Form SC1120U Fillable Public Utility Tax Return
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(a) Beginning Period (b) Ending Period (a) Estimated Tax (b) Income Tax (c) REFUNDED (a) Estimated Tax (b) License Fee (c) REFUNDED (A) TOTAL SYSTEM (B) IN SOUTH CAROLINA (b) Paid by Declaration (c) Paid with Tentative Return (d) Credit from line 24b (If additional space is necessary attach separate schedule) (License Fee cannot be less than $25 00 per taxpayer) (Rev 8/10/15) *Please provide an explanation or listing of property from line 5 above < 00 > 00 00 00 00 1 Credit Carryover From Previous Year's SC1120U Schedule C (NOTE: Should agree to SC1120 TC Column A line 13) 1 Fair Market Value of Property Owned and Used in the Conduct of Business in SC as determined by the 1 Federal Taxable Income per federal tax return 1 Interest not connected with business 1 Land 1 Name 1 South Carolina Gross Receipts 1 Taxes on or Measured By Income 1 Total net income as reconciled Enter amount from line 3 Page 1 1 Total Sales Within South Carolina (see instructions) 1 Total Within South Carolina (see instructions) 10 If Foreign Corporation the date qualified to do business in the State of South Carolina is 10 Other Deductions (attach schedule) 10 Payments: (a) Tax Withheld (Attach 1099s I 290s and/or W 2s) 11 Corporate Mailing Address 11 Total Deductions (add lines 7 through 10) 11 Total Payments (add lines 10a through 10d) 11 Was the name of the Corporation changed during the year? Give old name 12 20 105(C) Eligible projects are described in S C Code Section 12 20 105(B) 12 Balance of Tax Due (line 9 less line 11) 12 Net Adjustment (line 6 less line 11) Also enter on line 2 Part 1 SC1120U 12 The Corporation's books are in the care of 12 Was the name of the Corporation changed during the year? Give old name 13 If filing consolidated complete and attach Schedule J for each Corporation included in the consolidation 13 Interest Due Penalty Due (See instructions for penalty and interest ) 13 The Corporation's books are in the care of 14 0601 14 0804 14 The total amount of stated capital per balance sheet is: 14 TOTAL INCOME TAX Interest and Penalty Due (add lines 12 and 13) BALANCE DUE 15 OVERPAYMENT (line 11 less line 9) To be applied as follows: 16 Total License Fee Due from Schedule K line 7 17 Section 12 20 105 credit (see instructions) 18 Total License Fee Due (subtract line 17 from line 16 but not less than zero) 19 Payments: (a) Paid with Tentative Return (b) Credit from line 15b 2 Amounts Allocated to South Carolina on Schedule F 2 Buildings 2 Dividends received 2 Enter Total Credits from SC1120 TC Column B line 13 SC1120 TC must be attached to return 2 Federal Net Operating Loss 2 Incorporated under the laws of the State of 2 Less: Income subject to direct allocation to SC and other states from Schedule F line 7 2 License Fee: Fair Market Value Component (Line 1 x 001) 2 Net Adjustment from line 12 Schedule A and B 2 Total Everywhere 2 Total Sales Everywhere (see instructions) 20 Total Payments (add line 19(a) and (b)) 21 Balance of Fee Due (line 18 less line 20) 22 Interest Due Penalty Due (See instructions for penalty and interest ) 23 TOTAL LICENSE FEE Interest and Penalty Due (add lines 21 and 22) BALANCE DUE 24 OVERPAYMENT (line 20 less line 18) To be applied as follows: 25 INCOME TAX and LICENSE FEE DUE (add lines 14 and 23) GRAND TOTAL DUE 3 Location of the Registered Office of the Corporation in the State of South Carolina is 3 Machinery and Equipment 3 Rents 3 Sales Ratio (line 1 line 2) 3 South Carolina Adjusted Gross Receipts (line 1 line 2) 3 Taxable Ratio (line 1 line 2) 3 Total Credits (add lines 1 and 2) 3 Total Net Income as Reconciled (line 1 plus or minus line 2) 3 Total net income subject to apportionment (line 1 less line 2) 3 Total Operating Revenues 30971022 30972020 30973028 30974026 30975023 30976021 30977029 30978027 30979025 4 Construction in Progress 4 Gains/losses on real property 4 If Multi state Corporation enter amount from line 6 Sch G; otherwise enter amount from line 3 4 Location of principal office (street address) 4 Multiply amount on line 3 by appropriate ratio from Schedule H 1 H 2 or H 3 and enter result here 4 Tax (line 7 Part 1 SC1120U) 4 Total Gross Receipts 4 Total Other Receipts 5 Add: Income subject to direct allocation to SC from Schedule F line 8 5 Gains/losses on intangible pers prop 5 LESS: Distribution to shareholders of S corporation or less SC NOL carryover if applicable 5 Lesser of line 3 or 4 (enter on line 8 Part 1 SC1120U) (NOTE: Should agree to SC1120 TC Column C line 13 ) 5 Other Additions (attach schedule) 5 Other Property* 5 The total number of authorized shares of capital stock itemized by class and series if any within each class is as follows: 5 Total Gross Receipts (Add Lines 3 and 4) 6 Enter Credits Lost Due