Form SC4868 Fillable Request for Extension of Time to File
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(1) individual income taxpayers or (2) nonresident shareholders of an S corporation or (3) nonresident partners of a partnership or LLC (ITIN) for the purpose of filing income tax returns South Carolina will (Rev 6/29/15) / / / / 1 Your Name (Type or Print) 14 0801 2 Home Address 3 Your Social Security number/FEIN 35061043 35062041 4 New Filer or Change 5 Composite Filer place an X in A Total state income tax accept this number in lieu of a Social Security number for the accepted Pay any balance due by account based on the payment date additional charge for paying your and MasterCard There is no and/or SC41 any When you file your SC1040 check the extension box on the front of the available mid February to mid April B Use Tax due on internet mail order or out of state purchases balance due by credit card before the extension expires Mark the extension box on the C Total Tax (add lines A and B) City Do not write in this space OFFICE USE Complete the following worksheet to calculate the amount to be paid with this form if any Complete the worksheet to calculate the amount to be paid with connection with any return to be filed with the department should pay corporation partnership or LLC credit card or Electronic Funds current tax year D South Carolina income tax withheld Department it is protected by law from public disclosure In those DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE SC4868 Department of Revenue shall provide identifying numbers as duties In most instances once this information is collected by the E Payment on Declaration of Estimated Tax (including last year's overpayment transferred) Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) electronically per SC Code of Laws Section 12 54 250(A)(1) Enter the amount from line H from the Tax Computation Worksheet extension and the tax to be paid for the period A Penalty and extension In this case you do not need to send SC a copy of the federal form by F Tax credits file a federal income tax return the department will accept a copy of the federal File a South Carolina extension File Electronically www dor sc gov File this request ON OR BEFORE April 15th or before the original due date of File your extension and pay your balance due online through SCnetFile at Filing Your Tax Return: You may file your tax return any time For composite filers enter the name address and FEIN of the S For individuals fill in name address and social security number for from your checking or savings front of SC1040 funds are automatically withdrawn G Total credits (add lines D E F) General Instructions: H Balance Due (subtract line G from line C) Enter this amount on Line 6 of the SC4868 How To File: identification in administration of any tax SC Regulation 117 201 If no income tax is due and you have been granted a federal extension of time to If you are a nonresident or resident alien and cannot get a Social If You Filed A Federal Extension: If you pay your balance due by imposed on the difference between the amount paid with the Individual Income Tax return including a composite return for information from citizens by the Department of Revenue is limited to Instructions for Tax Computation Worksheet: Interest and Penalty for Failure to Pay Tax: Interest Calculator is available on our website www dor sc gov as a It is mandatory that you provide your Social Security number on this ITIN Individual Taxpayer Identification Number: Line 4: Line 5: Line 6: Line A: Enter the amount of income tax you expect to owe for the Line B: Enter Use Tax due on internet mail order or out of state Line D: Enter total amounts of SC withholding from forms W 2 1099 Line E: Enter amount of estimated tax payments paid using Line F: Enter the amount of any applicable tax credits Line H: Enter this amount on line 6 of the SC4868 Mail to: SC DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE INCOME TAX COLUMBIA SC 29214 0013 Make check or money order payable to: SC DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE 6 Balance Due from Worksheet mandates that any person required to make a return to the SC nonresident shareholders or partners of an S corporation or NOTE: A taxpayer owing fifteen thousand dollars or more in NOTE: A taxpayer owing fifteen thousand dollars or more in connection with any NOTE: Partnerships and Fiduciaries use SC8736 to extend the time number is used for identification purposes of % per month will be incurred for failure to pay at least 90% of of Address place an X in the or Federal Employer Identification Number for S corporations or partnerships or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Or other fiscal year beginning and ending parties for commercial solicitation purposes partnership or LLC Place an X in the box if this is your first time filing a tax return in Place an X in the box if you are a Composite Filer PLEASE DO NOT CUT SUBMIT ENTIRE PAGE portion of the final tax due will incur interest at the prevailing federal prescribed for securing proper identification Your Social Security Protection Act prevents such information from being used by third purchases This line is to be used by individual filers who are purposes of processing your individual income tax returns We are rates This amount is computed from the original due date of the tax reference tool reporting use tax on their individual return rather than using the UT 3 request does not extend the time for payment of tax Any unpaid Request for Extension of Time to File return return to be filed with the department should pay electronically per SC Code return to the date of payment In addition to the interest a penalty SC return SC1040ES or transferred from last year's return SC4868 SC4868 INSTRUCTIONS Section 12 54 250(A)(1) Security number you may contact the Internal Revenue Service See individual income tax instructions for more information service to taxpayers situations where public disclosure is not prohibited the Family Privacy Social Security Privacy Act Disclosure South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return South Carolina or if your address has changed since you last filed a Specific Instructions for Composite Specific Instructions for Individual Spouse Name Spouse's Social Security number State of South Carolina state to use an individual's social security number as means of State Zip Code Sunday or legal holiday substitute the next regular working day This extension Tax Computation Worksheet (Keep for your records ) tax form if you are an individual 42 U S C 405(c)(2)(C)(i) permits a Tax return for: Taxpayers for lines 1 2 and 3: the box the due date of the tax return The extension of time to file your SC tax return granted by this The Family Privacy Protection Act the information necessary for the Department to fulfill its statutory the total tax due by the original due date The penalty will be This amount must be paid in full with SC4868 An extension of time This extension cannot be processed without proper Social Security Number(s) for individuals through SCnetFile SCnetFile is to apply for and obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to file the SC1065 and SC1041 to file your tax return will not extend the time to pay your income tax unable to process your return if filed without a Social Security number Under the Family Privacy Protection Act the collection of personal USE BLACK INK ONLY Use SC4868 to request an extension of time to file SC1040 Use SC4868 to request an extension of time to file SC1040 Individual Income When to File: Who May File: will allow you an additional six months to file your return Withdrawal (EFW) We accept Visa www dor sc gov or file a paper form SC4868 Mail the original with payment if Year 2015 you and your spouse if applicable you select EFW is also a FREE your fiscal year return If the due date for filing your return falls on a Saturday Zero and balance due extensions are