WI - Wisconsin

Form Corp-ESWisconsin Corporation Estimated Tax Voucher | Instructionsme/it/rena
Form 1Income Tax Return (Long Form)01/06/2016
Form 1AIncome Tax Return (Short Form)01/06/2016
Form 1CNPComposite Wisconsin Individual Income Tax Return for Nonresident Partners01/12/2016
Form 1CNSComposite Wisconsin Individual Income Tax Return for Nonresident Tax-Option (S) Corporation Shareholders01/12/2016
Form 1-ESEstimated Income Tax Voucher | Instructionsme/it/rena
Form 1NPRNonresident and Part-year Resident Income Tax Return01/06/2016
Form 2Wisconsin Fiduciary Income Tax for Estates or Trusts01/05/2016
Form 3Form 3 Partnership Return01/12/2016
Form 4Wisconsin Non-Combined Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return01/12/2016
Form 4466WWisconsin Corporation or Pass-Through Entity Application for Quick Refund of Overpayment of Estimated Tax10/28/2015
Form 4BLWisconsin Net Business Loss Carryforward for Separate Entity Corporations01/12/2016
Form 4HWisconsin Corporation Declaration of Inactivity01/12/2016
Form 4TWisconsin Exempt Organization Business Franchise or Income Tax Return01/12/2016
Form 5EWisconsin Election by an S Corporation Not to Be Treated as a Tax-Option Corporation01/12/2016
Form 5RWisconsin Revocation of Election by an S Corporation Not to Be a Tax-Option Corporation01/12/2016
Form 5SForm 5S Wisconsin Tax-Option (S) Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return02/04/2016
Form 6Wisconsin Combined Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return01/13/2016
Form 6BLWisconsin Net Business Loss Carryforward for Combined Group Members01/13/2016
Form 6CLWisconsin Capital Loss Adjustment01/13/2016
Form 6CSWisconsin Sharing of Research Credits01/13/2016
Form 6IWisconsin Adjustment for Insurance Companies01/13/2016
Form 6YWisconsin Modification for Dividends01/13/2016
Form 804Claim for Decedent's Wisconsin Income Tax Refund05/29/2013
Form 9bMiscellaneous Income01/14/2016
Form A-1Wisconsin Apportionment Data for Single Factor Formulas01/14/2016
Form A-115Prepayment Voucher11/03/2015
Form A-2Wisconsin Apportionment Data for Multiple Factor Formulas01/14/2016
Form A-222Power of Attorney and Instructions05/15/2013
Form CWisconsin Allocation and Separate Accounting Data01/14/2016
Form CUWisconsin Credit Union Declaration of Exempt Status01/14/2016
Form EPVWisconsin Electronic Payment Voucherme/it/rena
Form HR-TTransfer of Supplement to Federal Historic Rehabilitation Credit02/24/2015
Form NWisconsin Nonapportionable, Separately Accounted, and Separately Apportioned Income01/14/2016
Form P-706Taxpayer Information Change Request11/18/2009
Form PW-1Wisconsin Nonresident Income or Franchise Tax Withholding on Pass-Through Entity Income | Instructions10/26/2015
Form PW-2Wisconsin Nonresident Partner, Member, Shareholder, or Beneficiary Withholding Exemption Affidavit01/14/2016
Form PW-ESWisconsin Pass-Through Entity Withholding Estimated Payment Voucherme/it/rena
Form PW-UUnderpayment of Estimated Withholding Tax by Pass-Through Entities01/14/2016
Form SPL-01Model Form - Wisconsin Legislators (For Making Internal Revenue Code Section 162(h) Election)01/19/2016
Form UUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations01/14/2016
Form WI-ZIncome Tax Return (Easy Form)01/06/2016
Form W-RARequired Attachments for Electronic Filing01/07/2016
Form Rent CertificateHomestead Credit Rent Certificate01/05/2016
Schedule 2440WDisability Income Exclusion01/05/2016
Schedule 2K-1Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, etc.01/05/2016
Schedule 2MForm 2 - Additions to and Subtractions from Income01/05/2016
Schedule 3K-1Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.01/12/2016
Schedule 4IWisconsin Adjustments for Insurance Companies01/14/2016
Schedule 4VWisconsin Additions to Federal Income01/14/2016
Schedule 4WWisconsin Subtractions From Federal Income01/15/2016
Schedule 4YWisconsin Subtraction Modification for Dividends01/15/2016
Schedule 5K-1Tax-Option (S) Corporation Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.01/15/2016
Schedule ARExplanation of Amended Return01/06/2016
Schedule CCRequest for a Closing Certificate for Fiduciaries01/05/2016
Schedule CFCarryforward of Unused Credits01/07/2016
Schedule CGIncome Tax Deferral of Long-Term Capital Gain01/07/2016
Schedule CMCommunity Rehabilitation Program Credit01/15/2016
Schedule CROther Credits01/07/2016
Schedule CSCollege Savings Accounts (Edvest and Tomorrow's Scholar)01/15/2016
Schedule CU-1Credit Union Adjustment to Income01/15/2016
Schedule DCWisconsin Development Zones Credits01/15/2016
Schedule DEDisregarded Entity Schedule01/15/2016
Schedule ECEnterprise Zone Jobs Credit01/15/2016
Schedule EDWisconsin Economic Development Tax Credit01/15/2016
Schedule FCFarmland Preservation Credit01/05/2016
Schedule FC-AFarmland Preservation Credit01/05/2016
Schedule HHomestead Credit Claim01/05/2016
Schedule H-EZHomestead Credit Claim (Easy Form)01/05/2016
Schedule HRWisconsin Historic Rehabilitation Credits01/15/2016
Schedule IAdjustments to Convert 2015 Federal Adjusted Gross Income and Itemized Deductions To The Amounts Allowable for Wisconsin01/06/2016
Schedule JTWisconsin Jobs Tax Credit01/15/2016
Schedule MForm 1NPR - Additions to and Subtractions from Income01/06/2016
Schedule MA-AWisconsin Agricultural Credit01/13/2016
Schedule MA-MWisconsin Manufacturing Credit01/13/2016
Schedule MIManufacturing Investment Credit01/15/2016
Schedule MSWisconsin Manufacturer's Sales Tax Credit Carryforward Allowable01/13/2016
Schedule MTWisconsin Alternative Minimum Tax01/05/2016
Schedule NRComputation of Wisconsin Taxable Income For Part-Year and Nonresident Estates and Trusts01/05/2016
Schedule OSCredit for Net Tax Paid to Another State01/06/2016
Schedule PSPrivate School Tuition01/06/2016
Schedule RWisconsin Research Credits02/18/2016
Schedule RTWisconsin Related Entity Expenses Disclosure Statement01/13/2016
Schedule RT-1Statement of Disallowed Related Entity Expenses01/15/2016
Schedule TTransitional Adjustments01/05/2016
Schedule TCWisconsin Technology Zone Credit01/15/2016
Schedule UUnderpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals and Fiduciaries01/05/2016
Schedule VCWisconsin Venture Capital Credits01/13/2016
Schedule WD (Form 2)Capital Gains and Losses01/05/2016
Schedule WDCapital Gains and Losses01/06/2016