to Statute (NOTE: Should agree to SC1120 TC Column D line 13 ) 6 Investment income directly allocated 6 License Fee: Gross Receipts Component (Line 5 Column B x 003) 6 South Carolina Net Income subject to tax (line 4 less line 5) 6 The total number of issued and outstanding shares of capital stock itemized by class and series if any within each class is as follows: 6 Total Additions (add lines 1 through 5) 6 Total SC Net Income (sum of lines 4 and 5 above) also enter on line 4 Page 1 7 Credit Carryover (line 3 less lines 5 and 6) (NOTE: Should agree to SC1120 TC Column E line 13 ) 7 Interest On Obligations Of The U S 7 TAX: Multiply amount on line 6 by 05 (5 0%) 7 The names and business addresses of the directors (or individuals functioning as directors) and principal officers in the Corporation are: 7 TOTAL INCOME DIRECTLY ALLOCATED 7 Total License Fee (Add lines 2 and 6 but not less than $25) 8 Date Incorporated Date commenced business in the State of South Carolina was 8 INCOME DIRECTLY ALLOCATED TO SC 8 Non Refundable credits from line 5 Schedule C (Attach SC1120TC) 8 Section 12 20 105 Credit (See instructions) 9 Amount Due (Line 7 minus line 8 but not less than zero) BALANCE DUE 9 Balance of tax (line 7 less line 8) Enter the difference but not less than zero 9 Date of this report FEIN 9 Date of this report FEIN SC File # A federal extension will be accepted as a South Carolina extension if the corporate return is received within the time as extended A List each disregarded Limited Liability Company (LLC) doing business in South Carolina or registered with the Secretary of State A Total paid in Capital Stock (cannot be a negative amount) $ AFFILIATED CORPORATION NO 1 Allocated Allocated Direct to Amount 3 Ratio Amount Ratio Amounts Amounts Allocated Amounts Directly and address Annual Report statements and schedules has been examined by me and is to the best of my knowledge and belief a true and Apportionment Attach a copy of the federal or South Carolina extension to the tax return when filed Attach complete copy of Federal Return ATTACH COMPLETE COPY OF FEDERAL RETURN Audit Contact Telephone Number Audit Location Street B Total paid in Capital Surplus (cannot be a negative amount) $ by the Internal Revenue Service C Total amount of stated Capital (cannot be a negative amount) $ Carolina in the conduct of business as determined by the Department of Revenue for property tax purposes for the preceding tax year Carried Forward from Last Year Change of Address Accounting Period Check here if you filed a federal or state extension Check if Initial Return Amended Return City State CITY STATE ZIP CODE COLUMBIA SC 29214 0100 complete return COMPUTATION OF LICENSE FEE COMPUTATION OF INCOME TAX LIABILITY Consolidated Return CORPORATE RETURN Corporation 1 Corporation 1 Corporation 2 Corporation 2 Corporation 3 Corporation 3 Corporation 4 Corporation 4 Corporation 5 Corporation 5 Corporation 6 Corporation 6 Corporation 7 Corporation 7 Corporation 8 Corporation 8 County or Counties in SC Where Property is Located: Date Check if DEDUCTIONS FROM FEDERAL TAXABLE INCOME Describe below the types of infrastructure provided by the taxpayer to eligible projects Types of infrastructure are listed in S C Code Section Description of Property (a) Beginning Period (b) Ending Period Directly to SC discuss this return attachments and related tax matters with the preparer No Earned This Year Email Enter 0% on Line 3 if principal place of business is outside South Carolina Enter 100% on Line 3 if South Carolina is the principal place of business OR Equals page 1 line 1 Equals page 1 line 14 Equals page 1 line 2 Equals page 1 line 20 Equals page 1 line 21 Equals page 1 line 5 Equals Sch F line 7 Equals Sch F line 8 exceed $400 000 If the credit exceeds tax liability the excess may be carried forward and deducted in the succeeding tax year For more Federal Taxable Firm's name (or For additional affiliated corporations duplicate Schedule J as needed For additional information refer to SC1120 instructions Forward for One Year Only GENERAL INFORMATION Go to www dor sc gov eServices File & Pay Now DORePay for other payment options Gross Gross Receipts Ratio (line 3 line 6) I authorize the Director of the Department of Revenue or delegate to I the undersigned a principal officer of the corporation for which this return is made declare that this return including accompanying If Filing a Final Return Indicate Whether: If NO enter Name and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of Common Parent Corporation If this is a corporation's final return signing here authorizes the Department of Revenue to disclose that information with the Secretary of State You In the City of Registered Agent at such address is Include additional Schedule Ls as needed Include additional Schedule Ms as needed