1120 T SC1120 T INSTRUCTIONS South Carolina imposes a tax rate of 5% on the South Carolina taxable income of corporations S corporations and nonprofit entities STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA tax return the underpayment is subject to a penalty of 0 5% per month than $25 00 Tentative than zero) that have income subject to tax under federal law If the amount paid by the original due date is less than 90% of the tax due with the The Department may allow an extension not to exceed six months to file a corporate tax return If the corporation has not fulfilled its The Department will accept a federal extension Only one SC1120 T is needed to extend a South Carolina consolidated corporate tax to be paid for the period until paid in full under Section 12 6 5020 File a single SC1120 T for the entire group Income taxes and license fees are computed separately for used for income tax purposes The minimum license fee is $25 Utility or Electric Cooperative x 001 plus