Include only corporations doing business in SC Income Income Tax Information INCOME TAX PERIOD ENDING information see SC Revenue Ruling #99 6 infrastructure and the date the infrastructure was completed or is expected to be completed If the infrastructure has not been completed as of Infrastructure Credit Infrastructure Credit Carried INSTRUCTIONS Is the Common Parent Corporation included in the return? Less: License Fee LICENSE FEE PERIOD ENDING Line 17 Instructions If the company paid cash to provide infrastructure for an eligible project enter the amount on line 17 Attach a schedule Located at (street address) Mail this return to: MAILING ADDRESS Make check payable to: SC Department of Revenue Include Business Name FEIN and SC File Number Merged Reorganized Final must close with the Secretary of State as well as the Department of Revenue and complete I 349 Name FEIN SC File No (if applicable) NAME OF COMMON PARENT CORPORATION Name of Each Corporation Included in This Consolidated Return FEIN NAME TITLE BUSINESS ADDRESS Nature of principal business in SC Net Amounts Note: If there are no sales anywhere: NUMBER OF SHARES CLASS SERIES NUMBER OF SHARES CLASS SERIES Officer's printed name Date Telephone Number on Return Operating Revenue (List below): original due date to avoid the assessment of late penalties and interest Other Receipts (List below): Paid in Surplus Part 1 General Information Part 2 Part 3 License Fee Allocation and Apportionment Information PART I PART II Per Schedule H Percentage Please plus 0 3% (rounded up) of gross receipts derived from services rendered from regulated business within South Carolina during the preceding tax year The minimum license fee is $25 00 Preparer's Preparer's Printed Name Preparer's Telephone Number Property Within South Carolina Provide both FEIN and SC File Number PTIN or FEIN PUBLIC UTILITY TAX RETURN Refer to SC1120 instructions if Public Utilities 'C' Corporation Refer to SC1120S instructions if Public Utilities 'S' Corporation Related Expenses Return is due on or before the 15th day of the 3rd month following the close of the taxable year S C Code Section 12 20 100 imposes a license fee on every express street railway navigation waterworks power light gas SC 1120U SC Adjustments SC and Other States SC DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE SC Department of Revenue for Property Tax purposes for the Preceding tax year SC FILE # SC NOL Prior SC Regulation 117 1075 1 provides: "Gross receipts as used in Section 12 20 100 include all receipts from operations within the SC1120U Page 2 SC1120U Page 3 SC1120U Page 4 SC1120U Page 5 SC1120U Page 6 SC1120U Page 7 SC1120U Page 8 SC1120U Page 9 SCHEDULE A AND B ADDITIONS TO FEDERAL TAXABLE INCOME SCHEDULE C SUMMARY OF CREDITS (FROM SC1120 TC) SCHEDULE D ANNUAL REPORT TO BE COMPLETED BY ALL CORPORATIONS SCHEDULE E RESERVED SCHEDULE F INCOME SUBJECT TO DIRECT ALLOCATION SCHEDULE G COMPUTATION OF TAXABLE INCOME OF MULTI STATE CORPORATIONS SCHEDULE H 1 COMPUTATION OF SALES RATIO SCHEDULE H 2 COMPUTATION OF GROSS RECEIPTS RATIO SCHEDULE H 3 COMPUTATION OF RATIO FOR SECTION 12 6 2310 COMPANIES SCHEDULE I INFRASTRUCTURE CREDIT INFORMATION SCHEDULE J CORPORATIONS INCLUDED IN CONSOLIDATED RETURN SCHEDULE K COMPUTATION OF LICENSE FEE PUBLIC UTILITIES SCHEDULE L DISREGARDED LLCs INCLUDED IN RETURN SCHEDULE M CONSOLIDATED RETURN AFFILIATIONS SCHEDULE SCHEDULE N PROPERTY INFORMATION SCHEDULES F G AND H ARE TO BE COMPLETED BY MULTI STATE ORGANIZATIONS self employed signature Signature of officer Officer's title State and also other profit and loss items with a local situs Intangible income from intangibles used in the conduct of the business STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA statute the project qualifies the amounts in cash that were paid for infrastructure and to whom and when paid a description of the Taken This Year Tax Credited Taxpayer's Signature Date telegraph and telephone company equal to 0 1% (rounded up) of the fair market value of property owned and used within South the date the return is filed the taxpayer must include a waiver of the statute of limitations The maximum credit for a single tax year may not There is no extension for payment of corporate income tax or license fee Any income tax or license fee due must be paid by the to SC to the return setting forth the name of the person completing the project a description of the project under what section or sections of the Total TOTAL Total Adjusted Gross Receipts (line 4 line 5) Total Amounts Allocated on Schedule F Total Capital and Unused Infrastructure Credit Use Only within this State is included in gross receipts " Year Carryovers Yes No You may claim an extension through DORePay at www dor sc gov or by filing SC1120 T by the original due date yours if self employed) ZIP Code